Belfast – a tale of three protests

Belfast is protest central tomorrow – for the leftie, libertarian, socialist, republican or just plain serial moaner you are positively spoilt for choice.

In the best traditions of protest, you will have to choose because three protests take place separately and are essentially competing.

You could join the protest against the DUP/SF drafted bill that would restrict the right to public assemblyStop the Public Assemblies Bill, leaving the Arts College at 12pm heading towards the City Hall.

You could assemble at the City Hall at 12pm for an éirigí organised protest against Armed Forces Day celebrations by Belfast City Council.

Or you could join Sinn Féin protesting outside their own office on the Falls about Armed Forces Day celebrations at City Hall .

The only thing guaranteed is, if the proposed legisaltion from DUP/SF on Public Assemblies became law the SF protest would have been illegal along with the éirígí one – so maybe joining the march is the best idea?