Clinton to make “brief visit” to Northern Ireland

That’s Bill Clinton, by the way, not the US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.  At least, that’s what the US economic envoy to NI Declan Kelly has said.

The trip will take place ahead of an economic summit organised by his wife, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, on 19 October in Washington DC.

Mr Clinton’s intinerary has not yet been formalised.

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  • Davros

    Everybody loves Bill. He fills me with those warm GFA vibes.

  • Oracle

    Suppose i’ll have to lock up the wife and daughters that day

  • Big Maggie

    Yes, sometimes a burkha has its uses….

  • percy

    looking forward, good one,
    lets hope it happens and Bill isn’t blown off course.
    the Pope will have come and gone too

  • Alan McKee

    Is that a brief visit as in it won’t be very long, or a visit just wearing briefs? Always had him down as a boxer shorts man.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Buffalo Bill,the Holy Fadda,and dissident terrorists…………. looking forward ?? Yer ‘avin a laugh mate !! 🙂

  • HeinzGuderian

    Never ‘had him down’………..never want to ‘have him down’ !!!!!

  • lover not a fighter

    Have we got a Boris Yelsin character than could have a good old crack with Bill and cheer the rest of our miserable old bastards at the same time.

    Any suggestions !

  • Stephen

    Eamonn Maillie as Boris Yeltsin? He looks like he could hold his drink. . .

  • “US economic envoy to NI Declan Kelly said Mr Clinton retained “a passionate interest in NI” and wanted to help improve its economic situation.” ….

    Crikey, Bill, with the US economy going down the pan and its Wall Street and Federal Reserve Ponzi secrets being spread around the world, don’t you think you should be doing whatever it is you think you will be doing here, at home, to help improve its economic situation. Or is there something here which you think will help Uncle Sam out of the foxy hole/honey traps he has dug so deep for himself and his parasitic mates?

  • lover not a fighter

    The more thought I put into it the more a good piss(booze) up would do us all a power of good.

    Okay we would be still in the same mess in the morning but at least we would know that we can still afford the odd piss(booze) up to take our minds off it.

    Can anyone come up with a party (the guests) that would make for an interesting night out. Mind you at such do’s it is often the ones that you least expect that are the most entertaining.

  • Greenflag

    Maybe Bill needs to forget Northern Ireland and return instead to the USA before it becomes South America .Does anybody know if former President Clinton has ever regretted signing the Repeal of the Glass Stiegel Act in 1999 a repeal which the banking industry had been looking for since the 1980’s ? . And we should all know what the banks used the ‘repeal’ for . Look around at 8 million foreclosures in the USA -at 23 million unemployed and at an emisserated middle class and a potless not a penny to piss in working class and two ruinous oil wars 🙁

    for further insight for those interested from slate via

    excerpt ,

    All my life I’ve heard Latin America described as a failed society (or collection of failed societies) because of its grotesque maldistribution of wealth. Peasants in rags beg for food outside the high walls of opulent villas, and so on. But according to the Central Intelligence Agency (whose patriotism I hesitate to question), income distribution in the United States is more unequal than in Guyana, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and roughly on par with Uruguay, Argentina, and Ecuador. Income inequality is actually declining in Latin America even as it continues to increase in the United States. Economically speaking, the richest nation on earth is starting to resemble a banana republic. The main difference is that the United States is big enough to maintain geographic distance between the villa-dweller and the beggar. As Ralston Thorpe tells his St. Paul’s classmate, the investment banker Sherman McCoy, in Tom Wolfe’s 1987 novel The Bonfire of the Vanities: “You’ve got to insulate, insulate, insulate.”

    And folks do remember and try to focus on the surreal economic fact that the current economic policy policy of the USA as it attempts to lift itself and the world out of recession is to try and persuade the tens of millions of middle class americans who have lost their savings, retirements and property equity and their jobs that they should go out and spend more so that the economy can recover ? As for the gutless working class who just won’t spend their none existent wealth on anything other than food and bare survival items well they deserve to have no welfare state 🙁

    Meanwhile some 1% of Americans own 40% of all the CEO’s of banks , and large corporations are paid 500 times the wage of average employees and those who manage to shed the most employees from the most profitable companies apparently earn even greater ‘blood’ bonuses than your average CEO ?

    Will somebody tell BIll his country is rotting from the top down and the rest of the world is more concerned about the USA than it is about a bunch of 17th century toad in the holes in Northern Ireland ?

  • Greenflag

    error above

    Meanwhile some 1% of Americans own 40% of all the wealth and the CEO’s of the banks and large corporations are paid 500 times (approx) the wage of the average employee – up from 40 times in the 1970’s .

    Some 150 million Americans have virtually nothing or are in negative equity . An economic and social time bomb is ticking away beneath the underbelly of the USA and the politicians on both the left and the right appear powerless to do anything about it . The GOP want to make government even more powerless in regard to the people’s economic welfare and the Democrats can’t increase consumer spending without borrowing /printing more dollars to mortgage even more the American future 🙁

    But shure everything will be fine as long as idots can burn a Koran or have a little Tea Party 🙁

    Those whom the gods have marked out for destruction etc etc 🙁

  • grainne

    What’s with this fella Declan Kelly these days. Have you seen his website?
    I really have trouble typing that without laughing. This looks like a site that’s he’s put together all by his lonesome. First off, shouldn’t a such a site be in the .gov category as all US provided websites are tagged. AND – where does this capitalized Envoy moniker come from that he refers to himself on
    The national security advisor for the President of the United States does not capitalize his title. He was a journalist? Someone must have been able to control his power trips back then. And how much is he being paid by the US government to drum up business for Northern Ireland which has a smaller unemployment rate than the US. He seems like he’s trying to pad his resume; perhaps he’ll require those meeting him to genuflect.

  • Greenflag

    The UK , ROI and NI ‘future’ as foretold by a very observant Greek not bearing any gifts but just a harsh truth which NONE of the elected politicians on both sides of the pond from either right or left acknowledge .

    Although her piece relates to the USA it’s ‘transferable’ to both the UK and Ireland and elsewhere !