Ex UVF prisoner leaves PUP

The News letter has a story today that another PUP member has left. Tommy Sandford who is an ex loyalist prisoner and was the sole PUP councillor for Castlereagh for one term from 2001 until his defeat in 2005 (there are none now) has resigned. He told the News Letter that the party’s link with paramilitaries (the UVF) was a “major factor” in his decision. There is no comment on the PUP website (there have been no additions since the press release on 10th June). If even ex UVF prisoners are leaving the PUP because of that party’s links with active terrorist murderers, it continues to be difficult to comprehend Christian GP John Kyle’s willingness to remain as the PUP’s leader. As I suggested before when it comes to integrity the new PUP emperor’s clothes look remarkably see through and unless and until he does break the link completely most will see him as being stark naked.