female psni officer injured.

A female police officer was rushed to hospital tonight after being knocked to the ground by what was thought to be a breeze block.

The police woman was one of hundreds of officers deployed in Ardoyne in Belfast to secure the safe return of a so called feeder Orange parade to the North of the city.

Initially about 100 protesters were physically removed from the route of the marchers by police in riot gear.

Nationalist residents and protesters had sat down on the road objecting to the Orangemen processing through a catholic area where they were not welcome.

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly who is a junior minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly claims “anti social elements” from outside Ardoyne escalated the trouble.

One Orangeman who was struck in the face with a missile as he and his colleagues passed the shops at Ardoyne said ” we respect their culture but they don’t respect ours.”

Stones, bottles, petrol bombs, masonry, tiles and iron bars all rained down on the police officers as they attempted to quell the rioting. The police responded with plastic baton rounds and water canon.

According to a police spokesperson civilians were injured with baton rounds but the extent of injuries is not known. The PSNI claim a number of their officers sustained minor injuries without going into detail.

This level of violence is consistent with that of previous years. Eamonn Mallie

  • joeCanuck

    More blows for Irish freedom. Bah!

  • sdelaneys

    I see the provo tactic of ‘exile’ is being legitimised now with Caral Ní Chulín of SF declaring that the NIHE should not allow anyone who was involved in tonight’s protest to live in that area. Wonder where she wants them to live ?

  • West Sider

    Why, under a stone, where they belong?

    Did you see that chav vermin with their faces covered? If you’re waiting on them liberating Ireland then I suggest you may have a long wait.

    Maybe in an insane asylum.

  • Why do such creatures think the south wants them? Vicious, brainless thugs, what use or decoration are they, let the Brits keep them.

  • Irish Lad

    The Republican movement are playing the old, good cop, bad cop, card. Sinn Fein says, we will support police, we don’t want trouble etc. While the so called bogey men “dissidents” try to manipulate the situation with violence. Sinn Fein, dissidents, or whatever you want to call them, they are all the many heads of the one snake, with one ideological goal, a united Ireland. To quote a line of a pop song. “The same old theme, since 1916, in your head, in your head they’re still fighting.” These people are living in the past, and in a fantasy world. Everyone else wants to move on with their lives.

  • iluvni

    Maybe its time the Republic’s Government actually spelt that out to the thugs.

  • Cletus Da Slack Jawed Yokel

    de de de de de de de.yoooooooooooooooo

    Oh for gods sake, it was expected. Everyone and his dog knew that the dissidents were planning to stir up trouble. Its good tactics for them, gets the youth out, bit of recreational rioting with a wee bit of guidance from a few middle aged fellas.

    What it also shows is that views haven’t moved on a bit. Nearly everyone on the nationalist side will come down on the side of stopping the Orange Order even if they condemn the methods, everyone on the unionist side will call the riots an attempt to roll back the Unionist position.

    Northern Ireland 2010, new buildings, new housing, new jobs, same a**eholes in them.

  • sdelaneys

    No, I’m not waiting on anyone liberating Ireland and I am no longer waiting on people like you who have treated others like vermin for generations to change either; mainly I just laugh at such angry people as your good self nowadays.

  • sdelaneys

    Born, raised and still living in an insane asylum called the six counties full of people who call others ‘vermin’ in their strange ‘christian’ way when they’re not crying about a ship that sank or a soccer player who drank.

  • wee buns

    All down through the years, gender never played as sexy a role in the meedja as it does today.
    In our infamous past, when did one ever read headlines like:
    ‘Female civilian loses three children during twelfth disturbance arson attack.’
    Or: ‘Female injuries occur during such-an-such incident’?
    The point is not what-about-ry…..as much as why-not-before-now-ry???
    Since the status of women is usually a barometer of the degree of civilization in a culture; the meeja’s sudden elevation of the feminine may an expression of the increasingly less ‘acceptable levels of violence’.
    But problematically, it could equally be the cynical regurgitation of the same-old-violent-story loaded to suit a 2010 viewpoint?

