Queen to receive apology during Dublin visit next year

Breathtaking stuff from Fine Gael’s Michael Ring yesterday during the Dail debate on the economy.

Deputy Ring told the Dáil that when Queen Elizabeth II (of England) visits Ireland, possibly next year that she should be handed back control of the country. He also, helpfully, suggested that she receive an apology for the mess that has been made in the country during her absence.

His exact words were:

Now look at the mess we’re in, and look at the mess this country is in. Next year the queen is talking about coming to Ireland for a state visit, and maybe we should say to the queen when she comes, ‘you know, we have our own independence now, we’ll hand you back the country and we’ll apologise for the mess that we’re after making of it’. Because at least when they were running the country they didn’t put it into the mess and the hock that we’re in now.

Is this the extent of a FG plan for economic recovery?

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  • pippakin


    I hope she reads the small print! especially the bit that says and when this crisis is over we will redeclare independence.

    Is April 1st early or late in there?

  • iluvni

    Is this in addition to the apology which the Republic of Ireland will be making for their role in facilitating terrorism in Northern Ireland and Great Britain for decades?

  • Seymour Major

    Well, I’m sure some will find this funny but others will despair.

    This kind of histrionic behaviour is the sort of stuff that we see regularly at Stormont. It might match the national mood but it is a sort of cop out for taking responsibility.

    During a grave national crisis, the opposition spokesmen should be supporting action taken which is necessary and putting forward solutions. What Eire (and for that matter NI) needs right now is proper statesmanship amongst its politicians – not clowns.

  • Glencoppagagh

    Is this a recognition by one politician at least that the RoI is ‘a failed entity’?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    FG – no change there.

  • Rory Carr

    Well at least with characters like Ring about the place there’s no need to feel jealous of the USA just because they have Sarah Palin.

  • Alan Maskey

    Will Mr Ring or his party take any resonsibility for the failings of Eire(sic)? Will he propose a cut in TDs’ salaries, the abolition of the Presidency and the Senate? Will he actually do anything to help the situation or is he just another fawning Free Stater?
    It is intrresting that Berie Ahern’s family were servants, gardners, cap doffers and the like. Of what stock were Mr Ring’s?

  • GoldenFleece

    lol I think the Queen’s response would be “How about Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

    Irish independence has been a failure tho, the Celtic tiger was the only good thing and as we are finding out now it was built of foundations of sand.

    I can understand the Irish wanting independence when they did, but in hindsight, they should have just stuck with devolved government- but heh ho.

  • Seems like the choice is having their economy determined by the British or the Germans. Republic must be looking at Northern Ireland’s budget settlement and thinking how useful it would be to have the soft touch of Westminster rather than the hard Chancellor of Berlin.

  • Greenflag

    Fine Gaffe once again .How do they do it .? They must be taking advice from UUP . I can already hear a new street coined epithet replacing the traditional derogatory ‘Blueshirt ‘ .

    He’s the Queen’ s man 😉 . And this will not be any reference to academic qualifications at a third level institution 😉 They’re probably already printing thousands of copies of Queenie’s face which will somehow find themselves stuck onto FG election posters .

    I’m sure HM will be enthralled to see her visage stuck on every lampost in the country if she arrives at the wrong time .
    ‘I did’nt realise they were so loyal ‘ Duckie

    I won’t even try to guess what the Duck of Edinburgh might reply 😉

    Messrs Cowen and Gilmore will be pleased !

  • Greenflag

    dissenter ,

    If its the economy and future growth the choice will be Germany . Their unemployment numbers have reduced their economic growth for the year has been revised upwards to 3.4%. And their manufacturing exports have surged ahead doing better than the USA’s ‘devalued’ dollar or the UK’s soon to devalue pound .

    Meanwhile the UK economy is preparing itself for another round of Thatcher II mass unemployment while the lads in the City try to cop on to what Cameron is dribbling on about when he talks about the ‘big ‘ society.

    Give it two years and the Tory/LD coalition will be so big that it may well burst at the seams .

  • slappymcgroundout

    John, you missed the far “better” line:

    ‘Sometimes to make a tree grow, the tree has to be pruned”

    I’ll be sure to remember that when your next great famine comes and will duly quote the soul in full. I could say the same about another chapter in the diaspora.

    Lastly, next thing I know, the finance minister will say something like, Ireland is an island…oh wait, he already said that, sorry.

  • Alan Maskey

    Breandan O’Heihir wrote, Lig Sinn i gCathu. Lead us into temptation, which was the only book printed in Irish which became a best seller. It is a good read.
    During the Black and Tan war, he recounts a priest denouncing the IRA etc etc.Then when the Treaty was signed, the priest was whistling God save Ireland as he passed the local blacksmith. When the blacksmith said he did not support independence as there would be no ascendancy needing his service, the priest told him to cheer up: Sure, we will soon have our own ascendancy.

