Beauty doesn’t bring home the bacon

It’s the occupational hazard of sports journalists, being as much fans as reporters, to risk  trading access for silence. The problem can be worse when presenters cross the line to become celebs like our Christine, in situations posed by culture critic Mark Lawson when she takes over the GMTV sofa. Lawson also throws a brickbat at Gabby Logan for pulling her punches badly in that interview with Capello. Pulling punches has never been a problem for our other media  star the  lovely Alan Green. He’s been a cheekie chappie since he was a news trainee and he’s been brilliant in South Africa.

Mark Lawson on Christine and that flight.

..agonisingly for her present and future bosses, that journey, though very public, is part of her private life. Were she to reveal the secrets of the flight of shame, it would be good for the first part of the work-life balance but not the second.

.. difficulties can be anticipated for ITV when she arrives at GMTV in the autumn. English football is going to be a hot topic for months and Bleakley will have to be very clear with her producers about what she will and won’t say. The reviews of the morning papers could get quite tense….

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  • smcgiff

    How long did it take you to come up with a premise to post that pic? 🙂

  • And all Moochin could come up with was – Ardal O’Hanlon. Brian is definitely Slugger’s cheekie chappy 🙂

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    The footballing message boards are alive with speculation about an upcoming story about an England player.
    But surely Christines private life is no different from Jane Corbin Panorama reporter married to John Maples former MP, now in the Lords.
    And surely Adam Boulton is married to Anji Hunter, former Bliar aide.
    When James mates reads the ITN News, surely most of us know that his daddy was a Tory MP of many years standing.
    Are they compromised.

    I daresay a political correspondent could tell a few stories of romantic goings on between reporters and MPs…..with or without a wedding vow.
    No pun intended but Embedded reporters whether Football or Politics or indeed Music are in a strange position.
    The best they can hope for is to befriend the Alex Ferguson or Harry Redknapp, treading a fine line ……acting as his covert spokesman on occasion……incurring wrath if he crosses him (Michael Crick and Alex Ferguson) and ready to dish the dirt when the manager is sacked.
    I daresay that a lot of political journos perform the same function with the added burden that they support a political party.
    Witholding information is what Journos do better than actually publishing it…….if it suits the Journos wider personal, careerist or political agenda.

  • Brian Walker

    well done fitz.. that’s a good one – until you go all mean and overdo it at the end.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Oh I dont think its that mean Mr Walker.
    Surely Journos know more than they publish.
    Surely some of that witholding is down to their personal, career and private agenda.
    Obviously I have never been in the lobby office at the Houses of Parliament but is there not a big notice there reminding “lobby journos” about the rules of the Lobby.

    Is it not the case that the New Journos seeking front page stories havea different set of judgements to the Political hacks and the Sports hacks.
    That Gazza in the dentists chair thing would never have been reported by the Sports jounos.
    And now dont tell us that those political hacks couldnt tell a few stories.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    In fairness Ms Bleakley is a Presenter rather than a journalist.
    And to be fair she is a good presenter and hopefully wont be side tracked along the “celebrity” road.
    Her Wikipedia entry reveals that she dropped out of a QUB Politics course.
    Having said that, her obvious interest in politics and TV career suggests she might have made a good …if lightweight journo.
    Reading BBC profiles, it is of course clear that the best jounos are people who actually have an understanding of politics and history.
    It is amazing how many journos dont have an academic background in politics or history.
    Journalism is not merely about knowing the rules of grammar but far too many journos consider themselves professional on that basis.

  • Rory Carr

    I agree that the photograph is much too revealing and possibly even intrusive.

    I mean what poor chap wants to be seen sporting such a naff haircut which even the headphones do little to conceal? As for that 1950′s gaberdine raincoat – not retro, baby, just sad old git. Still, if the flabby jowls are any giveaway at least the raincoat helps to hide what must be a really fat arse.

    This guy is straight from the Stephen Nolan School of Broadcasting – a face and arse just made for radio.

    p.s. Got any snaps of Christine showing a bit of décolletage?