Snatch squads.

Former Scotland Yard commander John O Connor has challenged the tactics being deployed by PSNI chiefs during rioting in Ardoyne. Speaking on the Nolan Show this morning he argued for the availability of snatch squads to grab the ringleaders to remove them. ACC Duncan Mc Causland has dismissed the remarks of Mr O Connor:

He said “we would be putting our officers at greater risk.”
Eamonn Mallie

  • O’Connor has now withdrew his somments following McCausland’s explanation

  • jtwo

    When did O’Connor last police a riot?

  • Stryker
  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    The guy with the long iron bar we saw on the telly footage should have been snatched – that was simply ridiculous watching him attacking the police.

  • James Driscoll

    Why don’t they just ask Gerry Kelly to provide them with the names of the ringleaders; after all, the dogs in the streets know who they are.

    Alternatively, why doesn’t some high minded citizen in the community just post a dossier on all of the ringleaders to Wikileaks; save the need for snatch squads.

  • Gareth

    I remember a comment allegedly made during the Troubles where an RUC officer was confronted by his ‘mainland’ colleages about riot tactics.

    On the question of water cannon (which feel out of use for some time in Ulster) “our riots can be so long that the cannon run out of water”

    On the question of use of police horses (common to public order situations and ‘riots’ in London.)

    RUC officer “where I come from the rioters would eat the horses”

    As someone from the province who grew up with summer rioting in Belfast and who now lives in London I would maintain that the PSNI have better equipment and tactics and (sadly) the greatest experience in dealing with this sort of scenario.

    I for one would not wish to question the way they have handled themselves over the past few days.

    Lets not forget that it was the old RUC’s mishandling of public order in the 1960’s that contributed to the battle of the Bogside and the Troubles as we knew them.

    Restraint and containment is the role of the Police in this situation. It is up to the community leaders, the politicans, the youth engagement organisations and the parents to stop this from happening each year.

  • Alan maskey

    Does he want to bring back shoot to kill as well? Let’s admit. We all got a laugh watching Gerry Kelly and other Adams ye men parade themselves on TV as rioters could be seen resisting in the background.
    Rent a mob is better than rent a bussed in Provie.

  • TheHorse

    Tell us how mayhem and distruction of our own areas using school children as cannon fodder and exposure to possibly fatal consequences highlight the valid objections of the residents of Ardoyne to offensive marches passing through their area. This issue must be tackled politically in a civilised fashion, Sinn Fein for their part should highlight in a more proactive way how and why these parades are offensive either through government channels or through the courts.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    O’Connor is a rent a quote ex Met Officer who prolly has an agent to tout his services to Broadcasters and the other Media.
    Theres a whole new and lucrative career for such people…..because of 24 News and moronic “why oh why oh why” phone in programmes such as Nolan and Jon Gaunt.
    None of these rent a quotes……”ex army commanders in Afghanistan”, “ex-Special Branch” ever made a career out of saying something non controversial.

  • Stryker

    Stop crying about the WOP.
    That SAS bloke and his STAR Gruppen mates know why.

    As the Australian Government was informed that was for a nuclear warhead, the Sydney financial district.
    At least I am honest. Your all playing A grade I am just playing with you.

    One day the games will end…

  • barnshee

    “Lets not forget that it was the old RUC’s mishandling of public order in the 1960′s that contributed to the battle of the Bogside and the Troubles as we knew them”

    Partially correct– the RUC chap (DI McGimpsey if my memory serves me well) recommended that the RUC withdraw to the Waterside and in his words “let them burn this shithole to the ground”. He was overruled by the boneheaded unionist politicos. It took a long time but the cops have learned- contain them in their area and ” let them burn the shithole to the ground”

    T he area in question is a majority loyalist area. One side of the stree could be called the start of the nationalist area……One bar stands at this junction the rest are shops onat any given day there might be half a dozen in the space of time it would take for a parade to go through.

    I see the good old law of unintended consequences bit SF fimly in the arse. Gerry and co used to be quite happy the go along with the protests in the “good old days” they now have have well paid jobs to protect— I say chaps please stop.

  • joeCanuck

    Two of them in fact. One took the weapon from another. I awaited the police lines opening slightly to see a big fully armoured officer armed with a taser saying “Go ahead, make my day”.

  • joeCanuck

    Are you a newcomer here? Months back, and it was reprised, there was a blog about SF passing loads of information to the PSNI on the”dissidents” on a daily basis.


    Look at that video on youtube – ACC McCausland really saying the PSNI couldn’t have snatched any of those rioters up close ??

    There is no fear in those rioters because they know the police won’t break the line to arrest anyone !!

    The PSNI need to have a complete rethink on how they deal with riots like this.

    Its as well the ACC is going soon – maybe then he can concentrate on the SS Nomadic 🙂

  • SimpleTown

    Travelling past their area would be a much more accurate way of putting it.