‘Who’s pulling the purse strings?’ (satire)

The lackey campaign: ‘Who’s pulling the purse strings?’ asks ex-MLA Silly Storey

If someone said to you, there is a sizeable group of people whose actions are designed to :

  • Cause the normalisation of the six counties
  • See British troops barracked in their thousands
  • See sectarian triumphalism carried out by loyalists
  • Ensure the democratic deficit buttressing Unionism
  • Increase support for partitionism in Ireland and internationally
  • See an enforcement of a Unionist veto in which reactionaries wield the same political power as ever and are using it to advance a British and Unionist agenda;

Who would you think they were referring to? British military intelligence ? Or people calling themselves ‘Nationalist’? Some of the individuals who are involved in these alleged constitutional parties may genuinely but mistakenly believe they are furthering a Nationalist cause. Some are using such groups as flags of convenience for self advancement. Others are – without a shadow of doubt – working to enrich themselves, to feed off the working class while pretending an interest in reunification. The SDLP and SF fought a political struggle to remove IRA volunteers from the six counties- the actions of these people are designed to bring them back. That needs to be called for what it is – a Sunningdale agenda.

So there is a question to be put to these groups. Who is pulling your purse strings? Do you even know

-Silly Storey

an Phoblact original