    May I ask, what ‘news’ does Maille imagine is contained in the female aspect this story?

  • wee buns

    Mallie, sorry.

  • Mick ‘O Kelly

    Newsbreak!!…..The KKK today marched through a predominantly African-American community in Los Angeles,violence immediately broke out as the Black community vented their outrage on the predominantly white police force who protected the KKK while firing tear gas and plastic bullets at the protesters.One KKK marcher was overheard saying how he couldn’t understand why these African-Americans don’t understand and respect his culture “After all we just want to celebrate our of White dominance over these people,it’s not a personal thing just a celebration of our history”, meanwhile parts of the city were going up in flames.It set the stage for a very hot Summer.

  • sdelaneys

    Others, some claimingg to be liberal in their outlook, called the locals ‘vermin’, ‘creatures’ and ‘vicious brainless thugs’.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Well Jean McConville often gets mentioned by certain Slugger bloggers.

    I suppose a civilised society is measured by how it treats women, children and the old.
    I think there is a subtext with “female PSNI officer” although I hasten to add a “subtext” is not in itself a bad thing. But t is a journalistic technique.
    When commentators last week referred to Chief Inspector Emma Mooney (33), Area Commander PSNI for West Belfast….there was a subtext which I addressed.
    A “Chief Inspector” in charge of West Belfast seems a step back from the days when the OIC had a higher rank.
    “33” implies inexperience.
    And guess what shes a woman.
    And isnt that a kinda Catholicy sounding name.
    So in any situation theres a subtext.
    In the olden days……there was a kinda unwritten rule in RUC that women officers were not involved in riots ….in the 1980s it became more widespread….in part due to higher recruitment of women and in part a recognition that the distinction between “PC” and “WPC” was blurred and non existent.

    The relevance here in Ardoyne is that one of the Patton reforms has been an end to the toleration of old RUC Canteen Culture where women officers were marginalised and treated as a joke (a dirty one) in police stations.
    The non sexist……anti-sexist rules have produced more women and more front line women. And my limited experience of dealing with a few in a professional capacity is that they are a welcome change from Days Gone By.

    “Female PSI Officer injured” does qualify as a Man Bites Dog definition of News. In this particular instance her gender does have a relevance.
    I also refer to a report that while clearly badly injured by a breeze block she was further attacked while “down”.
    Reasonable people….republican and unionist will of course hope that she makes a full and speedy recovery and the heroic specimens who carried out the attack are brought to Justice.

  • Mick ‘O Kelly

    Oh, wad some power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! It wad frae monie a blunder free us, And foolish notion.

  • vanhelsing

    Pip – do you think our friends in the Rep would take them if we paid them 🙂 Seriously though we could have a whip round…

  • sdelaneys

    Indeed Mick, and the key word is ‘oursels’ not ‘those ithers’.. Rabbie was wise enough to know that we are all flawed, even those who call others ‘vermin’.

  • thefuture’sbright,the future’s orange

    Pretty shocking scenes, even for NI standards. The interesting thing is that republicans just decided to riot anywhere they felt fit. In lurgan, the OO rerouted volunteerily, yet nationalists attempted to hijak a train and attack cops.
    More rioting in Derry and the Ormeau rd where I don’t believe there was any contentious parades?

    Early reports seem to show the cops just sitting back and watching so it would appear that ‘heavy handedness’ can’t even be used as an excuse… Hopefully they had their cameras rolling and scores of these scum bags are picked up over the next few weeks.

  • Did I call all locals ‘creatures or brainless thugs’

    I referred to the ‘person/s’ who committed the crime. You are trying to justify the crime by suggesting all locals were involved when most were not. I see where you are going of course. In order to justify the crime you need to make the criminal a victim. Not a chance.

  • James Driscoll

    The contentious Orange marches remain the joker card for the nefarious dissident elements South of the border, who are able to continue to tell the dissafected youths on the council estates, that nothing has really changed down there (the black North). They are not interested in day to day relalities on the ground; power sharing; devolved government; etc, etc. They are interested in promoting the notion (right or wrong) that the Orange are free to march as and where they want. End of story. The orange card is the dissident card; take it or leave it.

