McGuinness saw Chesney on his deathbed…

Here’s a weird one. Martin McGuinness is now running against what he told the BBC back in 2002, and is now saying that he did meet Father Chesney (the Claudy bomber) on his deathbed in 1980. Strange timing. Has someone been round asking awkward questions?

  • Oracle

    This thread is typical of the Sinn Fein tactics of shoveling dirt as far away from S.F representatives as possible.

    They always seem to pick dead men to hang their crimes around, I’m sure the Hughes and McIlwee clans are just thrilled to bits to have their dead relative’s tattooed with the slaughter of Claudy…… via of the Sinn Fein blogging committee.

    MMcG is at pains to point out that the Derry Brigade was not responsible, and they weren’t that’s true! But this truth was told to hide a lie.
    MMcG will then tell you that he travelled to Dublin to check with the leaders of the IRA did they know anything about it and they said no! This is also true, they knew nothing of the attack, but yet again this truth is told to hide a lie.

    MMcG can stand in front of cameras or on radio interviews and categorically state that he went to the Derry Brigade and then he went to the leadership of the IRA in Dublin and the organization knew nothing about it and thus the lie that the IRA had nothing to do with Claudy is born.

    Of curse two old wankers in Dublin playing military generals knew nothing about it one was too busy banging the drink into him the other too busy banging another mans wife to notice.
    While the North came under the direction of Dublin it was not under its control a situation which eventually led to the creation of the Northern Command in the mid 70’s

    The question that MMcG hasn’t addressed directly is was the PIRA (not the Derry Brigade or the Dublin drinking club) or its volunteers responsible for Claudy?
    Even to this day a twenty minute investigation by the PIRA would reveal the names of the volunteers responsible for Claudy and the person who gave the orders for the attack in the first place, the quartermaster who provided the much protected due to its scarcity Gelignite for the three bombs, the bomb maker, and the safe houses used.

    The PIRA sent investigators round countless doors in relation to the disappeared which was a massively more complex task than this one so this task should be relatively quick and simple.

    Just for the record the fantasy SDIRU is a pile of horse-shit, readers should not be swayed by it or the idea of Bellaghy having the dirt shoveled in its direction.

  • PaddyReilly

    Paddy Reilly makes much of PIRA activities shortening the lifespan

    I see you are following the usual policeman’s trick of presenting your conclusions as if they were the basic evidence. I said performing actions like the Claudy bombing shorten your life span.

    The Claudy bombing was performed by a group known to outsiders as the Bellaghy Butchers, to themselves first as SDIRU and then INLA: also PLA.

    They are not the PIRA, but of course in the rivalries of the times, some may have ended up in the PIRA. End being the operative word: the death rate of this group is fierce high: no-one listed as a leader is still alive: ordinary members were similarly disadvantaged, because the organisation was as prone to attacking itself during splits as it was to engaging any enemy. Any INLA member who was not killed by the Security Forces would be killed by another INLA member, or, at one period, by the PIRA.

    Some associates may be living but were in jail at the time of Claudy. INLA members who survived into this millennium probably would have joined Sinn Fein.

    Wikipedia: The INLA declared a ceasefire on 22 August 1998. When calling its ceasefire, the INLA acknowledged their ‘faults and grievous errors in our prosecution of the war’. The INLA admitted that innocent people had been killed and injured ‘and at times our actions as a liberation army fell far short of what they should have been’. The INLA went on to accept the massive vote in favour of the Good Friday Agreement – an arrangement it had opposed during the 1998 referendum – by the people of Ireland.

  • Oracle


    By rhe way when I write MMcG I mean Martin McGuinness and not Matin McGartland just in case I have caused confusion to some


  • Alan Maskey

    Paddy Reilly at 1.58 pm

    The Irish National Liberation Army was founded in December 1974, some six months after Claudy. INLA fatalities form Derry include: Colm McNutt, Patsy O’Hara, Mickey Devine, Neil McMonagle, Micky Mongomery, Hessy Phelan, Dermot McShane. Here is
    their entire “roll of honour”.

