Denis Donaldson inquest adjourned again – redux

The inquest into the murder of former senior Sinn Féin staffer Denis Donaldson in 2006 was previously adjourned for 6 months in February this year.  And at the Coroner’s Court in Donegal today the inquest was again adjourned – for the fifth time – “at the request of Gardaí while they pursue new “avenues” in the case.”  Gardai are also reported to have said that “progress” was being made in the “very complex investigation”.  From the UTV report

UTV’s North West Correspondent Mark McFadden covered the story of Mr Donaldson’s murder.

Describing Mr Donaldson’s role within the republican movement, Mark McFadden said: “This was a man who was right at the heart of the Sinn Féin operation in Stormont – he knew many of the secrets of the Sinn Féin leadership, but at the same time he was being paid to spy on behalf of Special Branch and also for British intelligence.

“So this was a man who was living a very, very dangerous double life.

“And for those who sought to silence him, it was very much a case of was it revenge? Or was it a case of stopping him spilling any more secrets.”

He added: “It’s one of those things which, unfortunately, we will never know the answer to – but it’s one reason why close watchers of politics in Northern Ireland and close watchers of republicanism will be keeping a very, very careful eye on this particular inquest.”