Cuts hit Wales hard.

The first of the major Capital scheme cuts are hitting Wales hard. Whilst there were many environmental objections to the proposed barrage across the Severn a construction boom would certainly have been handy… (£30bn and thousands of jobs during construction).
Similarly there have been objections to the St Athan’s Defence Academy – but again Jobs is Jobs in this environment. (£14bn and 2,000 jobs)
Great Western Electrification seems to be out of the window – that would have been another £1bn or so Capital spend in Wales, and a critical first step toward world class commuting networks to Cardiff.
Oh and Newport Passport Office is closing…300 jobs gone.
…and can you run a TV channel with a Budget cut from £100m to £80m to £60m?
Tough week, tough years and seems, hmmm, geographically disproportionate….

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  • Reader

    Dewi: proposed barrage across the Severn a construction boom would certainly have been handy… (£30bn and thousands of jobs during construction).
    At a million pounds a job? Half of the jobs in England? And most of the jobs filled by skilled Poles and cheap Latvians anyway?
    You might conclude there would be more pressing uses for 30 billion pounds. Unless the barrage makes *real* economic sense!

  • Dewi

    Agreed Reader – there are various options available however which could have been implemented less expensively and in a more environmentally sensitive way.

    Fascinating history
    the lagoon idea of FOE maybe worth exploring.

  • Kathy C

    The prince of wales hasn’t help Wales. Maybe the Welsh should dump the prince and their fortunes might improve.

  • Alan Maskey

    The business ventures of HRH the Prince of Wales have been very successful; good advisors no doubt.
    But why special pleading for Wales? Britian has more Muslims than Welsh people.
    I find it difficult to see where peripheral areas like Wales, Scotland and Ireland west of the Shannon fit into things.

    Consturction is a waste of money. Best give the $$ to Poland or the Latvians anyway.
    What most parties in these dear islands of ours have in common is zero vision.
    To be fair to Lemass. Cosgrave 1, Whittaker and a few other Free Staters, they did have good idas. But with 1.5 billion Chinese breathing down your neck, what future por present do you have?
    The Cuts have ring fenced a lot of military spending and the Ark Royal is to go. But let’s get real. Britain is Ameria’s running dog in war and has been since Suez.
    Maybe abolish the British armed forces, save for patrol boats and special forces and sell the bnig ticket items off to the Chinese and/or Taiwanese. That would be huge savings

  • There’s a comment piece by Wayne David in this week’s Tribune, and available on line . It’s topped by the recognition that, uniquely, Labour is still in power in Wales; and is running policies contrary to the slash-and-burn elsewhere. It’s tailed by the recognition that Labour’s fightback gives the chance to secure greater powers for the Welsh Assembly (through next March’s referendum) and a stronger Labour presence after the May Assembly election.