    If McGlinchey was involved, then most likely so also was Hughes and the McElwees and reasonably prominent members of current South Derry Sinn Fein.
    You cannot pin Claudy on anyone else without bringing in the Provos. Bellaghy os not Belfast.
    So who are all these Bellaghy men who have passed on? McGlinchey did not park three cars himself and Ian Milne was in the clink.
    PIRA are funny: like a whore trying to defend her chastity.

  • PaddyReilly

    1) The cars used in Claudy were stolen in Bellaghy, before Operation Motorman
    2) See information on Bellaghy Butchers, in following, notoriously non SF, link:-

  • Paddy Reilly

    Claudy is entitled to the truth. If that is inconvenient for some so be it.

  • PaddyReilly

    The Irish National Liberation Army was founded in December 1974, some six months after Claudy.

    I have already pointed this out. But some of the people who went on to be in INLA were not in jail, and in Bellaghy at the time. At least three of them. Other names are associated with this group at the time, PLA, SDIRU, Bellaghy butchers.

    It is possible that some may subsequently have joined PIRA, but they clearly did not boast about their Claudy operation.

  • Alan Maskey

    The so called (PIRA) Bellaghy Butchers’ favourite modus operandi fits into Claudy. If it was the Bellaghy boys working indepenendently of PIRA, where did they get the gelignite from? And had they done multilpe bmbings prior to this? And did the Belaghy bombs have their technical paw prints on them? The RUC know or should know the answers to all those questions.
    Either way, PIRA would have known who it was. When theywiped out the IPLO which they set up), they knew where to go a calling. As Oracle has pointed out, they made massive (half hearted?) enquiries about The Disappeared. When they threatened the old guard dissidents, Fox and them, they knew which door bells to ring.
    Don’t go blaming Dominc McGlinchey for everything.Anyway, unlike Marty, Ian Milne (blanged up then), Sean McPeake etc, he is dead. And dead men tell no tales. Which is why pinning it on his youthful excesses plays to an agenda. Pinning it toHughes and McElwee would mean a few ballad rewrites.

  • Oracle

    Excellent Paddy you have now realised that the cars were swiped in a republican/PIRA controlled area prior to operation Motorman in anticipation of operation motorman.

    Motorman was the most advertised British military operation in history and was only surpassed with the Gulf war.
    Someone was planning to take the heat off Derry, the question remains as to who gave the orders to do so?

    I’ve confidence in you Paddy even if the others don’t you just keep thinking about it and it’ll come to you in a blinding flash

  • Oracle

    Forgot the Malvinas…. my mistake oops

  • Munsterview

    Paddy R.

    from pesky

    “….6. Several leading South Derry PIRA men, Ian Milne and Sean McPeake being two, are now elected representatives. They would have a good idea of who dun it…..”

    “…….They would have a good idea of who dun it…..” Indeed !

    Once again a crude, jarring bit of argot window dressing from the school of……… and he said Judge….. ” you got me bang to rights gov” …… of poliece statement fit up, that is out of context with the standard of the piece as a whole.

    It is also an insult to the intellegence of the genuine posters!

    Paddy R, as I have said I have left you make most of the running on this, which is good for me as from an academic point of view I find what is unfolding here on these two threads, very informative and interesting. I am not surprised by peskys post such as that above, just mildly irritated.

    The post as a whole that I have used the abstract from is coherent, properly argued within the limitations of what is proposed and the communication skills adequate for the purpose. Then a line such as.

    ……. They would have a good idea of who dun it…..”,

    is slipped in, something that to somebody of that general command of the English language as shown, would have surely screamed out, had not it been a deliberate insert ! To what purpose ?

