That’s the end of that

Back in July Chris noted the CAS dismissal of the IFA case over Daniel Kearns representing the Republic. At that point only a brief press release was available. As this finally ends any doubts on player eligibility and for completeness – here, at last, is the full CAS judgement and the arguments presented.

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  • That Ulick sees the GFA as an aid to division and not cohesion is perhaps unsurprising, given the rise in dissident support among the nationalist community it seems some may have been sold a different deal entirely.

  • So if an organisation has an OO member in it this is ‘a bad thing’.

    Does this mean 99% of NI-wide organisations are actively driving nationalists away?

    And you forgot to mention playing in green, with the Celtic crest adorned with shamrocks and the majority of the support wearing green and white. Sure all that’s done just to wind up nationalists even more!

  • Inability to understand FIFA’s reluctance to create a fair set of rules. Nationalists will be nationalist, unionists unionist. That is irrelevant but given the level of understanding on Slugger on areas outside the sectarian mudbath I’m not surprised you cannot take a look outside that tunnel of yours.

  • Actually Ulick it’s the nationalist pysche that deems people born and bred in Ireland though not citizens of the Republic to be less Irish than themselves.

    It’s not everyone else’s fault, it’s your own.

  • exactly Mike.

  • I love the way Equality Agenda now warrants capitals. Surely trademarking isn’t far off?

    The use of this single phrase to justify every demand coming from Shinner lips has been so overdone as to render it completely meaningless.

    For the record, FIFA is there to ensure fair play. They themselves and CAS admit the current rules as they stand are unfair. How does this fit into your ‘Equality Agenda’?

  • Greenflag

    Spige and Arty Renny may be and probably are ‘trolls’ but not Greenflag . There is only one GF and there has never been more than one .
    Spige sounds like an underbrained orang utang who can’t let go of the branch he swings from . On the other hand he may be so grounded that his knuckles always touch the ground while he puts his best jaw forward as he faces into the long evolutionary future -before he achieves that fully erect position known to a few of his homonidal cousins 🙂

  • Arty Renny

    Congatulations on the draw against the Faroes! It was well deserved.

  • lamhdearg

    Not a good day/night for the British isles teams England draw,Scotland beaten,wales beaten,R.o.i draw,N.i(our wee country draw. Must do better

  • lamhdearg

    Sorry should have put Eire before wales, as i was doing it by population.

  • Republic of Connaught

    Poor draws for both Irish teams. Can’t see either qualifying the way things are going.

  • Greenflag

    Keane and I hate to say this needs putting down . Missed a penalty and two sitters . ROI will need to defeat Slovakia in Dublin and hold Russia to a draw in Moscow . Not impossible if Duff and Andrews are back . NI will be kicking themselves and so they should being held to a draw by a country with a population less than Derry city .

    England can afford their draw against Montenegro (population 1% that of England ) -Scotland almost upset the World champions and Wales need to stick to the Rugby 😉