Former Chair’s extraordinarily short term between appointment and departure

For completeness, and thanks to J in the comments in this earlier thread, here’s Chris Mellor, the former Chair, who was sacked less than a year after being appointed by the Minister Conor Murphy (despite an apparently solid performance):

His 2003 departure from English company Anglian Water Group was also raised during the Stormont committee hearing. It was confirmed that officials here were aware of media reports that Mr Mellor had been dismissed as AWG chief executive, when he was appointed NIW chairman.

MLA Mitchel McLaughlin also asked for confirmation that “reference checks” had been carried out.

Asked about these comments, Mr Mellor yesterday told this newspaper: “My resignation from AWG plc in March 2003 was well reported at the time and is a matter of public record.

“DRD were well aware of this and I would point out I was appointed for three years by the normal appointment process for posts like this.

“I would also point out that at the end of my first three-year term as chairman of NIW I was reappointed for four years by Minister Murphy, who told me personally ‘it was well deserved’.”