Threat level to Great Britain from Irish-related terrorism raised from ‘moderate’ to ‘substantial’

As iol reports, the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, has stated that “The director-general of the Security Service has informed me that he has raised the threat to Great Britain from Irish-related terrorism from moderate to substantial, meaning that an attack is a strong possibility.” As the statement notes

The Security Service has raised the threat level from moderate to substantial. This means an Irish-related terrorist attack is a strong possibility.

The system of threat levels aims to keep you informed about the risk of terrorism at any given time. It also helps police and other law enforcement agencies decide how to allocate staff.

This is the first time an Irish-related threat assessment has been published. The threat from international terrorism remains severe.

That’s somewhat less speculative than Jonathan Evans was in his recent speech…

Adds  As the BBC report notes

The new category of threat from [Irish-related terrorism] applies to England, Wales and Scotland but not Northern Ireland, where the level also remains “severe”.