    While it could very well be the product of some clever clogs, inverted mind playing the usual silly buggers, I have done a bit of googling and certain views and modes of expression can be found in ‘Steven Williamson’ …… ‘ Driftwood’ etc…. and very often when these are present, pesky is absent while these personas all seem to share the same bonnet bee.

    So Paddy R just as you offered as coherent a solution to the Claudy Bombing operation as we are likely to get while working with circumstantial evidence only and you seem to have a handle on things,
    would you please venture an opinion as to who or what is behind the ‘Alan Maskey’ persona and what the real agenda is here…….. apart from the obvious of course of attempting to throw mud at Sinn Fein at every opportunity in the hope that some stick.

    In the South the State began a process in the early seventies where the Cruiser, in a personal capacity, while a member of government, allocated civil servants and tasked them with monitoring the public media for expressions hostile to what the Cruiser in his arrogance decided were ‘acceptable political views’

    Under Haughy this became a sophisticated operation that was moved to the Taoiseach’s department where it still operates with civil servants paid full time just to listen to Pat Kenny, Joe Duffy et al. and moniter newspaper and relevant blogger content.

    The reaction is also equally sophisticated, occasionally a Minister or ministerial runner TD will directly call the show in question in an exercise in damage limitation and propagate a government view where their interests or reputation are at stake.

    Most times however this section is like the Royal Family Crown intel, it operates through other agencies. So when a call is made to the Law library and a favor is sought or called in, as in the Fianna Failure expansions North of the Border issues, their markers are in place…… and from their handy work some of them can even be identified and placed.

    The old C3 boys, or whatever they call themselves nowadays, in Garda HQ were also part of this process, sometimes no doubt acting under orders from the government to deal with specific issues but in most cases retired ‘Old Boys’ with too much time in hands and driven to find an outlet for their visceral hatred of Republicans.

    One…….In your considered opinion just how much of this ‘silly buggers’ are we experiencing in slugger % wise, how much of the content is genuine exchange, how much of it is the RUC etc, ethos unable to accept the new dispensation and still attempting to stir things up !

    Two……. Care to make a guess as to who the Alan Maskey / Steven Williamson /…….. ‘I am from a catholic family of seventeen, poor but honest, gratefull to live in Notherrn Ireland and suffered no discrimination etc’, is likely to be a stalking horse for ?

    A considered reply please.

  • Blair


    Great point. Even child abuse won’t dent the Sinner vote machine.

  • Blair


    The government office of which nation exactly?

  • HeinzGuderian

    Paddy………….let me try this again,for the THIRD time…………no BAOR……No BAOL (Lagan) ,or anywhere else……………’Can you give me a date for ,’a British withdrawal’, ? Or is this yer another example of A Notion Once Again ?? 🙂

    As for my Nationality……………well,you would obviously know more about that,than me ??? 🙂

    By the smiley………………….does it annoy you ? Try one,you never know,you might actually enjoy it !! 🙂

  • PaddyReilly

    Looking in the Wikipedia article about the British withdrawal,

    I find there is no clear date. The FDR was set up in 1949, but Britain retained a High Commissioner in the Occupied Zone till 1955. Furthermore:
    “Despite the grants of general sovereignty to both German states in 1955, full and unrestricted sovereignty under international law was not enjoyed by any German government until after the reunification of Germany in October 1990. In fact, the provisions of the “2+4 Treaty,” granting full sovereignty to Germany did not become law until 15 March 1991, after all of the participating nations had ratified the treaty.”
    However, opinion in Britain was that the relationship had become one of profit to Germany rather than Britain long long before.

    In the case of Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc, there are a number of significant dates rather than a single one. For the Irish Free State, 1921 was very important, but many Protestants still considered themselves to be still in the British Empire until at least 1948. The 1937 Constitution, the recovery of the Irish Ports in 1938, the non entry of Ireland into the 2nd World War in 1939, are also important landmarks.