    Meanwghikle, Chris Anrews, the FF TD, is suggesting FF and FG should merge. This would be good as it would keep the Shergar killers even further away from office.
    And on Shergar: Paddy Mullins RIP.

  • Seymour Major

    I am one of those who does not believe that the outlook for Ireland would be anything like as bad if its population had a shared willingness to grab the problem by the scruff of the neck.

    Ireland’s GDP figures will shortly improve considerably on the basis of its exports. Their main export markets are Britain, Germany, France and USA. In all those countries, there is a recovery underway. Germany’s recovery is looking quite strong, whilst Britain’s after the fresh GDP figures a couple of days ago, looks promising.

    It is worth remembering that during World War II, when the UK was on its knees, taxes went up to pay for the cost of the war machine. The lowest rate of tax in those times was 50%. They also had to put up with rations. There was a national objective and the people accepted the hardship.

    Ireland has had some of the hardship already but absolutely nothing compared to the hardship suffered during the war.

    They are not going to be able to cut the pay of the civil servants but they can and should raise income tax – always unpopular but it will not last forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel for Ireland. They just need to tough it out for another couple of years.

    Where is Ireland’s equivalent of Winston Churchill?

  • Séamus Rua

    You read that in some English language paper today … nonsense.

    Many Irish language books outsold Lig sinn i gCathú.

    However the bullshit button is normally pressed imediately after Irish langauge in the Dublin papers.

  • Alan Maskey

    The Indians. to their credit, asked for an apology for Amritsar and the other atrocties the British savages (with their Irish mercenaries) committed there. It is not too much to ask the Queen to get down on her Royal knees on O’Connell Bridge and prostrate herself in front of the Irish people. The Serbs asked as much from the Pope.
    Also, she, the Greek and their subjects should start paying compensation vfor their 800 years of crime. We could even raffle her off on ebay. And throw in this dumb FG to the unfortunate winner.

  • drumlins rock

    How many yrs have you been devaluing the pound now GF? Think we know that the main Euro economies respond at a different pace to the US economy, smaller booms and busts almost opposite to the US economy, the UK economy falls inbetween, but closer to the US, and Ireland is still closer to the UK economy than it cares to admit.
    German un-employment rate is now roughly equal to the UKs, both are relatively low at around 7.5%. If the German economy booms, its wont want the PIIGS holding it back!

  • GoldenFleece

    Will the Irish give compensation to Britain after all the slave runs they made on the British 100 years ago as well as colonising the West coast of Wales and England and driving the British natives off? Wise up.

  • GoldenFleece

    Opps 1000 years ago.

  • Greenflag

    Good post Seymour -on the ball -mostly as usual .

    Of the four export markets mentioned as of today it’s only the UK which is trying to recover by slashing public expenditure without much other than vague promissory notes and words of where the gap in domestic spending is going to come from . You may be taking the term ‘recovery’ in it’s technical sense too literally . I believe both Ireland and the UK have /will have gone too far on the pruning side . The economic tree may get such a shock as to stop growing 🙁

    As to Ireland’s Winnie equivalent .?

    Believe it or not I’m actually more concerned about the location of the UK’s equivalent .

    We Irish always muddle through somehow – but I don’t think I’ll be upsetting too many sluggerites if I say that without Winnie the UK might not have made through to the light of that last WWII tunnel .

  • Alan Maskey

    Would you support putting Elizabrit on trial for crimes she and her family commtted against ther Irish people? If not, why not? If you can find any of these Irish slave traders to salve your conscience, string them up as well

  • drumlins rock

    GF, the only reason Ireland muddled through was by still dining at mummys even though claiming to have left home, between emigrants wages returning home, exporting to the UK and Euro subsidies paid for by HMG the purse/apron strings remained in place, so your right being worried about the UK economy.
    I do wonder though will the “shock” be as big as expected? already we have seen the 25% cuts become 19% on announcment, and by the time this one and that one wrangles a bit of a compromise at the end of the 4 yr I bet you we will barely see the half of them implemented.
    PS I think Winnie saved Irelands ass too, Hitler didnt pay much attention to neutrality.

  • drumlins rock

    No-body should ever be put on trial for the crimes of others, ancestors or spouses or whoever.

  • GoldenFleece

    You want to put the Queen up for trial for actions she did not commit?

    Some Irish republicans/nationalist live in a fantasy world of their own being bitter of events they were not alive to see. Very sad.

