CGI: “a carefully selected group of the world’s best minds and most distinguished problem-solvers…”

As Alan has noted, Northern Ireland Employment Minister, and out-going UUP Leader, Sir Reg Empey will be attending this year’s meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative [CGI].

Last year the CGI held a special session on Northern Ireland, which the Employment Minister also attended.  As did the NI Secretary of State and the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, along with others from within the NI Executive – and without.

But what will the NI Employment Minister report back to the CGI on?  Beyond the one-day US economic forum on Northern Ireland to be held later in October?

And is the International Representative for west Belfast still “a member of the CGI”?

If Gerry Adams was only ever a “complimentary” member, for the purposes of that one-off session in 2009, the $20,000 annual fee required should probably have been declared…

Adds  As Mark notes in the comments zone, apparently Gerry Adams is still a member…