Body found in hunt for Peter Wilson

Another body has been found in the saga of the hunt for the disappeared. This time it may be Peter Wilson whom the IRA murdered in 1973 and appear to have buried on the beach at Waterfoot in the Glens of Antrim.

The horrible mixture of hope, regret and bereavement will no doubt be repeated for Mr. Wilson’s family. It seems strange that the information about the whereabouts of these murdered people comes out in drips and drabs: whether this is due to the fallibility of memory; the reluctance of some IRA members or more sinister motives is unclear. However, slowly at least some of those whom the IRA kidnapped, murdered and secretly buried for the greater good of the only legitimate government of Ireland are being given a decent burial. It seems that at least some of the murderers are willing to cooperate and slowly the list of those unaccounted for is diminishing.

It is worth mentioning that one of the disappeared is never included in the list: Lisa Dorrian; murdered by loyalist paramilitaries (it is unclear which one or indeed whether it was members of more than one) is hardly ever mentioned. The wait for her family has absolutely no end in sight.