  • Seymour, the exports rely very heavily on the euro/sterling exchange rate for its added value (and to a certain extent the euro/dollar rate). With those controlling the euro, dollar, sterling and yuan all trying to bump along to recovery via stronger exports by weakening their own currency, there is a low intensity currency war being fought out at the moment – the outcomes of which are unclear. I heard a review of export figures from RoI this morning and they are strong enough. But fluctuating sterling values, in particular, significantly messes up the weight that can be placed on the exports in real economic terms.
    In reality, I think you also have to weigh the short-lived Churchillian wartime colossus against the much longer term (pre- and post-war) Churchill the political disaster. There are genuine governance and leadership issues here, but who could you select as an economic proto-Churchill among those in the political wasteland of the Republic – Michael McDowell, George Lee, David McWilliams, Eddie Hobbs? None exactly inspire hope (indeed one, at least, would inspire only dread). Most (if not all) long term leaderships appear to attract yes-men or those of like mind/values into their orbit and, over that long term, the dissenting voices tend to either drift away or become repelled by the centre. The current FF administration have been around power so long that when they delve into their store of memories they don’t find examples that have anyone else in power or anyone left who represented a dissenting voice. The 7th December budget is their very last throw of the dice, but they won’t have discarded those vested interest who have held their ear for so long, so expect more of the same. Meanwhile, in the real world, the bond markets don’t like the idea of 15 billion in cuts as they are pushing up the spread against the Germans (instead of closing it as was expected). So it looks like others are clearly suggesting they don’t believe that FF are on the right track. The higher the spread, the more interest is paid, the more cuts are needed and the more the spiral spins down and not up.

  • Neil

    Some Irish republicans/nationalist live in a fantasy world of their own being bitter of events they were not alive to see.

    Some Unionists fit neatly into the same mindset.

  • GoldenFleece

    Yes I would agree with that too.

  • Greenflag

    ‘at the end of the 4 yr I bet you we will barely see the half of them implemented.’

    Hopefully -the 2014 target is too tight anway – 2016 to 2020 would have been a better strategy.

    ‘hitler didnt pay much attention to neutrality.

    Nor did the Irish Free State apart from formal ritual as necessitated by diplomatic protocol 😉

  • Alan Maskey

    At the Nuremberg trials, was not Krupp’s son in the dock? Also, did not the UFF kill Fox’s parents? And did not Elizabrit bestow honours on the Bloody Sunday killers, and on the UDR riff raff? Is she also not part of the most dangerous family in history? It is almost poppy day, when we remember the war of the three cousins, often referred to as the Great (for racketeers) war.
    If she goes to Dublin or Baldonnel, she should be immediately arrested. Remember Red Hugh O’Donjnell. Off with her head.

  • Seymour Major

    No-body should ever be put on trial for the crimes of others, ancestors or spouses or whoever.

    Well, such notions are indeed for the fantasists but even they might feel slightly uncomfortable to be reminded of the following:

    (1) Practically all Irish people are descended from Norman and British settlers.

    (2) Most British people have Irish ancestors

    (3) The Queen has many Irish ancestors including, for example, Brian Boroimhe MacCennetig (aka Brian Boru) – He is her 28th Great Grandfather, to be exact.

    (4) Nearly all Scots are directly descended from invaders from Ireland from the 5th century. How ironic then that their descendants were planted back into Ulster.

  • cavanman

    Since when has being British guaranteed financial stability? The mess of the current decade is one where people have somehow got the idea that market economies are a substitute for a national identity.

    I’m not British therefore why would I join the UK? Like asking me to hump Belgium cos’ we had a fling that ended messily a century ago. Utter witless logic of unionists thinking their treehouse is anymore attractive to an Irishman than Dublin thinking a British subject wants to frolic in the fields with us.

  • JR

    I don’t think anyone but the bewildered think Irish people were planted here like geraniums but i read that the Irish gene pool has been relatively unchanged since the iron age.

    Around Cavan and Letrim the gene pool is almost identical to that of an iron age body discovered in the locality. The Normans arrived in too few a numbers to radically effect the genetics of the population. Likewise the various waves of British settlers.

    We on the British Isles are essentially the same genetic group anyway, descended from people who moved north after the ice age.

    That being said going back 350 years to the time of the plantation we have about 130,000 ascendants. Many of whom will be the same ascendants through different blood lines. So we are all related to all sides to different degrees. On Brian Boru, to go back about 50 generations we are have billions of ascendants, again most of whom are the same people. You would have to go a long way from the British isles to find someone who isn’t a descendant of Brian Boru

  • Sorry Seymour, but they are practically all myths. In reality, there is no such thing as racial purity in that sense – you could say that all Irish and British people share some biological ancestry – if someone traces their family back 20 generations – say 500 years – you have 2.1 million potential ancestors (or 2.1 million chances of having some interesting DNA). Back 28 generations, up to 537 million people could have contributed to the Queen’s DNA. There is a pretty good chance that another 28th Great Grandfather was Brodir (the Viking who supposedly killed Boru).
    I like to think that racial purity is a myth promoted by those who are too in-bred to realise it is nonsense.

  • Alan Maskey

    They say every time we breathe, we get the air Oliver Cromwell, now happily residing in hell, breathed. The self styled Queen should be tried. The fact that Brian Boru, and his army, all humped her granny may well be a mitigating factor but she has her own crimes of appeasment regarding the war criminals of the SAS, Paras and UDR to answer for.

