Da Queen: “Oh, I’d love to come to Ireland. How do you think I would be received?”

Well, given the day that’s in it, I thought I finish a fine evening with something both conversational and (hopefully) enlightening… So here’s a little interlude with ‘Her Madge’, as she’s never quite been reported before, by the one time London Editor of the Irish Press, Des Fisher:

About number seven came “Desmond Fisher of the Irish Press, Dublin, Ma’am.”

“Oh, an Irishman.”

“Yes, Ma’am. And when are you going to come over to Ireland?” It wasn’t deliberate. Without thinking, I had broken the code. Her majesty did not seem at all put out. I did not bother to look at the flunkey for his reaction.

“Oh, I’d love to come to Ireland. How do you think I would be received?”

I was off. I told her that, in my opinion, the great majority would welcome her despite the present problems. Of course, there was a minority that would disapprove. And undoubtedly there would be some danger from a very few. But had not her sister (the late Princess Margaret) been in Ireland very recently and didn’t she like it?

Her majesty had seemed to have been going through the motions with my earlier colleagues. On occasions like these, she gives the impression of being rather vague and not quite knowing what it is all about. As soon as she began to talk about Ireland, she seemed to relax and become an ordinary human and not a sort of pasteboard automaton.

“Yes, indeed,” she said. “Margaret told me all about it. She enjoyed Birr Castle immensely. She had a marvellous time there and she loved Ireland. She said it was great to feel so free.”

“That’s good, Ma’am,” I replied. “Well, does that mean you might soon follow?” The animation in her face drained away. She straightened up and tucked her handbag closer under her arm. Somewhat wistfully she replied: “It is not something I can decide very easily. I would have to take whatever advice I am given at the time about going. So I’ll have to wait and see. But I would like to come to Ireland some day. Thank you.”

Her majesty gave me a nice smile and passed on.


  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Birr Castle.
    Margaret was keeping up with the (Armstrong) Joneseseses

  • Mick Fealty

    Good dialogue is clearly wasted on you Fitzy… 😉

    Oiche mhaith..

  • wee buns

    She is just a poor wee queenie herself only a puppet of a cold colonial lodge. We should take pity. Where is her asylum application until we we rush it through pronto. The hostel in Tuam has a free room.

  • Máire

    A royal visit to the Twenty-six counties?
    Maybe the next ‘miracle’ will be a papal visit to the Six Counties.
    And pigs might fly……..

  • Cormac Mac Art

    You mean Ireland and Northern Ireland, Maire.

  • Cynic

    I see that one of the Russian spies in the US was using a false Irish passport. I await the outcry (as there was with Israel) to call in the Ambassador and send him hoister to Moscow.

    Oh…it;’s gone all quiet in here …..

    PS someone should suggest to Cowan that give the state of the Exchequer we might set up a nice little sideline. We could see Irish passports to foreign spooks for say €1m a go.

  • “You’re a real prince”, said young Sorin McMullan – according to her Granny – as Edward sat on his hunkers [jpg image] to receive the gift of a giant daisy on his recent visit to Rathlin Island.

    I’d got a disapproving response from an NIO flunkey back in the ferry terminal in Ballycastle when I asked what time the Royal visitors were expected. When I left she was overheard saying, “That’s the blogger”. And we hadn’t even been introduced!!

  • OOPs. Pity there’s no preview option – or I didn’t pay closer attention to the URL!!

    Edward on his hunkers

  • Máire

    Cormac Mac Airt, answer me this.
    Is Donegal in Ireland or Northern Ireland?

  • Cormac Mac Art

    County Donegal is in Ireland, Maire. Donegal is located in the north of Ireland, right beside Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK.

  • Frederick Chichester

    “Da” Queen? Do you really think it appropriate to use ghetto vernacular to describe Her Majesty?

    Some decorum, please…

  • Greenflag

    Had a good laugh at Des Fisher’s apt riposte to the Duck’s ‘delicate ‘ diplomacy 😉 Can’t be that often that the Duke finds himself on the receiving end of his own barbed remarks .

    ‘ Her majesty gave me a nice smile and passed on. On her heels came Prince Philip. “Ha, so you are Irish,” he boomed. And with that delicate diplomacy for which he is noted, he added, “And I suppose you have brought a bomb with you, haw, haw!” Both of us have German blood somewhere in us. So I gave as good as I got. “Of course I have, sir,” I said, “but I left it outside in the cloakroom.”

    The Prince Consort looked a little askance at me. Then with a more subdued, “Haw, haw!” he moved on to a less talkative colleague on my left.