  • Rathcoole resident

    Tut tut… we all know that there wont be any arrests at all. we wouldnt want to upset the C O M M U N I T Y now would we.

  • Nehru

    It’s amazing (and depressing) that some of the republicans on here are now so debased that they’re prepared to align themselves with recreational rioting street trash egged on by psychotic rejectionists.

    These are the worst elements in our community: cruel; thick and pointless – and yet they are now the last remaining receptacle for your thwarted fantasies.

  • Cynic

    Didnt you mean racists thugs try to stop white people walking home?

    It cuts both ways.

    PS why were so many wearing Celtic tops? is it the new RIRA uniform?

  • Frank Ryan

    It was fine for the provisional movement to use these ‘anti-social’ elements to riot for them when they wanted it but when the youths attack the PSNI that they endorse they are just criminals, vermin and whatever.

    And for Gerry Kelly to say that it was all outsiders and no residents were involved is a bit hypocritical when he and his cronies are bussed in from west belfast. The irony is flowing here and the hypocrisy of sinn feins strategy is in full view. The people of ardoyne have realised, like in other areas that the provisional movement has sold every republican principle they ever had and have abandoned them. Just take your seats in westminster and be done with it!

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Nice to see SF condemning the rioters — now how about them suggesting effective action against what is clearly recreational rioting? This is largely a beast of their own making — if they’re serious about being a party in govt they need to show some responsibility and suggest some solutions.

    Appeals for calm haven’t worked — it’s time for proper discussion on issues such as water cannon, baton rounds, snatch squads, whatever.

  • Neil

    it’s time for proper discussion on issues such as water cannon, baton rounds, snatch squads, whatever.

    What discussion would you like? Perhaps Sinn Fein could provide a list of free thinkers that disagree with the shinner ‘truth’ and then the police could attack them? Shit what a great idea, why don’t we take it one further and suggest the Shinners provide a list of people who could be ‘taken out’ and bring in the SAS. Then anyone who doesn’t agree with SF could be murdered, and sure what a great wee police state this would be then, everyone agreeing with SF and scared to independently express their actual opinions.

    Actually, no, scratch all of that, fucking awful idea. That would be political intereference in an operational police matter, and one that they appear to have in hand due to the fact that they’ve been using water cannon and baton rounds already, so a bit pointless of a discussion.

  • TheHorse

    An obvious solution is for the Orange Order to get down off its high horse and have face to face talks with the local residents of the areas they wish to march through. Just because something is traditional and people have been doing it for decades doesn’t make it right. We are all supposed to have the same equal rights and the rights of the people of Ardoyne are no less equal than those who wish to insult them by marching past their area carrying banners commemorating loyalist murderers who’s victims are from the same area they wish to parade through. If the people of Wootton Bassett have the right to say no and some Unionist politicians have supported that, then the Nationalist community must be accorded that same right.

  • JaneJeffers

    “Former glamour girl and psni officer (38DD) injured”

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Neil — SF have at least had the wit to realise that tactics such as rioting have achieved absolutely squat in the past (unless you count wrecking your own area as progress).

    ‘everyone agreeing with SF and scared to independently express their actual opinions.’

    Depends how you express those opinions Neil — you may have noticed that SF have vastly more support since they gave up violence, while the dissers have so little they’re scared to stand for election. Expressing your opinion is fine, orchestrated mob violence/recreational rioting is not.

    Horse your argument falls down completely when you consider the rioting in Lurgan & Derry which didn’t have contentious parades. Just an excuse for a lot of slabbers to come out and throw stuff.

  • Alan maskey

    Typical Brit propaganda thisd. Remember the horses and dogs who died for Queen and country in foreign dog kennels that will be forever England.
    This lady was trying to further oppress the people of Ardoyne. They do not want Orange hordes or their uniformed protectors.
    As regards attacks on the dissidents: the Catholics of the 6 cos were dissidents from the beginning, none more so than those of Ardoyne, who have always been surrounded by killers and their protectors (of both sexes).

