Cuts hit Wales hard.

The first of the major Capital scheme cuts are hitting Wales hard. Whilst there were many environmental objections to the proposed barrage across the Severn a construction boom would certainly have been handy… (£30bn and thousands of jobs during construction).
Similarly there have been objections to the St Athan’s Defence Academy – but again Jobs is Jobs in this environment. (£14bn and 2,000 jobs)
Great Western Electrification seems to be out of the window – that would have been another £1bn or so Capital spend in Wales, and a critical first step toward world class commuting networks to Cardiff.
Oh and Newport Passport Office is closing…300 jobs gone.
…and can you run a TV channel with a Budget cut from £100m to £80m to £60m?
Tough week, tough years and seems, hmmm, geographically disproportionate….