Two Arrests as Police Officers Injured During Customs Raid

Two police officers have been injured, one critically, during a cross border customs operation near Meigh, south Armagh.  Two men have been arrested.  From the RTÉ report

Over the weekend a cargo of smuggled cigarettes arrived from China in Dublin Port.

Watched by customs officers, the cargo was then brought to Dundalk. Earlier today the container was then taken just across the border to warehouses near Meigh in South Armagh.

A number of armed PSNI officers and revenue officials raided the warehouse as the cigarettes were being unloaded.

The driver of one lorry drove through a roller door as he escaped and hit the two PSNI officers, who were outside.

The lorry drove the short distance to the border at high speed.

However, as he was turning the truck into a yard, he lost control. The lorry ended up on its side and now a search is under way on both sides of the border for the driver.