  • TheHorse

    To suggest the Nationalist community dont have the same rights as the people of Wootton Bassett because groups of school children cause disruption and mayhem where there is no contentious parade is akin to saying all Orange Order parades should be banned because some of those parades ultimately led to the deaths of many nationalists including children. Why not just answer the question ” Are Nationalists who object to Orange Order parades marching through their areas allowed the same rights to say no to offensive parades as the people of Wootton Bassett”.

  • Reader

    TheHorse: Why not just answer the question ” Are Nationalists who object to Orange Order parades marching through their areas allowed the same rights to say no to offensive parades as the people of Wootton Bassett”.
    Yes they are. That is to say – the right of veto does not exist. As usual, the situation is complicated.
    Why not look closer to home – there is no march along the Garvaghy Road again this year. Is that closer to Ardoyne, or to Wooton Bassett?

  • Co. Down Man

    You talk some crap, do you think the residents wanted teenagers coming in and wrecking the place, burning cars? These micro groups are a waste of space that just caused immense damage to property owned by the people of Ardoyne. All they did was paint the bigoted Orange Order in a good light, The residents who protested peacefully did so in a dignified way and showed the OO for what they are. These micro groups won’t even stand for election their that scared.

  • TheHorse

    The point being residents in this British governed part of Ireland having the legal right to say no to offensive parades marching through their areas just like the British governed people of Wootton Bassett. How you see it as being complicated is strange because some Unionist politicians supported the people of Wootton Bassett but yet deny that same right to their fellow countrymen/women in this country. Do you think its because they have a different religion.

  • Frank Ryan

    Do you think they wanted an Orange Parade either? Dont think so. The reidents group sat in a peaceful protest and were dragged and beaten off the road.

    The parades need stopped past the shopfronts, this violence is a symptom of the problem of unionist supremecy the Parades Commission and the PSNI.

  • Alan Maskey

    To be fair to the young thug, it is very unlikely he had any idea of the sex of the person he attacked, and it makes no difference. A brick on the head can kill anyone.

    There was a peaceful protest by the Ardoyne community earlier and that was actually quite successful. It was certainly the first time I heard the BBC announce that the police had failed in their first attempt to move the protesters. The violence was not necessary. All it did was divert attention from the strong arm methods used to move peaceful protesters who were clearly victims of the parade Commission and the authorities and turn the spotlight on the police who became the victims of dissident thuggery.

    Oh yes Ardoyne ‘owes’ these young idiots (to put it politely) a great deal.

  • If you are a Jane and not a John. It makes no difference what the policewoman did before she joined the police.

    As a woman you should be offended at such an offensive ‘joke’
    not reveling in it.

  • Co. Down Man

    Frank you and I totally agree that no OO parade should go through any nationalist area. My point is that from speaking to relations in Ardoyne, they said that people had come in from outside to cause trouble and by doing so played straight into the hands of the OO. They wrecked the Ardoyne and burnt cars belonging to people from that area, thats my issue, everybody wants to move on, I just do not understand the ‘logic’ of these micro groups.

  • Jane Jaffers

    Yes, stupid joke, Is uppose. . . but more on the way the press report things than the officer herself.

    But, why should I be more offended than a man would be?

    Why “should” I be offended by anything no matter how stupid, crass or sickening?

  • Jane Jeffers

    No reason at all I suppose. BTW when was the last time a policeman or any man was injured and people concerned themselves with the size of his ‘tackle’.

    A police’person’ was injured. It should not have happened.

  • Frank Ryan

    Fair play Co Down Man. I agree that Dumb Militarism/Violence is not the answer but I think the strategy to court the OO and their fellow travellers is a failed startegy and that the real culprit here is the same as always in Ireland; the british state in all its guises, the parades commission, the PSNI etc.