    That said, I doth love the lady and I have several portraits of her in my house. She leads an odd life (awful husband, the Greek) and, for an old codger, she certainly gets around. Even though, for example. she obviously travelled Royal class to meet the Pope in Scotland, that must knock something out of an old codger of her vintage.

    I wonder if and when she visits, will there be much protests. There wil be forelock tippers a plenty but I wonder will democrats make an effecvtive protest.

  • Seymour Major

    No need to be sorry John.

    I was just stating a few facts to try and divert some of the heat away from this ancestory ranting. As subsequent comments have shown, that stratagem did not succeed.

  • joan

    mr ring says: “Because at least when they (the Brits) were running the country they didn’t put it into the mess and the hock that we’re in now.” Unless, of course, you define the great famine as a great boon brought to Ireland by our generous neighbours.

  • Joan, it would now be called a ‘population adjustment’ or a ‘potato correction’.

  • drumlins rock

    true, although surely socialist take the biscuit for living in fantasy worlds?

  • drumlins rock

    I think it was called Laissez-Faire at the time?

  • Alan Maskey

    It was certainly a demographic correction. When are we going to be paid compensation or does the fact that it happenee yesterday and that Elizabrit’s family have form in this excuse it?

  • dodrade

    Why not restore the Queen as head of state, after all in practice Governor-General McAleese would be almost no different to President McAleese.

  • Alan Maskey

    When Dev was Taoiseach, he gave the job some osme ex IRA hack, who used to cycle to and from work every day. Much cheaper than the current Biddy.

  • JJ Malloy

    Republicans don’t want the Queen on trial.
    Don’t listen to this idiot.

  • JJ Malloy

    What’s the difference? We are all infidels to the Islamists

  • Reader

    Greenflag: Nor did the Irish Free State apart from formal ritual as necessitated by diplomatic protocol
    This was the same necessity that was ignored by every other neutral country in the whole world.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Seymour, was just reading up a bit on the Anglo Saxon kingdom of Northumbria which extended right up to Edinburgh, and included much of lowland Scotland, makes you wonder how much anglo blood is in the scot as well as the english planters. Of course my ancestors are Picts, the real natives of the whole British isles lol

  • Reader

    Alan Maskey: When are we going to be paid compensation or does the fact that it happenee yesterday and that Elizabrit’s family have form in this excuse it?
    We aren’t going to be paid compensation because (1) We have never been hungry; (2) Our ancestors ate (enough) while their neighbours starved; (3) Anyone who might have been held responsible died 140 years ago.

  • Alan Maskey

    It is doubtful Churchill saved anyone’s ass. He certainly did not save “our island nation” which he actually bankrupted and put in hock to the Yanks. He ran down Britian, gave away her colonies. He also gassed Arabs, made huge mistakes in both wars and, as Bomber Harris admits, would have been rightly hung as a war criminal had “our visland nation” lost the war.
    The fact that Ireland, post 22, was economically tied to Britain is not surprising, given Britain’s previous policies. Ireland is also a major importer of British produce. One should also extend charity to those Irish who worked in or fought for Britain during the war.

  • Greenflag

    No other ‘neutral country’ had been under British rule and/or had recently enjoyed the benefits of a civil war which could so easily have resumed .

  • Blair


    Winnie certainly had plenty of flaws. He ordered his generals to do things which led to catastrophic results. His strength was in his ability to pull the British people together at a time when they were very obviously about to be defeated, and convince them to fight on. If he hadn’t done that then Halifax would have negotiated a surrender with Hitler, and Europe would remain under Nazi domination, possibly to this day (assuming that we didn’t consequently end up under Communist rule).

    I’m pretty sure that the SS would have put a few manners on Irish republicans. Despite the fact that they were allies when Britain was fighting for survival.

    Would you have preferred a united Ireland under Nazi rule?

  • Alan Maskey

    Counter factual history, old boy. I am sure the SS would not have looked too kindly on the gobshites of the IRA. I am also unsure that Hitler could have won after he lost the war at Dunkirk
    There are two scenarios:
    1. Brits capitulate at Dunkirk; Hitler wins. This would have been a negotiated treaty and Ireland would have falled within the British bloc with Hitler controlling Europe. Hitler was of the Austrian school anyway so he would have gone east to his doom eventually (though that was a close run thing too)
    2. Hitler invades “our island nation”. Forgetting that the LDF had a huge reserve and not taking away from them, he would have got a bloody nose in England, which was churning out sten guns to beat the band. Winnie’s bitter weeds who would have been more psyched up and primed than their gallant allies in Europe..
    2a. Winnie’s fight them on the beaches speech gets particulalry interesting near the end. He says that if “our island nation” is overrun, then the New World would come to the rescue. So, just as France fell, Winnie was also contemplating the US joining the fight.
    2b. Though Britain does have immense moral bragging rights from WW2 where the Yanks and Winnie played them for suckers, Hitler would have gone to his doom eventually. His GDP was much too small to prevail and his 1930s’ economics meant he would need ever more land and resources.
    When you are speaking of Irish republicans collaborating with Hitler you mean Frank Ryan the Commie and Sean Russell whose statue opposite Cathal Goulding’s home is regularly vandalised by night prowling cowards. Just how many people died or were injured as a result of that alleged collaboration, mention of which really pisses off PIRA/SF?