    Got to hand it to the Duck for speaking his mind or whatever it is that’s in there 😉 Having told British students in China that if they stayed there too long they would get slitty eyes, and asking Jomo Kenyatta Kenya’s First President as the ‘union jack ‘was being lowered at the independence ceremony
    ‘are you quite sure you want to go through with this ‘ the ‘minders’ must be quite terrified of what he will ‘out ‘ with if he pitches up with herself on a state visit .

    Perhaps they’ll lock him up in Birr Castle for the duration 😉

    On the other hand half the fun of any visit will be waiting for the Duck to open his mouth and put his foot in it .

    I hope somebody somewhere is collecting a list of his most famous diplomatic gaffes for later publishing under some title such as the’ Duke of Hazardous Words’

  • Greenflag

    The Skibereen Eagle is keeping a watch as it did in days of yore . But they’ll wait to get the facts right first . It took a couple of months before the Israeli diplomat was dispatched . The Irish Government is not as hasty as the British or Australian .

    “The Skibbereen Eagle has it’s eye on the Czar”. Thus did a small, obscure Irish newspaper in West Cork in 1857 advise the Czar of all the Russias about his China policy.

    I like that. I like to think of the Czar, deliberating late into the night on high affairs of state only to receive the ominous news that the Editor of the Eagle was training a beady eye on his foreign policy.

    ‘ O eggs do not fight with stones or Afghanistan ‘

    As a modern day Confucius might say 😉

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Just noticed Scammallach’s pithy yet eloquent in its own way response to the contributor who feels the need to repeat himself constantly has been scrubbed. Pity. It was a far higher standard of comment than the one track pony it was aimed at comes out with.

  • Máire

    Cormac Mac Airt, since you obviously attach great importance to linguistic precision, could I draw your attention to the correct form of your pseudonym as printed here?
    One should never be dismissive of the genetive case.

  • smcgiff

    Alas, she may have since toughened her view of Ireland* considering the faith of Mountbatten.

  • Greenflag

    Mountbatten’s fate was a cruel one and did not advance any republican ’cause’ an iota . It was simply the murder of an old man and innocent civilians including a young child.

    Mountbatten’s faith btw was Church of England . Prince Philip a.k.a the Duke on the other hand is believed to be an actual God . He is the chief icon of a cargo cult of the Yaohnanen tribe on the southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu.


    The ‘linguistic precision’ police are about 🙁 . Don’t they know that English is one of the least fonetik languages on the planet ;)?

  • Cormac Mac Art

    Exactly what did I say wrong?

  • Cormac Mac Art

    Okay, thanks. Now what did you find wrong in what I posted?

  • Greenflag

    Note for the linguistic police .

    The Yaohnanen are not related to the Yahoos in case anybody jumps to conclusions .

    Your yahoo was a brute in human form,” 1726, from the race of brutish human creatures in Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels.”

    The jury is out on whether or no the Yahoos are related to the Yahooligans seen misbehavin at soccer stadia across parts of the UK and elsewhere ;)?

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Whether you were wrong or not is a matter of opinion – it’s just that you keep on banging on about your definition of ‘Ireland’ and numerous threads about various topics which have little or nothing to do with the issue you are trying to promote are sidetracked. It’s very tedious and I empathised with Scamallach’s frustration.

  • Drumlin Rock

    considering it will cover over 60 years in the public eye all i have seen so far would not amount to more than a page or two, I rather look forward to them, a bit like Boris Johnston, although he can manage the same amount of gaffs in one weekend probably.

  • smcgiff

    Damn you Greenflag!!! 🙂

  • Cormac Mac Art

    Okay, I ‘fess up, but Maire walked right into it.

  • Greenflag

    Too late . I’m already damned but I would’nt have it any other way 🙂

  • Greenflag

    If there are delays in his citizenship application then there must be a good reason for that ? Why would the USA and Ireland ban his book? Sounds weird or perhaps not . Maybe he or his wife need to go to his local Labour or FG TD to help expedite the bureaucracy ?

    When did he apply for citizenship ? Normally you have to be resident 7 years -as a refugee that may be different ? Could this Latif Yahia be flying under a false flag ? Could he even be a longer term deep cover Mossad plant ? or even Iranian?

    If he’s medical doctor then his paper trail should be easily verifiable ?

    Interesting case Nevin -keep us posted if there are developments .

  • smcgiff

    Save you Greenflag!!! 🙂

  • Greenflag

    No thanks -save yourself

    My money is on Neuer to do the saving and Klose and Podolski to do the scoring and if the sausage eaters can pull it off then I’ll save my deposit as well as make a tidy sum 🙂