  • Comrade Stalin

    What are you wittering about ? There is no automatic legal right for residents to have a parade or any other assembly stopped. In Wootton Bassett Islam4UK withdrew voluntarily, probably because they saw the bad press they were getting. Shame the OO haven’t got that far yet ..

  • TheHorse

    This is the legal right Im talking about –

    “The home secretary has said he will back any request from police or local government to ban an Islamist group marching through Wootton Bassett.

    Islam4UK says it wants to parade empty coffins through the town to draw attention to Afghan war casualties”.

    Mr Johnson said: “The idea that anyone would stage this kind of demonstration in Wootton Bassett fills me with revulsion.

    Is this really any different than parading through an area with a banner commerating the murderer of some of the residents of that area.

  • The Horse

    Completely agree. The then Home Secretary in the UK immediately went to the defence of Wootton Basset and announced he would ban the Islamist march. Admittedly Wootton Basset is about the bereaved but that fact makes no difference in law.

    If the British Home Secretary can get his act together for one community he can do it for another.

  • Co. Down Man

    Completely agree mo chara

  • Reader

    TheHorse: This is the legal right Im talking about –
    “The home secretary has said he will back any request from police or local government…”

    So, are the Ardoyne Residents Group (a) The Police, or (b) Local Government or (c) neither?

  • TheHorse

    Are you actually saying local residents should have to show in some way, outrage or how offended they feel to the local police or government for them to advise the Home Secretary whether to ban a parade that residents feel offends them.

  • vanhelsing

    Just in case we miss the point of this blog, EM was highlighting the fact that this policewoman was nearly killed. The thing that got me was the footage taken by a mobile phone where the crowd were cheering at this obvious victory – one more for Republicanism eh?

  • Completely agree. It was an upsetting thing to watch.

    However, I have learned, on another Slugger thread, that some are saying the officer was not hit by a missile thrown by anyone in the crowd, but by slabs or stones dislodged by water canon. If it is true it does not excuse the violence but it does mean the crime was not as bad as I for one thought. Sadly the continual attempts to add further hurt to the original injury are as sickening as ever.

  • Frank Ryan

    If you watch the footage although not conclusive, it would indicate that the water cannon was to blame.

    However, if you watch the footage from various media sources BBC, UTV and youtube, you will notice how many PSNI officers have hand held cameras, to say the least numerous, also the heli-teli would have picked up if the rioters on the roof were throwing the items that allegedly caused the injury. I would imagine in a case of attempted murder this footage would have been examined and they would have discovered whether this was the case, slightly embarrassing for the PSNI, yet they still ran with the story.

    And lastly while the slab was thrown the watercannon was firing full tilt, it would have been hard for a youth or man for that matter to have thrown such a large piece of masonry any great distance whilst being subjected to the force of the water. Although not conclusive, it would appear extremely difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt in court of law under these circumstances

  • Frank Ryan

    I agree not conclusive from the film I watched. It Could be because of the position of the water canon and the type of roof, that someone Could have avoided the water and thrown the brick. But IMO it does create reasonable doubt.

  • wee buns

    Interesting reply thanks. It made me think how there is a conspicuous lack of body bags containing women troops coming back from Afghanistan; but perhaps that would be more than the British public would tolerate.

  • kells

    There is far more to come out about the female cop geting hit.Start to take an interest in what actions she was involved in before she got smacked.A 12 year od kid was beating to a pulp with a baton earlier by a police woman.the truth always comes out.

  • bumper14

    So Mr Kells ”the truth always comes out” , then why this piece of Jackanory about some” poor wee innocent Catholic lad ”out in the middle of the night getting his granny a pint of milk , who got hit by a big bad policeman with a truncheon.
    BOOhoo, I can’t stop crying at the thought. Please excuse the tear stains on this message.

  • Johnny Boy

    I’m rather intrigued that the individual currently under arrest for attacking this police officer is Roger Jorro Costa, a native of Barcelona who has only been in NI for a matter of months. Political? Lunatic? Drunk? all of the above?