Australia decides..

What the campaign lacked in lustre the count is making up for it in excitement.
Watch it live here.
Could be a tie and maybe a Green MP……


  • abucs

    Greens should overtake the Labor vote in the Melbourne seat with preferences from the defeated Liberal Party.

    Labor should hold on to power overall.

  • Dewi

    Could be Coalition by 1 or 2.

  • dodrade

    Doesn’t look good for Gilliard either way, somehow managing to lose an election in the only developed country to avoid recession, or a pyrrhic victory which will surely lead to a Rudd counter-coup.

  • abucs

    Looks like the 4 independents plus the Green candidate will decide who the government is.

    Agree completely dodrade. Labor should not be in this position and Rudd looks more like a leader than any of the actual potential Prime Ministers.

    Greens could hold the balance of power in both the Lower and Upper houses.

    It will be interesting to see what the stock market does on Monday.

  • Dewi

    Don’t think there will be much more today. Hung Parliament with coalition probable leaders of Government.

  • Judy Fleet

    Many Aussies think that Gillard is a backstabber. It is a shame that the first Australian female prime minister got in via a coup.

    I quite liked Rudd. However, it seems that most who worked for/with him thought quite otherwise. Nevertheless he should not have been dumped in the manner and time that he was.

    I suspect the opposition will form the next government and it serves Labor & Gillard right if they lose the election to the Libs.