A film……..600+ photos

The 15second film festival asked me and fellow artist KVLR to make a film.

It’s comprised of 600+ individual photographs stitched together in final cut pro.

KVLR, aside from doing the painting, also did the music.

I think we may well do another one.

If you go to any of the films being shown at the QFT as part of the Festival at Queens you will be able to see it, along with a few others, on the big screen.

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  • Alias

    The credits being longer than the film must be a record. Isn’t speeding up the ‘narrative’ to fit the time frame cheating? I liked the litle figure that you drew. They’d make good little cartoon or caption characters.

  • Alias

    By the way, where are the 600 pictures? Is your second link just the intro or something?

  • Dan

    They have these things called ‘video cameras’ now.

  • Alias

    True, but why waste seconds of digital space on your mobile phone camera when there are grants of public money available to use a film crew?

  • The 600 pictures are each frame of the video.

  • Alias i’m not too worried about you not understanding the creative process or for that matter the cost of a film crew. There was no film crew just me and my digital camera shooting through the viewfinder of an old Anscoflex II film camera to produce the square framing.
    It took us 4 hours to shoot as KVLR painted and i shot individual stills. There was then around 8 hours editing.
    I can assure you that there wasn’t an awful lot of money involved but being given the opportunity to try something out and work collaboratively? Well as freelancers we’d have been foolish not to jump at the chance.
    Don’t forget that we both don’t have companies/ organisations sending us off for team bonding during a paint balling or outdoor pursuits weekend.

  • Alias

    That’s great because it’d be a prime example of fleecing public funds if more than £5 of it was used to take 600 sequential photographs speeded up to fit into 15 seconds with that gimmick passing itself off as art or anything remotely approximating it. But as long as you squandered your own money and “around 8 hours” of your own editing time, then no problem.

    Now I said I liked your little cartoonish figure, so what more did you want? A kiss on the cheek and a bouquet of flowers, diva? That’s as kind as it was possible to be within the parameters of the offering.

  • Alias

    And, incidentally, if you draw a dog on different positions on a page and then flick through the pages real quick like you get the same effect… now that should be worth at least £500 of National Lottery funding.

  • I’ve seen this on the big screen and it works. But there is one big advantage to viewing this on You Tube; by judicious use of the pause and play buttons you can see each of the 600 plus frames. Try it, not like watching but watching paint dry so you can truthfully utter that line in future. Put together the whole is reminiscent of end of the pier what the butler saw imagery but without the titivation, or possibly there is ironic role reversal here and what was once leered at in front of the camera is now behind the camera hence TTV. I have to say it works incredibly well and KVLR and MP at QFT is A*GCSE GOLD. It will undoubtedly get my audience award vote.