Rogue pages on Antrim Council’s site…

Not sure how Antrim Borough Council acquired this page… Perhaps they’ve fallen on ‘hard’ times… [Yuk… ed] H/T Jason… Update: As Nevin notes below, there are loads of them, just fiddle with the numbers at the end of the URL…. Screen shot added to the left, for posterity…

Update to the update: Ah, all fixed now…

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  • Jay

    How do i order?
    Will the binmen bring them round?

  • Mick, there are hundreds of pages tacked onto the Antrim website. Just alter the number at the end of the hyperlink to see some more.

  • I think you’ll find that if you substitute any number on the URL above the rogue page Antrim Brough Council can supply all your needs.

  • Jay

    Page – 777 title is – “Viagra Grapefruit Interaction….”

    What are they up to in Antrim?

  • Pigeon Toes

    Makes one wonder if it was the Antrim Council Website that was “brought up” inadvertently 😉

  • Pigeon Toes

    What a flaccid response…

  • Am I seeing things or is that a nationalist spermatazoa having a dander past antrim in the logo?

  • Have a look at page 2345, what a strapline, what a promise.

  • In the public interest I rang ABC but the receptionist was unable to contact Gr**** in IT. Perhaps he was busy taking orders!!

  • wild turkey

    ABC is obviously anticipating hard times ahead. cut backs, the economy and all that.

  • Cynic

    Obvioulsy a slugger reader. It has been removed.

    I believe these are added in on blank pages to attract hits to the site ie mention Viagra or sex or porn and your hit rate shoots up. Strange though that a public authority would stoop so low. Aren’t the good citizens of Antrim racing to the site every to day to see more scintillating news about the Borough?

  • Cynic

    Binmen take away… they don’t deliver. A lot of Antrim just looks as though they deliver

  • drumlins rock

    Dont give them a hard time, its a simple cock up, we would get bored stiff it we commented on every embarassing incident like this, they are just a soft target and Mick should refuse to rise up to taking advantage of minor flops in the perfomance of thier duties.

  • Jay


  • As someone somewhere else translated KAT
    Keep Antrim Tidy

  • If this works then you should find the ABC image here

  • Cynic

    I think you will probably find that either someone in their IT department or their web provider may have posted this here to attract hits to the site. I may be wrong but I dont think its been hacked. This is common practice to boots hits

  • Cynic

    Every sperm is sacred

  • Cynic

    Personally the thought of Antrim on Viagra seems quite funny. Prozac yes, Viagra…..nah!

  • Cynic

    But still they do have a castle in Antrim so the Council might exploit its tourist potential – always having regard to the Equality Commissions demands for diversity and assuming that tourists can get a place in local guest house

  • I think we all owe ex Tory MP Douglas Hogg, he of claiming expenses for cleaning the moat, an apology. It appears that moats have more than one use.

  • Funny

    Biznets fine work.

  • but it remains in Google cache.