    Why the Queen wants to vist the Potato farm is beyond me. I hope she gets to take in a horse race or that she at least gets to take in the fine studs around the Curragh of Kildare. I am sure she will be choppered around:
    1. Dine at Dublin Castle.
    2. Check out Trinity’s Long Room.
    3. Go to the Vice Regal Lodge to meet the resident bore.
    4. Sleep at British Embassy or a rural 5* hotel?
    5. Meet the Anglican mob somewhere.
    6. Tickets to the Munster final?

    With the exception of the last one, seesm a bit flat. God help her

  • Blair


    There is of course a third scenario. That Hitler enters Britain via its backdoor.

    I’m sure that Britain would have put up a hell of a fight, as indeed they did against Claudius and William the Conqueror, but their fate was sealed without American help. Having fallen I don’t see how America could have come to the rescue. Launching D day across the English Channel was difficult enough (with huge input from the Royal Navy). Launching it across the Atlantic would have been an impossibility.

    I suspect that the yanks would have concentrated on the Japanese and settled down as the upholders of democracy in a Nazi/Communist dominated world.

  • Alan Maskey

    Not so Blair. Britian had a number of advantages, the chief of which were Hitler and Goering. Goering made so many major blunders he should have been shot.
    1. Germany could have beaten Britain at Dunkirk but did not because of Hilter’s need to control the whole show and Goering’s need to get in on the action.
    2. The pocket battleships gave a good account of themselves at Dunkirk, the Luftwaffe less so.
    3. The Stukas etc were not designed to attack Britain and so it fell to the ME109s and the bombers, which were not designed for that purpose.
    4. Their only hope was to knock out the South east of England, land and cut off London. That at least was their hare brained plan.
    5. They had not the ships to attack any of the island of Ireland or the West of Britain: non starter. The RN had them hemmed in in any event., less so after Churchill’s and Percival’s debacle at Singapore.
    6. The Yanks came to World War Two with a game plan, hugely helped by Winnie, the half Yank. The German generals were visibly shocked when Hitler declared war on the US. Though Japan, not Germany attacked the US, the US put the emphasis on beating the Krauts and thereby controlling non Soviet Europe.
    7. I doubt Hitler could have beaten the Reds, who copied his tank tactics but produced 65,000 T34s to 1,600 Tigers. As Joe Stalin said, quantity has a quality all of its own.
    8. The Germans, who had an excellent army and arnaments, needed a sharp shock war. They did not get it. Ireland was beyond their logistical grasp. If the IRA or whoever had have started a regular anti Brtish war in Ireland, Dad’s Army would have hammered them. But all of them was as remote a possibility as Hitler landing in Merseyside.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Independance ?? From whom ? Europe ?? 🙂

  • Alan Maskey

    Of course Ireland would have fallen had Britian fallen. The Brits would have quite rightly retreated here had the need arose. But Britain would not have fallen.
    And let us not praise or concetrate on the US too much. They were the least mobilised of all the major combatants and got the most out of it. Democracts, my ar-e.

    ps: If the Queen visits, will you go to see her?

  • HeinzGuderian

    Will Eire be joining our Great Commonwealth of Nations anytime soon ??? hehehe 🙂

  • Wabbits

    Thon boy deserves a good steever in the Ring. Well OTT.

  • tacapall

    What a load of fk, just how did hitler finance a war against the richest nations in the world, who provided the finances. We are all puppets for our peers, who was hitlers.

  • Munsterview


    “……Republicans don’t want the Queen on trial……..Don’t listen to this idiot……”

    Idiot ? I wish !

    This malevolent turd persona is dedicated to the direct opposite of Tones intent to unite Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter. Hopefully a few more sincere sluggerites will also take up the crudgels against him and more will keep confronting and exposing this false flag clever clogs !

  • Er…. No.

  • If that’s the same freakonomics the RoI uses I can see how they got things so wrong

  • I found it an excellent mea cupla given the circumstances the rogue state finds itself in

  • Alias

    Churchill invited the Irish nation to join the war at a time when its civilian population had no defences from the means by which Germany was fighting the war in the UK at that time, i.e. aerial bombardment of the civilian population. In effect, Churchill invited the Irish nation to commit mass suicide. It would, therefore, have been have criminally stupid for de Valera to have agreed to Churchill’s almost genocidal demand.

