Slugger Awards (Media) Pitches:The ‘Light a candle’ category

From reader ‘Willis’:

…realise that while destroying is fun, building is hard work.

A media category for individuals and campaigns which seek to help us understand each other and create shared solutions.

The BT ‘Sit down; sort it out ‘campaign might be a contender except that it seemed one-sided.

There is not enough good, popular journalism seeking to explain the economy, skills and education in a way that might encourage shared goals.

There is plenty which wrings hands and blames.

What are the outcomes for pupils who have gone through our education system? What can be done about persistent skills gaps?

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  • magnus

    A sort of journalism for mutual education in which case may I suggest 360 degree journalism.

    Lighting a candle to many is either a wish or a prayer.

  • edgeoftheunion

    The reference is to the saying “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”

  • magnus

    You could well be right which raises a point.

    We can see what’s going on, but for whatever reason we choose not to do something about it, or put another way Why light a candle in daylight?

  • joeCanuck

    Why light a candle in daylight?

    To find an honest man like Diogenes the cynic was noted for?

  • magnus

    I’m glad you said that and not me.

  • willis

    I’m afraid that although I proposed this category I did not really know who might be a worthy recipient. When it comes to gossip or investigation we are pretty familiar with what it looks like, but serious positive longish form factual. Nah! you would read a book or look online, you would almost certainly look outside Northern Ireland.

    Which is a pity because although we are rightly seen as a centre for sport and music the contribution of science and business is much more of a specialist interest which has an inevitable consequence when young people.

    That there is a hunger for much better scientific journalism is evidenced by the popularity of this article.

    Which apparently was the most read Guardian online article last week or so it says here:

    What would a spoof of a typical N.I. business, science or education article look like?

    Or could it not be spoofed because the quality is so high?

  • willis

    The added words “look for future employment” would have made some sense of the sentence ending “young people”

  • I’m not sure it’s as unworthy as you think Willis.

    The public routinely tell politicians that they want conflicting things (wanting a Swedish level of social welfare on US taxation rates, for example) and I’d suggest that the media is way too interested in the ‘gotcha’ potential when writing this up: Watching politicians squirm as they try to avoid disappointing different interest groups while their opportunistic rivals try to catch them out.

    The media shouldn’t collude in this process – it should do something to educate the public. Journalists often claim to be socially useful – often calling themselves ‘the Fourth Estate’ and reaping all sorts of privileges into the bargain. Maybe it’s time that they started taking this seriously?

  • magnus

    There’s your title then Willis. I respectfully suggest

    “The Fourth Estate award – informing democracy “