‘When lip service to some mysterious deity permits…..cash me in.’

The comments are closed on this entry and I’m asking anyone that wants to respond to send me an email.

In coming months I’ve decided to drop into numerous Christian and other religious meetings just for the sake of experiencing them, seeing what questions arise and noting how it feels. I have no idea where it’ll go or if anything bloggable will appear later. I’ll be entering into things with a closed mind and prejudice but attempting to be as fair about what I see as possible.

What I’d like from Slugger is a couple of people willing to join me and write up what they feel/see etc. (you can be a believer or not) – I promise you won’t get ‘saved’ unless you really want to. (Drop me a mail using above link if interested)

I’d also appreciate people suggesting services to attend – Buddhist, Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, Humanist whatever….(use the email link above)

However, I do warn you – I may draw a graph at some point 😉