    As for the wee six, the British Army effectively ended its occupation by 2007. When the Union Flag will cease flying on City Hall I cannot say, but there will be a local government election soon that might change the matter. British Withdrawal is always a long and drawn out affair with Spandau Prisons and Treaty Ports and Commonwealth membership and such things subsisting for years afterwards.

  • Blair


    What does Wikipaedia have to say about British withdrawal from Northern Ireland?

  • PaddyReilly

    Havent found a thread on that topic. Heres an article from the Daily Telegraph:

    “British Army leaves N Ireland | It’s finally at an end”

    I should say that from the point of view of the (genuine) British, rather than the native impersonators, NI ceased to be any of use or profit as colony or possession by the end of the 60s. Friends of friends were impressed by the adverts in the colour supplements, and moved to Belfast from Hampshire in about 1966, where they found they could enjoy a lifestyle much better than at home. This came to an end by 1970 and they had to withdraw, cursing their bad choice when they could have gone to Australia as ten pound poms.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Tis as I suspected……………..A Notion Once Again !! 🙂

    Not to worry Paddy,2016 has been quietly forgotten,(shinners are quite forgetful chaps)………maybe 2116 ?? 🙂

  • PaddyReilly

    The Irish National Liberation Army was founded in December 1974, some six months after Claudy

    Actually I did not make the point in the second clause. The Claudy bombing was 31st July 1972, two and a half years before INLA.

    Wikipedia: Francis Hughes initially joined the Official Irish Republican Army, but left after the organisation declared a ceasefire in May 1972. Hughes then joined an Independent Republican Unit along with Dominic McGlinchey and Ian Milne, before the three decided to join the Provisional IRA in 1973.

    So the most likely suspects (not Ian Milne, who was behind the wire) were not in PIRA at the time of Claudy. Which is why no-one in PIRA knew anything about the incident. Presumably, they didn’t highlight it on their cvs when they joined, either.

    If it was the Bellaghy boys working indepenendently of PIRA, where did they get the gelignite from

    That part of the OIRA which broke away after May 1972, of which Seumus Costello was a leading light.

  • Munsterview


    As you may be aware Seamus Cosetello just did not decide to leave the Officials over night. In the previous years there had been a lining up of people and materials to prepare for that eventuality. There were problems with dumps and other matters.

    It seems that Seamus Costello had disciplinary issues hovering around him for at least two years previously in relation to the dump issues, that had other people been involved, would not have been tolerated for a day never mind years.

    The Sticks were attempting to stave off a split as unlike the Prove / Sticks one, it was accepted that this would be very nasty indeed, as it was.

    In a few of the historical seminars that I took part in concerning the INLA, the emerging consensus is that Costello was running ‘finance raising’ and removal of gear for at least two years before making his move. If ‘his people’ were already interfacing with disaffected groups in other areas, the possibility of material supply to specific groups such as the Bellaghy individuals cannot be ruled out.

    I cannot say one or the other : all I can say is that removed material was apparently under the care and control of individuals and groups, who for whatever reason, were not cooperating with either the Sticks or the Provos. The Bellaghy group ticked off the boxes in this regard and it is one avenue that could account for the availability of the explosives used. It could also explain how certain technical expertise was available on a ‘one off’ !

  • Munsterview


    “…….Just for the record the fantasy SDIRU is a pile of horse-shit, readers should not be swayed by it or the idea of Bellaghy having the dirt shoveled in its direction…….!

    Given the amount of detail, circumstantial evidence and logic Paddy R used to argue his case for a the existence of the SDIRU, do you not think that he deserves a proper rebuttal of his argument on a factual basis ( if you have any) rather than your usual ‘hit and run’ ?

  • Alan Maskey

    The Provisional IRA, in part a creation of the Inteligence Section of the free State Army, split form the Ofificial IRA because 1. the Officials had been found wanting in the defence of Catholic areas because they had no weaponry or explosives of the quantity that wrecked Claudy. Aldershot etc apart, OIRA did not do bombi ngs so explosives would not have been held in big amounts. So bang goes that theory by this quack’s granny. 2. lest they spill over into the 26 cos. Part of the deal put in place was that the Provos would confine themselves to the 6 cos, which these “revolutionaries my arse” by and large did.

