‘Fuck the Pope’

Kilsally has expanded an extensive list of quotes and links on why some groups are objecting to Joseph Ratzinger’s visit to Britain with the objections of various Protestant groups.

However, it is worth noting that Kilsally has been posting these objections for an extended period on the Orange Order facebook page he maintains and fighting a deletion battle with supporters much more direct (honest?) with their issue.

While much of the more objectionable content was deleted, with every theological and/or considered article presented there was a need to delete a torrent of contributions that included ‘FTP’ as  standard reply.

Could it be suggested that many supporting ‘biblical protestant’ rejection of the visit are merely motivated by raw sectarian hatred and are hiding behind the articulate cloak of others? Kilsally certainly couldn’t be accused of it – the poor guy has been deleting bile for months (he has had to delete it though).