Guido casts a cold eye on Anglo

Political blogger extraordinaire, Guido Fawkes has set the cat among the Dáil pigeons this evening with fascinating results.

Guido has obtained and published a list of foreign Anglo-Irish bondholders as of the close of business tonight. The blogger states:

Every child in Ireland is being bequeathed a huge debt at birth to protect the interests of foreign, mainly German, bondholders – why? Guido was once a bond trader, it was always understood that sometimes the bond issuer defaults. That is the risk investors take.

Among the 80 bondholders companies are Goldman Sachs Asset Management Intl, Aviva Investors France and Barclays Wealth Managers France, the entire list can be viewed here. Guido claims between them they hold Anglo-Irish bonds with a face-value of €4,034,756,880 and asks:

Why is Dublin’s political establishment so keen to protect foreign investors at the expense of future generations? …  These are the people whom Dublin’s politicians really seem to care about.

Shouldn’t they take the hit rather than future generations of Irish taxpayers? Capitalism is a system of profit and loss, they took the risk of investing in Anglo-Irish Bank. Is the Irish government under pressure from the European Central Bank in Frankfurt to protect German investors?

Earlier today Guido Fawkes claimed he has been contacted by a source who suggests Anglo defrauded Irish customers of up to €100 million throughout the 90s. He blogged that he has been given documents from inside Anglo Irish Bank’s treasury department dating back to 1997, which he says, strongly suggest there was a board level approved conspiracy to over-charge corporate customers.