France exited the World Cup with a 2-1 loss to hosts South Africa after being reduced to ten men 26 minutes into the game.  The French finished bottom of their group and, unfortunately, South Africa also failed to progress.  From The Guardian Sports Blog’s Amy Lawrence

La fin. Let the discredits roll. Let Les Bleus depart the total shambles that they are. Their World Cup 2010 experience has been so unfathomably awful, it is hard to know where to begin with the inquest. A poll conducted by Canal Plus split the blame pretty evenly between the players, the manager and the French Football Federation. All of them have blundered their way through South Africa in their own special way.

How has it come to this? For a group of the 1998 World Cup winners who are all attending this World Cup for one reason or another – Zinedine Zidane is showing his ambassadorial face, Marcel Desailly, Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit are TV pundits, Thierry Henry is on the inside – it must feel like the betrayal of their heritage. Mutiny, treachery, bitchiness, on top of abject performances on the pitch. This fiasco is everything that their triumphant team of old was not.

And a special mention must go to the French coach, Raymond Domenech

So, farewell then Raymond. Another disjointed and spineless performance is a fitting epitaph to a desperately bizarre period for Les Bleus. Monsieur Domenech will go down in the record books as their longest-serving coach.

He will be remembered as the man who excruciatingly proposed to his girlfriend on live television after France’s exit at Euro 2008. He will be cursed as the man who oversaw the most unsavoury campaign in the history of French football. He left the stage with a moody refusal to shake the hand of his opposite number, Carlos Alberto Parreira. He is a toe-curler extraordinaire.

  • CW

    From “The Dreaming Arm” blog:

    Irish eyes were smiling today as the hand (pun very much intended!) of poetic justice saw France’s early exit from the World Cup.

    After falling victim to a mutiny in the squad embittered French boss Raymond Domenech refused to hand it to his opposite number South Africa’s Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Parreira.
    So how ironic it is that while the hand of Henry got France into the World Cup finals the absence of the hand of Domenech should play a part their exit.
    Sortez les bleus!

  • Greenflag

    Perhaps not so much the hand of Henry more the star signs of some of the players 😉

    This was not the first time that journalists and spectators had been baffled by the French coach. Typical was his reaction after France was eliminated from Euro 2008.
    Asked at the time about his future as national head coach, he replied, “The only thing that I can think of at the moment is to marry Estelle (Denis, his girlfriend).”

    Domenech also reaped international scorn for saying that astrology played a part in his player selection process, suggesting that he did not select midfielder Robert Pires for the side because he does not trust Scorpios.

    Yes les bleus need sorting out . We’ll know tomorrow if a similar exercise will be needed for their cross channel neighbours 😉

    I’m quietly optimistic that the English will be ‘motivated’ by the French example 😉

  • Down South

    Salut les bleus, petit jouers

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Just why do the British have such a problem with the French? The 100 years war? The Norman Conquest? At least we Irish only go back a few centuries to accumulate our grievances.

    ..and whatever the Irish differences with the French over Thierry there will be unity of celebration if the Slovs get at least a draw.

  • Pete Baker

    In fairness to Henry, when he did eventually come on he was one of the more dynamic players in the French side and seemed to add some much needed direction, and danger, to their play.

    Up until that point the only French player to stand out, for me, was Franck Ribéry.

  • Rory Carr

    I could not go along with the general Irish desire to see France humiliated despite the dodgy manner of the French victory which ended Ireland’s hopes.

    My reasoning in such competitions is always to support the team which may have knocked out my team as the further they advance the more it says for my team. If France for example had instead won the World Cup then Ireland could argue that they were eliminated unfairly by the world champions. Now they can only continue to moan that they were beaten by a bunch of pathetic (and poor) losers.

  • pinni

    Karma., You reap what you sow. Etc, etc, etc.

  • Norman Wisdom

    Which is ironic given that it was the French that invaded you in the first place and the English team contains a Rooney, a Carragher, and a Lennon,

  • France have resembled the team they were in long stretches of the infamous second leg against the Republic of Ireland. They were there for the taking that day, too. Some great players but the set-up just doesn’t seem to be working.
    Could be a bizarre couple of days – Germany could go too if Ghana beat them (which is not beyond the realms of possibility). Nor are Italy safe. Although both are past masters at getting of the group stages.
    England have looked dead on their feet – and bore a weird resemblance to the Irish team at the last rugby world cup – overtrained and wrongly conditioned. If that is the case, it just can’t be corrected by tactics or players tomorrow and they will be on their way home.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Germany, Spain, England and Italy could be on their bikes tomorrow if they only draw.