    INLA materiel came, in large part through the good graces of the Saor Eire connection which they developed over the years and for which Seamus Ruddy was to get an awful death.

    Oh. And Tiny Lyons had to scarper out of a boozer in Newbridge after three Kerry men went in to nut the cunt in the 1930s. They obviously had missed the seminars the idiot’s granny went to.

    The most obvious suspects for Claudy are PIRA. It is unlikely anyone else could have had that amount of gelignite. If it was the SDICU, then Hughes and the McElwees were most likely ringleaders in the attack. So bang goes two of the seven PIRAs who died on hunger strike. That would mean that only 5 of the 10 hunger strikers have “clean” PIRA slates.

  • Granni Trixie

    “nut the cunt” etc

    As we are talking about life and death situations it may seem prissy to say it but I object to some of the language being used here. Informatlity on a blog is fine but surely in a public forum some rules should still prevail?

  • billy

    There will be a trial of Liam Adams, btw do you think you are doing GA any favours constantly raising the subject, combined with your appalling language it’s quite something!

    If, and I hesitate to say this, you check my little blog you will see in item 10 that far from condemning GA I was one of the first to take his side. What I will not support is his continued leadership of SF when things could get worse, much worse

    He, and you may see stepping aside for a period as some sort of surrender I don’t. I see it as common sense when there is an outstanding trial and the accused is insisting he will plead not guilty, and that is before you get to the other accusations.

    Do grow up billy. Your drivel is not helping the SF cause.

  • Alan Maskey

    Tiny Lyons was a particularly nasty piece of work. Dave O’Connell (as his friends used to call him ) said, on one of his ventures into Kerry: Kerry remembers. They could certainly nver forgive or never forget that c-t.
    There are some people, quite a few really, and “soldier’s language” is the only way to describe them.
    Ever see the movie Apocalypse Now? The Yanks massacre all around and object to naughty language or those they killed not getting a band aid.
    Apologies granni but when one particular Provo troll goes on about Ballyseedy for his own wanna be ends it bristles. Bill Fuller never forgot Ballyseedy. Neil Blaney called his house Drumboe so he remembered.
    The people of Claudy will never ever forget Claudy. Martin McGuinness is being asked to account for his movements on the day.
    And, when using profanities, let us not forget that this is what PIRA did, not to monsters llike Tiny Lyons but to those who never did them any harm.

  • Oracle

    What detail? I read it and it had no detail you’re as crazy as a long term Muckamore resident if you think that was detail…

    He cut and pasted a piece of WIKKI which you and I or any fuckwit with a keypad can edit to suit themselves so it’s fundamentally unsound Okay!

    He took wild guesses and leaps of faith at best and pure speculation and innuendo as to the motives and actions of a dead man Costello, which is dropped into the post more of a name dropper that actual factual history.
    It’s rather like reinforcing a crumbling structure with plasterparis, it just doesn’t stand up to pressure!

    He states that the cars for Claudy were stolen in Bellaghy… THIS IS DETAIL….. BUT IT’S WRONG one of the cars was stolen in Dungiven another was stolen in The Loup both not within a hens goul of Bellaghy.

    Now if you saw anything in paddy riellys post that can refute PIRA involvement in Claudy I can only assume you are grasping at straws for a face-saving exercise.

    What would help is if the composite of the explosive mix used at Claudy was released, whether it was Gelegnite, RDX, Fertiliser, Nitro benzine fuses, detonators ect.
    PIRA were not achievig the full power of fertiliser bombs at this time and the makers fingerprints as in boosters and fuses/timers Gelignite/fertiliser mix would be specific to one mans style and those that he taught at that junction in time.

