Denis Donaldson inquest adjourned again – redux

The inquest into the murder of former senior Sinn Féin staffer Denis Donaldson in 2006 was previously adjourned for 6 months in February this year.  And at the Coroner’s Court in Donegal today the inquest was again adjourned – for the fifth time – “at the request of Gardaí while they pursue new “avenues” in the case.”  Gardai are also reported to have said that “progress” was being made in the “very complex investigation”.  From the UTV report

UTV’s North West Correspondent Mark McFadden covered the story of Mr Donaldson’s murder.

Describing Mr Donaldson’s role within the republican movement, Mark McFadden said: “This was a man who was right at the heart of the Sinn Féin operation in Stormont – he knew many of the secrets of the Sinn Féin leadership, but at the same time he was being paid to spy on behalf of Special Branch and also for British intelligence.

“So this was a man who was living a very, very dangerous double life.

“And for those who sought to silence him, it was very much a case of was it revenge? Or was it a case of stopping him spilling any more secrets.”

He added: “It’s one of those things which, unfortunately, we will never know the answer to – but it’s one reason why close watchers of politics in Northern Ireland and close watchers of republicanism will be keeping a very, very careful eye on this particular inquest.”

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  • Mr Angry

    Are comments adjourned?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Mr McFadden seems oddly pessimistic about knowing the truth or finding out who killed Mr Donaldson.
    Its almost like he thinks ….

    “but it’s one reason why close watchers of politics in Northern Ireland and close watchers of republicanism will be keeping a very, very careful eye on this particular inquest”

    …its some kinda conspiracy.
    Always good to know that there are “close watchers of Republicanism ” in UTV and indeed Slugger O’Toole…even if Mr McFadden sounds a bit “Skibbereen Eagle-ish” with his statement.
    I shall have to keep an eye on him (sic)

  • Alan Maskey

    “And for those who sought to silence him, it was very much a case of was it revenge? Or was it a case of stopping him spilling any more secrets.”

    Was it revenge? Well, he betrayed the Adams gang, not RIRA.
    Splling more beans? He had the good on Gerry. That was his job. If RIRA did this, and they have claimed it as well as hsotting a pizza boy, they are even thicker than we could imagine.
    So did the Adams gang get a few loose guns to do it? They have lots of form in this regard.
    Gerry Adams must be the maradonna/Houdini of Iirsh Republicanism. All the men marking him (touts etc) can’t kep this good man down. Nor can sexual or other scandals. The Irish vote for him but they have voted in all kinds of hoods. So why could no one put Gerry away?
    Let me see:
    1. Nutting squad. PIRA counter intelligence.
    2. Driver.
    3. Donaldson.
    4. Stakeknife and the conference.

    Then Ivor Bell, Darkie and all contenders are sidelined. And Gerry, who was never in PIRA, ends up leading a PIRA old boys’ association and they, whose abacus is death, hold him in the highest regard.

    In the British Establishment, we had the fifth man. GUBU. In the PIRA establishment, the inconvenient get rubbed out Godfather style. Nothing to worry abut half pint. Go to the Provo riviera. You’ll be safe there.

  • Oh no! five times now. Surely the Gards could come up with something better than continuing their investigations!

  • ranger1640

    Isn’t it a bit ripe that the RIRA go and do the provos a favour by nutting Denis for them, and now the provos are calling the RIRA criminals and traitors.

    There’s gratitude for you!!!

  • Dec

    To surmise that last post:

    “if ifs and ands were pots and pans, there’d be no work for tinkers’ hands”

  • Alan Maskey

    Well said Ranger

  • JJ Malloy

    Maybe he was just an easy and high profile target for RIRA? They haven’t exactly been so successful at killing soldiers. 2 soldiers in 12 years?

    Well, in any event once he became a tout (whenever that was) he knew what fate to expect, sooner or later.

    BTW did they ever figure out who or how word leaked out that he was a tout? I can’t remember at the moment.

  • Gendjinn

    The RIRA have claimed responsibility for killing him. But you know acknowledging that fact would get in the way of attacking Sinn Fein.

