Photograph of the day Berry Street protest

Flaxart/Forum for an alternative Belfast - Berry Street protest

Being busy myself on Friday nights culture night i didn’t get to see too much. However i did catch the protest from Flaxart and the forum for an Alternative Belfast which is actively lobbying for Berry Street to be reopened.

Formerly known as Factory Row, now Berry Street, it runs from Royal Ave to Smithfield Market, or it did until a rubbish yard was built when Castlecourt was developed, effectively closing the street.

Bank Square is a much under utilised area of the city centre and the opening of Berry street could see the potential of an inner city outdoor space available to all and sundry. There are also plans a foot to start a weekly market in Bank square.

Anyways Culture Night was a blast and it was great to see so many people out and about enjoying over 100 free events, performances, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, readings and the like.