    Londoners could scurry to the safety of the underground Tube network and purpose-built shelters but Dubliners had no such protection, and nor did any other of the main Irish population centres.

    It probably suited Churchill’s purposes better if the Irish could be wiped out by German bombing, and for Churchill to then reoccupy the wasteland to protect the UK’s western flank from German invasion. Whatever was left of the nation would be more than happy to join the British army rather than starve in the ruins.

  • Alias

    Incidentally, Ring is just parroting an old anecdote told by Gay Byrne about a member of the Late Late Show’s audience who should up during a debate on the national finances in the 80s and declared that the Irish should hand the country back to the British and apologise for its condition.

    Ring, in his eagerness to court publicity, doesn’t even grasp that it is one thing for a voter to make the claim that the Irish are not fit to govern themselves but it is completely self-defeating for an elected politician to make it.

  • Alias

    Typo: “…who stood up…”

  • lover not a fighter

    Interesting post there Alias and with the well documented evidence that winnie was to put it mildly no lover of the Irish a well thought out analysis.

  • Alan Maskey

    The people who should apologise to the British people via the Queen are those who take the Saxon shilling. Not only are they traitors to Ireland but these dogs have also been traitors to the British hand that now feeds them.
    We all know Her Majesty likes corgis. One wonders is she also likes Provo curs or if she just tolerates them. As she is getting on in years, she is not replacing her corgis as they die out. Could Gerry and Martin and Mary Lou not offer to slop out the corgis for her when she is here? Let them at least do one useful thing in their wretched lives.

  • Munsterview

    Pesky : Still false flagging and brass necking I see.

    As soon as I have a little time to spare I will do up a stock reply complete with references to respond to these little irrations. You are blown good and proper and the longer you keep it up the bigger the idiot you appear so keep right on posting. Cheers !

  • Seymour Major

    I believe both Ireland and the UK have /will have gone too far on the pruning side

    I hope you have not been taken in by the propaganda coming from the Labour Party and a couple of misguided economists, such as Paul Krugman. In their wisdom, they have decided that the spending cuts should be delayed for another year.

    Unfortunately, this argument will continue to run for another 3 of years as we wait to see how the UK’s GDP performs. Three days ago, the GDP figures for the 3rd quarter of the year were much stronger than expected.

    It is the stage in the recovery cycle which is of more importance. II have linked here to the BBC website to illustrate this.


    These figures, you will see the recovery is now over a year old. Until very recently, there was talk of a possible “double dip” recession. Until a few days ago, they were also speculating that the Bank of England may be forced to stimulate growth through quantitative easing – all that talk has been silenced by the recent figures. Now they are talking about UK interest rates going up.

    Admittedly, it will take another couple of years before the doom-mongers are proved wrong for certain.

  • Munsterview

    “…….Ring, in his eagerness to court publicity, doesn’t even grasp that it is one thing for a voter to make the claim that the Irish are not fit to govern themselves but it is completely self-defeating for an elected politician to make it…….”

    It should be noted that Ring and Kenny are from the same neck of the woods, both were in contention for leadership and there is no love lost there !

    Consequent to Kenny’s continuing lackluster performance since the last heave the pack are again closing on the wounded stag…….. or to use a more apt metaphor in his case….. the lame bullock!

    Since the ‘Dear Leader’ has reserved tried to reserve the best lines for himself, which he continue to ineffectively splutter through and fluff, and since the Baldy Limerick Bootboy Noonan is seen to be back in form putting the frighteners on the opposition, and with another leadership contest looming, FG discipline is breaking down.

    A half dozen or more wide boys are now attempting to stand out from the lackluster shadow front bench by either braying the loudest or in the case of the Ring with a sound bite to catch the media attention.

    Not very edifying but its politics folks and true to form, it is Fine Gael !

  • Greenflag

    Not good to feed the trolls -it only encourages them 🙁

    Idiots don’t ever recognise they are idiots which is why they are so termed . In the case of the unmasked Maskey he’s depriving a village out there of it’s idiot .Don’t offer him a penny for his thoughts or you’ll get change . Whether he’s disgruntled stcicky or orange arsed gadfly matters not , but he’s definitely a prime candidate for deselection in the Darwinian sense 🙂

    It’s obvious his drinking has’nt interfered with his postings but if he were any more stupid he’d need watering twice a week which reminds me that cactus in the conservatory needs it’s liquid 😉

  • Greenflag

    It’s not just the Ringer – Leo Varadkar (FG) has voiced the populist mood for banker hanging or at least jailing and Deputy Hayes(FG) has called the Dail a doss house 🙁

    Looks like Enda will be looking over his shoulder quite a lot in coming days . Another night of the long knives cannot be discounted .

