New Permanent Secretary for DRD…

According to Eamonn:

Malcolm McKibbin, Perm.Sec. DARD replaces Paul Priestly at DRD. Gerry Lavery of DARD will now act as Perm.Sec in his own department.”

  • Interesting. An ‘internal’ transfer from a Sinn Fein perspective. Perhaps a little too incestuous.

  • Pigeon Toes
  • unionistvoter

    Roads man now in charge, perhaps the potholes will be dealt with.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Strange I have a different “take”.
    Do Ministers actually “pick” their Perm Secretaries? I doubt it. Although they could probably effectively “veto” him. Clearly McKibbin has worked with Ms Gildernew and she has the advantage of working with his successor also.

    But my “take” would be that Robinson appoints McKibbin (and I wouldnt be surprised if some Perm Sec said “no I wont work with him”) and McKibbin goes into bat AGAINST Murphy as much as FOR Murphy……with the best wishes of his fellow professionals.

    Im sure Murphy would have phoned Gildernew and said “whats this guy like?” and no doubt McKibbin has been in contact with senior people in the DRD and asked “what is Murphy really like?”
    And no doubt they will be sizing each other up.

  • That could be the good news, unionist voter, and this could be the bad news:

    “He has also held senior posts in the Department of Finance and Personnel where he was the Deputy Secretary in charge of the Central Procurement Division

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Most high flyers have passed thru DFP at one time or another

  • Just shuffling the same deck of cards !!!

  • Weren’t a lot of the Permanent Secretaries rotated earlier this year or late last year?

  • Those of us with limited intellect rely on those of you with closer access and shrewder appreciation to unravel this most Byzantine of court intrigues.

    That said, one small problem was resolved by Dan Keenan in this morning’s Irish Times account of the business. That problem is the perennial: how to refer to NI in a non-confrontational way. For various reasons, “Ulster” and “Six Counties” continue to cause offence. So we fall back on “NI” and phonetic variants. When I first read Keenan’s opener, with its selective majuscules, I instantly saw he had come up with a new one: STORMONT REGIONAL Development Minister Conor Murphy has agreed to appear …

    Yep: that gives the whole devolved structure a proper proportion: “the Stormont Regional government”.

  • Malcolm, CM is also the Minister for Rathlin and, apparently, the Minister for North West Ireland 🙂

  • Nevin @ 3:43 pm:

    C’mon. Be realistic. To the Whitehall élite, anything north of Watford is a mere dependency. I’d not trust some mandarins to know the difference between the Falklands and West Auckland (and one of those won the first ever soccer World Cup, y’know).

    Similarly, to the Crawfordsburn Inn clique (yeah: I’ve been and viewed them on a Friday evening. No proper beer, either), anything west of the Springfield Road is an outlying satrapy.

  • Cynic

    Can you imagine the interview:

    BRUCE “I want you to take over DRD”

    MALCOLM “God, no. Look, I have just house trained Michelle. She will never cope without me. I’m allergic to water. Anything but DRD.”

    BRUCE “I need to fill the gaps as best I can. It’s that or education for you.”

    MALCOLM “I’ll take it”

  • Realist

    Or possibly: BRUCE “I want you to go back to the Department you used to work in, to work with Conor Murphy who you briefed when he was a Minister designate and you weren’t a Permanent Secretary – you know, that guy Murphy who shares his Parliament Buildings office with Michelle and who you briefed when he stood in for her when she was on maternity leave. Its only for the 6 months or so while the investigation goes on”
    MALCOLM: “Yes”

  • Realist

    Given the Perm Secs meet once a week I’d guess they already have a good handle on what each others’ Ministers are like.

  • Things have changed, Malcolm, a member of the Stormont ‘elite’ was able to identify ‘the blogger’ in Ballycastle a few months ago 🙂