    That and physics seem to be the only things that get Pete Baker up in the morning.

  • Gendjinn
  • Alan Maskey

    RIRA certsinly helpd Sinn Fein no end by killing Donaldson. Where is the sense in that?

  • Munsterview

    A Northern Republican Leader died on Hunger Strike in the South under the DeVelera regime in the 40’s. The man had suffered terrible ill treatment in State custody.

    When the prison doctor was put on the stand during the inquest the mans council asked but two questions his first….

    ” Do you own a dog ? ” Answer ” Yes I do ”

    His second…..

    ” Would you allow your dog to be treated as this man was ? ” Answer ” No I most definitely would not”

    Result….. corner intervention, inquest immediately adjourned…… and never reconvened in the intervening seventy years!

    Around twenty years ago a young Cork City man and father, William O’Hara was a passenger in a stolen car, there was an operation involving somewhere between forty and sixty police and over a dozen cars to try and arrest the occupants. Somewhere in the course of this operation William was killed by a large rock that came through the windscreen, hit William on the head and send him into convulsions.

    The driver managed to evade the police, drove into a farmyard, called up the residents and asked them to get medical services before fleeing on foot. Within hours the dogs in the street knew who the driver was, indeed dozens of locals were following the chase on modified CB’s where the Gardai constantly referred to the driver by name !

    The inquest was eventually convened after family pressure……. but not one member of the Gardai was called to give evidence of the actual chase or circumstances leading up to the death of William and the Coroner had no information before his court to bring in any verdict of wrongdoing against any party.

    That same afternoon Williams brother and his solicitor held a press conference in the course of which Williams brother admitted to being the driver of the car on the night in question and he also gave a graphic account as to how his brother was allegedly killed by gardai trowing rocks at the car including the one that hit his brother.

    Immediately after the press conference Williams brother surrendered to the Gardai and gave a formal statement of the allegations that he had made at the earlier press conference. He was first charged with a what John Mooney who investigated the case described a ‘ a dolly bag mixture’ of unrelated offenses that did not included the car theft, vehicle damage or anything to do with the incident, convicted and given a number of years imprisonment.

    Immediately prior to his release on serving the first sentence he was served papers alleging that he took part in a bank robbery and was again convicted on these second charges without release. I cannot for legal reasons comment on this other than to pose the question as to why these charges on the second offenses were not pressed until the first was almost served ?

    He was again convicted and on completion of his second sentence, he fled the country believing that his life was under threat from State forces. Despite the information regarding the killing of William O’Hare being a matter of public record since the afternoon of the inquest and the press conference given in the presense of the family solicitor, no attempt was made to reconvene the inquest.

    State officials, Gardai and local politicians, elected TD of Cork City and government Ministers have accepted that position and this particular inquest is one that is also unlikely to be opened any time soon as it would result in ‘appalling vista time’ for the Gardai, the Justice officials involved and a tribunal of inquiry into why all the gardai involved in the chase were not called to give evidence or why the inquest was since not reconvened to hear the evidence of the driver of the car….. the one non garda source who could not give an account of what happened that night.

    Dan Boyle is the big wheel green in Cork…… a man who to quote a local ‘ would twitter on a sparrow shitting’ yet the bold Dan can cheerfully live with this glaring discrepancy and miscarrage of justice involving the unlawfull killing of a citizen of his own city. So much for Green morality or the Greens much vaunted ‘policing’ of Fianna Failure!

    As to Donaldsons inquest reopening any time soon, given the State interests involved, like O’Haras in Cork, a saying from John Wanes films regarding ‘hell freezing over first’ comes to mind!

  • Gendjinn

    Were you able to read the article Alan?

  • Alan Maskey

    Yes I read the article. I read it at the time too, RIRA are, in one sense, a joke. They did Adams a huge favour in offing Donaldson. One less person to unmask Adams.

  • Fearglic

    Look at the TAGS for this. What’s missing? 1. British 2. State 3. Terrorism.