  • Seymour Major


    Ah those poor picts! Their language became extinct after the takeover by the Scotis from Ireland. Could that be the real reason why their descendants made sure that Ulster Scots language was protected under the St. Andrews Agreement/

    Only joking. lol

  • Red Kelly

    Maybe the Queens should start by apologising to all the former colonies that Britain exploited during the last few hundred years,they left a legacy of death,destruction,pestilence and famine and political and religious strife that continues until this day all in the name of Empire….

  • Alias

    Well that’s the reality of it: the war was being fought by means that Ireland had no defences against. The Irish air force had a grand total of 4 fighter airplanes at the time (which were obselete Gloster SS.37 airplanes) and Ireland had no air raid warning system, underground shelter network, or air defence system.

    The only adavantage that Ireland could have offered to the UK by joining the war at that time was to divert German aerial bombardment away from defended British cities by the expedient of having the Germans drop them on defenceless Irish cities instead – every ton of bombs that dropped on Dublin would be a ton less that dropped on London.

  • Alias

    Thank you, Mr Munsterview, for selflessly unmasking these devious British agents among us. Gerry amd Marty appreciate your efforts since, as we all know, they never tolerated British agents among them – nor even appointed British agents to run their department that was set up to unmask British agents.

  • Greenflag

    ‘that winnie was to put it mildly no lover of the Irish ‘

    He may have been no lover of the Irish but he did stand on the same political platform as Joe Devlin the NI nationalist in Belfast and yes Churchill did have a ‘bible’ flung at him by an irate Protestant unionist. Churchill was first and foremost for the Empire and back in the early 1900’s he probably believed that granting Home Rule to Ireland was probably the best way to keep the entire island in the UK .

    Anyway Dev told the German Ambassador that he was to stop the Luftwaffe dropping bombs on Belfast and they stopped . A few bombs were dropped ‘accidently’ on the South Circular Road and on a small village in Co Wexford . But Dublin itself survived the war unscathed to give the traffic managers of the city no end of trouble as the city took to the motor car .

  • Greenflag

    ‘It probably suited Churchill’s purposes better if the Irish could be wiped out by German bombing, and for Churchill to then reoccupy the wasteland to protect the UK’s western flank from German invasion.’

    Paranoia one again 🙁 . Why would Churchill want to have to stretch British defences . Ireland was providing Britain with all it wanted anyway -food -labour -volunteers .

    Irish food production would not anyway have been affected by German bombing of cities , and the country was producing more than enough to feed itself and supply the UK too . Churchill might have promised a UI but Dev knew he could’nt deliver one – not over the heads of unionists and not without a probably ruinous civil war .

  • Mike


    “Anyway Dev told the German Ambassador that he was to stop the Luftwaffe dropping bombs on Belfast and they stopped”

    Hope you’re not trying to suggest cause and effect there,

    The Blitz (across the UK as a whole) ended in early May 1941. Belfast was last bombed on 4 May. The last major raid on London was 10 May.

  • Watcher

    It would be interesting to see an opinion poll in one of the papers to see if this public representative’s opinion reflects a genuine level of public opinion.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Why ever not,dear boy ?? It’s about the only move they have left !!! 🙂

  • HeinzGuderian

    Commonwealth,dear boy…………….Three Billion People,are part of it !!! I wonder why ?? 🙂

  • HeinzGuderian

    Daily Oirland ????? hehehe 🙂

  • Dr Concitor

    I have often wondered why as well, old bean. Given that the British empire was not exctly founded on consent, more like a mixture of economics and extreme violence.

  • We need more than an apology. Reparations would also be required.

  • Greenflag

    It’ll be more interesting to see how many votes he”l lose in his Mayo constituency in the next election . With three FG seats and two FF, Mr Ring heckler of the year may find it a struggle to hold on to his vote which kept him in the number two spot of the FG three ,

    Stupid remark to make in the Dail – fair enough comment in a pub .

  • Greenflag

    Come here boy /chiefy/ namib etc etc . See here now you can have all these shiny beads and this prayer book and we’ll take all this land from here to the end of your country -what what .

    Now just sign here please and no more nonsense .

    Ah the Captains and the KIngs

    The good ole days Heinz eh ?

    Gone to glory

  • Greenflag

    Quite right Vancey – Get on the phone there to Mr Osborne and tell him about a trillion sterling but preferably euros , should be enough to pay for all those Irish killed , starved and maimed by British regimes in this country since the time the British monarchs started speaking English full time i.e about 1400 . That should also also cover the ‘dead ‘ from the great famine .

  • Greenflag

    My apologies Vancey I misunderstood your comment above . You are quite right . The Irish should pay reparations for their various rebellions against British regimes and more recently for outrages committed on what you would call the British mainland .
    For the period 1400 through 2010 I would think 30 Billion would be a generous reparation .

    That would still leave eh 970 billion reparations net for Osborne & Co .

    I’m sorry to see you have been evicted from your tangled web abode . Did it get too tangly for you or can we expect you returning to the fray on another abode if not in another mode ;)?