    But don’t forget Claudy was well well well out of the range of the Bellaghy crew as a whole ….except the actual bomb maker, one individual so one should be looking away from Bellaghy to a more localised PIRA unit stretching from Swatragh through Dungiven to and sourrounding townlands… but the request for the bombing action came from Derry city

  • billy


    losing it

  • Reader

    slappymcgroundout: You might want to ask Big Gerry why he once lost his seat.
    He said at the time that his seat was stolen from by tactical voting by unionists. I don’t know if you agree with him that tactical voting against SF is wrong? Or maybe his implication was that unionist voters should stay out of a nationalist dogfight, even if they happen to live in the constituency? Either way, it’s difficult to made him out to have been a good loser, or tolerant of the minority community in ‘his’ constituency.

  • Alan Maskey

    Billy: Tiny Lyons tortured Republicans during the Civil war. He gets star boiling in the Tragedies of Kerry (which its author later denounced for some reason). He was a figure of hate. Why Deveroux (I think the name was) was allowed settle and live out his days in Slabh Luachra defeats me. Your Republicanism is most likely confined to wearing a Celtic top. Anyway, away and watch the Sports channel in your local boozer.

    Reader: Joe Hendron was lucky not to be shot dead for winning that seat. The PIRA considered it. Of course, Prods should be alowed tactically vote, If one vote equals another, what is wrong with that. Only sectarian name calling by PSF.

    The calls made here for McGuinness and his PIRA buddies to come clean are being made by the SDLP and DUP heads. Like PIRA, they will not go away.
    Cowardice, inhumanity and rapine.

  • Munsterview

    Alias……..11 September 2010 at 1:20 am

    Same problem as with much of Sean O’Callaghan’s musings….and indeed that of his Intel handlers…. they know how structures like the Army Exectuive, Army Council and IRA GHQ operate theoretically but not in practice.

    I am reminded here of the Late Brendan Behan and his remarks of Drama Critics and their criticism of playwrights…… ” They have seen it done, they know how it is done, but I am f****d if they can do it for themselves “!

    That is the difference of O’Callahan’s ‘revelations’ and Darkies….. Callahans is tweaked and spun to discredit the movement in every possible way, there was no appreciation of the checks balances and influenced that the various levels of the Army have on each other or how the other branches of the movement inter acted. It is designed to do maximum damage to the movement period.

    Comments of British operated agents inside the Republican movement are just that : what they have put on record regarding IRA structures or operations are what the Brits want on the public record to further their own agenda.

    Darkies account while critical of the IRA is also primarily intended for republicans and he is mindful throughout of not putting in print anything that would reveal insights into movement, structures or psychologies that could aid the enemy rather than aid republicans in their evaluations of the campaign!

    Take the old ‘dual membership’ dichotomy of joint IRA membership, that I have previously referred to…… those who were also in the IRA would of course have an army line on most things but if as IRA members were directly ordered to vote in a way that compromised their ability to act independently in a Sinn Fein capacity, then rather than see Sinn Fein compromised, they would resign their Sinn Fein position.

    If this happened in circumstances where other Sinn Fein members of a Cumman, Comhairle Ceanntair or Dail Ceanntair, suspected that the reason was army interference, then all the Sinn Fein officers would resign their positions and whoever crossed boundaries and caused the problem would have their wings clipped in no uncertain manner.

    Unless and until whoever has knowledge of the Downing street mortar attack, the conception of it, the planning and implementation of the event go on record, speculation about that and other such events remain just that…speculation !

    One final question on this ‘dud mortar’ …… if it had not hit the bloody tree and exploded there, instead of off the wall or having gone through a window, what would have been the result ?

    Whatever else it ended the complacency of Government Ministers, both individually and collectivly. It brought home to them that they were now also in the front line and those who were dealing with them at that time could see this reflected in the quality of the exchanges immediately after.

  • Munsterview

    Lets start with this…….

    “……. but the request for the bombing action came from Derry city……”

    Sources please !

