Service announcement: Minor Facebook / Twitter-related tweaks to Slugger

At the top of this post, there’s a lovely new ‘Facebook Like’ button and a ‘Tweetmeme’ link on the left. These are designed to help you flag up anything you read and like to your followers as well as giving our contributors a bit of feedback. These things only work, of course, if you’re on Facebook / Twitter.

Looking at the poor quality of spelling and punctuation in the comments thread, we know that you are all crying out for a reinstatement of the ‘preview’ option for commenters 😉

Apologies for the delay – we’ve got a great one in mind, but it conflicts with our theme at the moment and we’ll need to get that all sorted before we can activate it.

Let us know (in the comments, below) if either of these new buttons mess with your browser in any way. They shouldn’t – I’ve used them on lots of other sites without a hitch.