Funeral arrangements

Jim Dougal’s remains are being brought home this evening to 14 Danesfort, Malone. Strictly family. Open house for all to pay respects Saturday and Sunday. Requiem mass Derryvolgie Monday 1PM. Burial afterwards at Drumbo.
Eamonn Mallie


  • cynic47


  • Jim was both a fine journalist and a natural broadcaster, which are usually separate talents. It is striking that the RTE website still does not have a single line on his passing. Given that Jim was the station’s northern editor for many years, throughout the worst of the troubles, this is hard to understand.

  • A true gentleman and wonderful broadcaster who inspired Cronkite like trust and confidence… he will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace

  • Kevin Bell


    RTE carried the story on the day it broke, and the next day, it’s how I became aware of it.

  • Kevin, Jim Dougal died on the morning of October 15. It is difficult to see how, writing on the same day, you were able to say that RTE carried the story `on the day it broke, and the next day.’ However, the point was that, as of last night, the RTE website was not running anything about his death. It has been belatedly updated, and both a written report and a clip from the television news are now available online.