  • Munsterview


    take a careful look at the other nomenclature used by this particular poster. What is illustrated is a limited intellectual capacity frequently resorting to argot and vulgarity to cover absence of argument or coherent ability to make a case. To quote from one of this posters own quotations….’ what can you expect from a pig but a grunt etc ‘

    In my last direct exchange with this particular poster, I said that I would not waste another keystroke in exchange with this or what I take to be other of his ( or her) personas, having exposed his complete lack of knowledge and lies, in an area where he claimed to have specific knowledge !

    I do however welcome someone from the feminine camp objecting to the use of female genital nomenclature in any form but in particular in the vulgar argot used, as a term of general personal abuse.

    Goodness knows it is not as if the poster suffered a deficiency in this regard since abusive language seems to be a speciality of his and he had plenty of other terms, going on past performances that he could have used.

  • billy

    Alan wrote,

    “The calls made here for McGuinness and his PIRA buddies to come clean are being made by the SDLP and DUP heads. Like PIRA, they will not go away.”


    Yes, the Shinners really tremble at the thought of Margaret and Peter coming for them

    Excuse me whilst I guffaw loudly…

    Hhahahahahahahahahahaha huahahahahahahahahahaha hauauauauahhahaha

  • billy

    Alan wrote,

    “Reader: Joe Hendron was lucky not to be shot dead for winning that seat. The PIRA considered it. Of course, Prods should be alowed tactically vote, If one vote equals another, what is wrong with that. Only sectarian name calling by PSF.”


    Indeed, Hendron was lucky. Unlike Philomena Hanna, the 26 yr old Catholic shop assistant shot dead in the chemist shop where she worked on the Springfield Road in 1992. Her murderers came from the Shankill Road – the area Hendron relied on to get his extra votes to defeat Adams.

    Hendron got got his pyrrhic victory – but no Stoop will ever hold the main seat in West Belfast again. Indeed, Attwood’s vote has dwindled inexorably ever since. No mark.

  • Munsterview

    pesky……12 September 2010 at 2:08 pm

    “……..He gets star boiling in the Tragedies of Kerry (which its author later denounced for some reason)…….”

    In the interest of historical accuracy and in defense of Kerry Republicans of former years, may I point out that there is no record of Republicans giving a Free State officer, soldier or indeed anyone else a ‘star boiling’ or indeed any other type of boiling during the whole Civil war period.

    Whatever other sins can be laid at the door of the Free Staters for their activities in Kerry, boiling or attempting to boil republican prisoners is not one of them!

    In fact this is the first time that I have seen it claimed that a Free Stater got a star or another type of boiling from republicans. There is no validity whatsoever for the claim save the fertile imagination of the poster concerned.

    For anyone interested the following reference will provide a good background; all is worth reading for a quick overview, otherwise scroll down to the Tragedies of Kerry for the relevant section.

    Doherty Mc Ardle was a prolific author of writings to do with the Irish Republic and republicanism. Some of these writings in the early twenties were dedicated to Eamon DeVelara whom at that stage she had a very high regard for.

    In later reprints of these earlier publications, Dev by now having betrayed the republic and republicanism as she see it, she withdrew her dedications of her writings to Dev and in fact became one of his most strident political critics.

    Doherty McArdle did not repudiate any of her earlier writings…… as anyone of any shade of republican scholarship of whatever political camps from FF to Continuity would have known.

    As we are on the subject of Kerry and to use a Kerryism : how much more is it necessary to endure from ‘pesky’ before all realize that in regard to republican basics, he do not know his arse from his elbow’!

    If this poster is once again exposed as totally ignorant in basic details regarding a figure central to republican scholarship like Doherty McArdle, just how nonsensical are his other ‘authoritative’ statements ?

    No doubt as it suits the Orange agenda his musings will still be welcome in these quarters, but for Nationalists and Republicans a health warning…… whether boiling Free Staters or ignorance on the basics of Republican authors, if this man is not the village idiot, then he is a brother or other close relative.