    I’d advise the latter if you are genuinely interested in a political career . I hear FF are looking for ‘diversified ‘ candidates for the upcoming slaughter ? At least you have the eh on hands TUV electoral experience behind you 🙂

  • are you comparing or contrasting the Dail with pubs there?

    Regulars all over these islands will feel insulted.

  • Remember how before our election the attempted lampooning of Cameron the Eton toff?

    Well he still might be one but no one’s laughing now:


  • Alias

    Good enough article, but it fails to point out that the UK government has sovereignty over its monetary and macroeconomic policies and, ergo, bankrupted itself through its own inability to govern itself whereas the Irish gave their sovereignty away to those whose economic governance duly bankrupted them.

  • St Etienne – I doubt anyone in the UK or the Republic is laughing at the scale of cuts. Its a bit early to be calling success on the Tory economic strategy, they’ve only proposed what they will cut, they haven’t come in to effect yet, and their real impact is still in the future.

  • Alias

    And they haven’t actually cut public expenditure. That will grow from £696 billion in the current financial year to £739 billion in the financial year 14/15. What they’ve done is divert public spending on public services into repayment of sovereign debt. The two most indebted states in the EU are Ireland and the UK. At least we can blame the eurosystem since we don’t actually govern our monetary and macroeconomic policies. The UK can only blame the fitness of the British nation to govern itself.

  • Watcher


  • Greenflag


    ‘It fails to point out that the UK government has sovereignty over its monetary and macroeconomic policies ‘

    It has ? In theory perhaps .In real ‘economic ‘ life the UK Government can’t afford to upset the City bond traders nor can it devalue or revalue without the eh ‘permission’ of the EU with which it conducts 80% of it’s trade .

    The City of London certainly displayed it’s fitness in governing the British people in recent years in particular those people who reside to the south of Potters Bar 🙁 The cost of that ‘fitness’ has now to be borne by all of the people of the UK especially those north and north west of Potters Bar who are least able to pay the Danegeld for the City’s greed and corruption 🙁

    The UK can only blame the fitness of the British nation to govern itself..

  • Greenflag

    ‘Ah those poor picts!’

    Letter to Rome from a Roman in the Gloomin ,

    Dearest Mama Mia Salve from Vindolanda -Brittania.,

    Progress is slow here in Brittania . It has’nt stopped raining since last year and the last time I went to Londinium I got stuck in a two hour long chariot jam on the MV . Our civil engineers are having a tough time . They’re building roads everywhere but because of the constant rain they quickly become quagmires . The local savages have taken to them like ducks to water and they race up and down the quagmires in their crude carts which our commander Octavius has dubbed ‘folks wagons’ .

    The locals resent all we do for them . Yet they had’nt even seen a shovel till we came . The Picts in the far north are not a pretty picture with their hairy painted faces and their custom of running around naked and head butting our citizens when they are in the mood -This is usually on weekends after one of their games of footus ballus .
    Octavius swears that with MCV Picts and shovels he could build a high enough wall in the north from one coast to the other in honour of the Emperor Hadrian in about CCCLXV days .

    PS Octavius has heard of other even more savage tribes to the west on another island who are superb builders and he is thinking of subcontracting the road building out to them as they bid lower and are less troublesome than these painted Picts and are used to the never ending rain .

    Once again mama

    Salve and don’t forget to send more olive oil and wine and some dry socks .

    Titus Pullo

    XIII Legion

  • Greenflag

    ‘The UK can only blame the fitness of the British nation to govern itself..’

    Not at all . Just the City ‘masters of disaster’ and the complicit politicians of the three major political parties . I can’t name them as the list would be too long 🙁

  • Greenflag

    He’s gone Vancey is what a shame . I always said that Vancey was lacking in humour . Took himself way too serious and now the poor sod is homeless 🙁 . Got entangled in his own web no doubt . Still just to let him know that some of us are wishing him well and hoping he can return at a future date to contest the South Down or Newry Mourne constituencies for the Tangly Undergrowth Vampire (TUV) or whatever it’s new name will be 😉

  • John

    The British monarchy and the Popes of Rome.
    Delight and prosper on human cake as the idiots of nations argue over the skin sheddings of their neighbours.

    Apologize to the Queen, what for closing the thousands of brothels in Dublin set up for the British empire army.

    The Irish on here, who think that Ireland is bad now (and it is as most nations are, we just love being the best or worst), go read how your ancestors actually lived under So called ‘great’ British rule.

    This Fine Gael fool is a good example of what we needed to change and never really did, in this so called Republic!

    A bullied child allowed to wear clothes handed down.

    The British will grow up one day, under a new world order where they are hawking their cheap wares in reverse order, to the East where memories are long.
    They will delight in having a British servant.

    Get use to it all you fools
    British is as insignificant as Irish to most of the world, your wee minds imagine so much.