The PUP: soon to be the Mary Celeste?

Yet another member has left the PUP apparently over the murder, by the clearly not on ceasefire UVF, of Bobby Moffett. The latest to leave is former deputy leader and policing board member David Rose; he follows former prisoner Tommy Sandford. Apparently Rose told the Belfast Telegraph that the latest murder had “led to a lot of soul searching.” Why the preceding 28 murders since the supposed UVF ceasefire did not lead to this soul searching, or if they did why he did not leave before, is unclear. Of course that is also to ignore all the murders committed by the UVF before its rather loosely defined ceasefire. It is also interesting that the Christian GP and party leader John Kyle seems not to have decided to leave: will he be the next to leave, will it take another murder or is he now impervious to the murder of working class unionists: the ones his party proclaims it represents (not that they have ever elected him).