  • Alan Maskey

    It is a pity some of the more literate PSF posts have been removed.
    The SDLP, for all their faults, never went out to kill people. Joe Hendron never Disappeared any of his constituents.

    PSF supporters (you could not make this up) speak of an unholy alliance of SDLP, DUP etc against the eternal victims. The SDLP are criticised for splitting the RC vote, getting tactical Protestant votes etc etc. The IRSP got the crap literally kicked out of them by PSF/PIRA thugs. PSF paint all the Unionist parties out as being bigoted primitives. So who is left. Why the lilly white, virginally pure party itself. Provo Sinn Fein, whiter than white.
    Hitler was good at getting the vote. Thatcher won Finchley which is now back with Labour. Haughey was a good vote getter. And so was Nixon. And so are the contestants in Big Brother.
    Some have secrets that must be told. Those people include Martin McGuinness who met Fr Chesney for reaosns yet to be expalinedc before Chesney expired.

  • Reader

    billy: Indeed, Hendron was lucky. Unlike Philomena Hanna, the 26 yr old Catholic shop assistant shot dead in the chemist shop where she worked on the Springfield Road in 1992. Her murderers came from the Shankill Road – the area Hendron relied on to get his extra votes to defeat Adams.
    But wait – doesn’t that mean that votes from the Ardoyne are similarly tainted? After all, a man from the Ardoyne killed 9 of Gerry’s other constituents in the Shankill Road bombing. Admittedly, those victims were mostly Protestant, and I suspect you feel that their lives were as worthless as their votes should have been.

  • Alan Maskey

    That should have read star billing as anyone familiar with Tiny Lyons and the Tragedies of Kerry would easily guess. Obviously our resident Wrenboy is not familiar as the penny libraries are locked at weekdends.

    This Kooky Kerry (yeh) Klown canot type a few sentences without making a twat of himself.
    He goes on about his ancestor, or about meeitng important people from Tyrone (a pretty university student as it turns out), or his favourtie subject: himself. As regards Ms McCardle, I don’t put this as a definitive source but if Dev moved away from the Trageddies, then so too did she.

    Munsterview has two agendas here:
    1. boost his own inferiority complex.#
    2. shift the focus from the guilty parties in PSF.

  • Alan Maskey

    Reader: PIRA considered offing Hendron.
    The perceptions that PSF supporters put out is not nice. I refer to the Billy type and the Hibersno Nationalist type. That, I guess, is the downside of the Internet.
    Still, it is worthwhile to know that people, as oposed to two dimensional characters in a play, actually think this way.

  • Alan Maskey

    Have a look a tthe mural in this. The damage to Romanism PIRA does, even in The Holy Father’s backyard.

  • Alan Maskey

    Your link offers an horrific vision of what may or may not be true.

    Irish history is not one shade or one writer. It is many different shades and distinctions. Like anywhere else it strives to grow. In time the truth will be known. Not of the British or what they did, but of what we did to each other.

  • PaddyReilly

    Well not being SF, I don’t do predictions of events (for which see Old Moore’s Almanac) but I do do predictions of declines in elections. The Unionist tally of the Westminster MPs has fallen in every election in the last 30 years and currently stands at 50% of the total, so one may reasonably expect that at the next election, perhaps 2015, it will fall to 50% -1. 2016 is obviously a significant year because by then Unionism will be decisively outvoted, but whether it will be outmanoeuvred is another matter.

  • Oracle

    A more imaginary mural than Loyalist usually do…. quite a good idea

  • Alan Maskey

    Here is an interesting article from yesterday’s Derry Journal. Though the IRA source is anonymous, so was Suzanne Breen’s Limavady one, as was the non existent Fr Liam.
    The forensics is explained by the fact that Chesney was a chain smoker.
    Either way, this puts PIRA back in the frame.