  • Peter Fyfe

    France getting put out by the Mexicans, oh the irony!

  • Nunoftheabove

    As we say around our way, “geddit right up ils”

  • Cormac Mac Art

    Ole, ole ole ole ……

  • Henry94

    Much as France deserved the bad karma we are left with a situation where we have no eurozone member in the last 16 yet. So good luck Germany and Slovenia today.

  • Cynic

    ….but not England Henry? Why not? Ah yes, its carefully crafted as Eurozone one.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    If by ‘the French’ you actually mean the ‘The Normans’ who later seemlessly morphed into the ‘British’ then it is ‘ironic’ but unlike the British we Irish dont seem to hold a grudge for that long and now count the French(who did organise (a poor)military intervention on our behalf against the British) amongst our bestest Euro pals along with (as pointed out below) the good old Slovs.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


  • Jean Meslier

    Norman, don’t forget the Cole’s, and Barry.
    You could even stretch to Wright-Phillips and James for Irish ancestry.
    Rooney and/or Lennon could even have made big Jack’s 1990/94 squad.
    The Angles even play a kick and rush style of football, similar to Jack, but without actually putting their opponents “Under Pressure”.

  • Jean Meslier

    The whole “France episode” would have been absolute manna from heaven to “Nelson McCausland and the fundies” if only his norn iron had played France in the play-offs instead of Ireland.

    What am I rambling on about I hear you ask.
    Please bear with me.

    Imagine if Tierry Henry’s double handball had been a hand of god against the beloved Pravince.
    Nel and the fundies could have turned up some long lost biblical prophesy. For example, Williamus 16:90 from just after the flood, (when the Giants Causeway was formed).
    This holy text could have predicted the demise of the Frank’s for having cheated the chosen people of Pravince (beside the mainland) and like the curse of Tutankhamun the fundies could have spawned a new religious tourism based on how Gaul perished from sexual scandal, mutiny and players sent into early exile.
    They could also have taken the religico-tourists (from Israel and Alabama) to the flagship Titanic Quarter and shown the tourists a big space. But at least it’s the fundies big space and not the Taigs.
    Yes and aren’t the French all Taigs?
    Oh yes, what a brilliant story we could have had – and all done bi-lingually, via the Ulster-Scots Agency.

    Oh, – if only norn iron had have made the play-offs against those fenian, athiest, commie, garlic gobbling taigs, this place would be a (King Solomon) gold mine.
    Ah well there’s still work to be done on the Ulster Museum. So here’s hoping for a more enlightened future.

  • Greenflag

    And the same is true vice versa 😉

    But it’s not guaranteed ;(?

  • Greenflag

    Humiliation would have been a 6-0 drubbing by South Africa . I felt a tinge of sympathy for the French team even if I wanted to see South Africa qualify for the final 16 . The French manager Domenech who had extolled his players to play with dignity and respect finally made a complete eejit of himself by turning his back to the proferred handshake at the end of the game from the South African’s Brazilian coach Parreira .

    Soccer teams just like political organisations and businesses etc rot from the top down . Management by astrology doesn’t work – neither does executing a war by means of a strategy based on the moon rising in Saturn or Mars seem to have proved a winner 😉

    I’ll be cheering for the USA to win and for England . And it’s not because I’m anti Slovenian or anti Algerian . I do know however that in every prison around the world where the adherents of Islam may be under guard by American or British troops that the walls of the prisons may be blown down by the exultant shouts of the inmates if the Algerians by the hand of Allah defeat the Ferengi (Franks -Western Infidels -Americans )

    And can you in all honesty blame them . Who would you cheer for if you were imprisoned for 7 years without trial ?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Presumably the ‘Sun’ (and others) will be sharpening their headlines for the now quite possible exit by Fabbers and Co and the battle for the most insulting slogan will be on.

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    ps Slovenia Abu

  • Greenflag

    Relief for England who because they ended up second in the group may face Germany in the first knockout round .

    ‘The Lord never opens one door without closing another in your face ‘

    Relief to for the USA in a nail biting finish with Donovan doing the business in extra time .

    And a sad exit for the Slovenians who of all those sent home least deserved it.