“Lots of it is on the “motherhood and apple pie” level.”

The BBC report tells us that

The NI first and deputy first ministers have published their proposals for tackling sectarianism, racism and hate.

That would be the long-awaited Programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration.  And from what I can glean from the consultation document [pdf file] they propose to form a committee “Panel”.

As Mark Devenport says about the document

Lots of it is on the “motherhood and apple pie” level. It’s good to hear that the First and Deputy First will not tolerate “any form of hate crime or intimidation”. But frankly it would have been shocking if they had declared anything else.

Nothing could be more relevant than their pledge to address “the issues for disaffected young people”, but aspiring to reach out to the alienated youth living at interfaces is one thing. Achieving it is another.

As long as the Alliance Party are happy…

Adds  But are the Alliance Party happy?  From the updated BBC report

Alliance Party assembly member Stephen Farry welcomed the consultation decision.

Mr Farry said: “While doing so, we also recognise that it remains deficient and flawed in a number of respects.

“These include the clarity of the vision and direction for Northern Ireland, the economic and financial dimensions, resourcing and delivery mechanisms, targets and timetables.”

That’s quite a comprehensive list…