Lough Neagh Incinerator – update on the process

(c) Michael High - image of proposed RoseEngery plant accurately superimposed on Parliament Buildings at StormontThe main event at last night’s meeting of Lisburn City Council’s planning meeting was a briefing by Communities Against the Lough Neagh Incinerator (CALNI) to update council on progress since their previous visit 12 months ago in October 2009. Over twenty CALNI supporters – some wearing distinctive yellow T-shirts – sat in the public gallery.

Councillor Ronnie Crawford, the chairman of the planning committee, explained that the council had run out of process on the issue of the chicken litter incinerator. Over the years, Lisburn City Council had mostly been in support of a public inquiry, but with the minister rejecting the need for an inquiry, he explained that tonight’s update from Danny Moore (the president of CALNI) would be noted rather than actioned.

Danny detailed some of the milestones in the incinerator campaign. – a useful recap for Slugger readers who’re following the story.

  • Back in November 2009, CALNI discovered through the result of a Freedom of Information request that Invest NI support (and in essence government support) for the project was more advanced that they’d thought. A bank or a VC would require planning permission to be in place before offering funds. So why should the same safeguards not be in place before committing public money?
  • Whereas Rose Energy have used biosecurity (eg, the lack of poultry flocks in the area) as a reason for locating the incinerator at Glenavy, CALNI’s work with the Chief Veterinary Officer has shown that there are in fact lots of flocks, including on a mere 300m away from the site, not to mention the migratory birds around the lough shore.
  • CALNI view the runway extension at Belfast City Airport as less contentious than the Glenavy incinerator. Yet a public inquiry for the runway extension was announced in April 2010, while on 31 August the DOE Minister announced that he was “minded” to approve the incinerator and wouldn’t wait for a inquiry. Despite media simplifications in stories about the incinerator, planning permission has still not been approved.
  • The next morning on 1 September, CALNI launched a Judicial Review of the DOE Minister’s intention to approve the incinerator.
  • The day after that, they heard of an application to open the Crumlin lignite site, fuelling an existing concern that the incinerator could easily be adapted to burn lignite. (Danny talks about the lignite problem in the video clip.)

  • Unconnected with CALNI’s health and environmental concerns, Irish poultry producers expressed concerns that financial support from Invest NI for Rose Energy would amount to state subsidy for NI poultry farmers. MEPs and the European Commission are now being briefed and lobbied.
  • Three hundred people turned up at a two and a half hour public meeting in Glenavy on 23 September which CALNI felt was an indication of the “depth and strength of feeling” about the issue.
  • CALNI were baffled that the Assembly debate on 27 September calling for a public inquiry for the incinerator was withdrawn at the last minute after the DUP submitted a petition of concern requiring a cross-community vote. When both Lagan Valley and South Antrim constituencies were dominated by the DUP, CALNI ask why the DUP chose to play the cross-community card?
  • The same day, CALNI were granted leave for their Judicial Review, with the hearing scheduled for February 2011.
  • For over a year, a (separate) Judicial Review has been running (wider than just the incinerator) to look at former DOE Minister Sammy Wilson’s statement on “economic benefit”. He stated that economic benefit should be given decisive weight in determining major planning applications. On 1 October, the High Court deemed the statement unlawful because of failure to follow proper procedures in creating new planning policy.
  • As a result, CALNI expect that the DOE Minister’s statement on 31 August about being “minded” to approve planning permission for the incinerator without a public inquiry on the basis of economic grounds is no longer valid.

The unspoken embarrassment for Lisburn City Council is that the DOE Minister in question is Edwin Poots, until recently a DUP councillor on Lisburn City Council. While the council were in favour of a public inquiry, one councillor – wearing a different ministerial hat – was pulling in the opposite direction.

(Image showing proposed RoseEnergy plant accurately superimposed over Parliament Buildings at Stormont used with permission and (c) Michael High.)

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  • The Observer

    You have got to admire the CALNI group for their persistence and professionalism of their campaign.

    It’s interesting to see that Poots had no difficulty in granting a public inquiry for the City Airport runway extension. Was this a lame yet unsuccessful attempt to save his Leader’s bacon in the Westminster election??

    Poots has also granted a public inquiry into the electricity interconnector, the John Lewis development and the massive Castlebawn retail development in Newtownards.

    It is a shame he doesn’t care about the 7,000 people in Lagan Valley and Glenavy who oppose the incinerator!

    If you added up all the objections for the planning applications Poots has sent to public inquiry they still would not surpass the volume of objections to the Glenavy incinerator

    Total disgrace

    Neither he nor any of his cronies will be getting my vote next year!

  • magnus

    Just down the Lough shore, a few miles past Oxford Island is a gravel extraction outfit which albeit a very good local employer does blight the landscape somewhat with its heaps of sand/gravel and its ugly HQ. Room there for co-location given that the science and technology behind the incinerator can be stood over. Just an idea

  • Brian Walker

    While planning reform announced in March probably wouldn’t have affected this or the John Lewis application, is it fair to have some sympathy for Edwin Poot’s frustration, or is he as much to blame as anyone for the freezing of the RPA, under which planning is to be reformed?

  • jontheraver

    There’s a whiff of Belfast Airport runway saga here.
    The decision needs to be made sooner rather than later.
    Or busineess will be turned away and the taxpayer will be forced to fork out – again.

  • I’ve sympathy for his frustration. But I’ve sympathy for stakeholders – like residents and local businesses – who want to object and have their objections heard and weighed up in some kind of fair and balanced judgement.

    But the story of how the planning system got into the state it’s in – only currently able to cope with one public inquiry at a time – is a story that’s been written over the last five or ten years, and not just during the tenure of the last couple of DOE ministers.

  • we might be opposed to building an incinerator in Glenavy but are we thenprepared to start paying more for free range, organic chicken?
    Because if we like our cheap industrially farmed chicken then we’re going to have to deal with industrial sized quantities of chicken litter somewhere, and if they don’t burn it near Lisburn they will burn it somewhere else in the country…

  • jtwo

    I think a big part of CALNI’s professional is down to the fact that they are very, very well funded (Danny Moore, Peter Fitzgerald) and can therefore afford to have Carson McDowell’s top planning lawyer on the case.

  • FrustratedPlanner

    Lets get it straight – Poots deserves NO sympathy. He has become far too personally involved in both John Lewis and the Moy park Incinerator. He is a Farmer and a Lisburn man – both farmers and Lisburn set to benefit from these applications respectively so he was duty bound by his peers to approve them!
    But, the bottom line is that Poots forgets that when he speaks, he is speaking as the MINISTER – he is not a local Councillor!
    Imagine what John Lewis are saying about him now!
    imagine what Moy Park and the chicken farmers are saying about him now!
    Bothe these applications now must surely be REFUSED, and all because Poots has stepped over the line.
    What an embarrassment he must be to Peter Robinson…

  • Cynic

    SO when all the chicken farmers withdraw and the workers are sacked they will turn to Michelle for support.