Facebook hate site targeting Gregory Campbell removed

Last week saw incredible scenes of human and political theatre as the relatives of the Bloody Sunday victims found some degree of closure over the killing of their loved ones… But there was also a pretty nasty backdraft against some public figures who dared to asked questions of the public consensus not least around the bloody context of the killings. Chief target for the permanently angry brigade was Gregory Campbell, who had a particularly nasty Facebook group closed down:

I was informed by a member of the public that a group site had been set up, upon investigation I discovered that there were scores of vile, vicious references to me and some of my colleagues, a small number threatened to have me attacked if I appeared anywhere on the cityside of Londonderry, others were more precise in their threats.

Having discovered this information, I considered simply allowing it to remain so that people right across the community could see the depths of hatred that still exist in some sectors of our society, but when it became clear that in a few days over 700 people had signed up to supporting one of these sites it became clear that action was called for.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that “a similar Facebook site was also set up which contained a picture of an altered election poster with a bullet-hole through his forehead”.

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  • jtwo
  • Michael

    “But there was also a pretty nasty backdraft against some public figures who dared to asked questions of the public consensus not least around the bloody context of the killings.”

    Gregory asked questions in the Glenn Beck style. He asks questions or gives answers to questions in a manner designed to throw as much dirt at the victims as possible without the courage to actually come out and say what he really thinks. After a week of his signature wind up methods he’s now milking it for all the victim points/votes he can get.

    [ball not man please Michael – mods]

  • There was a group about another member of Gregory’s party and his sexual preferences and that appears to have been removed too

  • Michael

    “here was a group about another member of Gregory’s party and his sexual preferences and that appears to have been removed too”

    There’s a ‘I’m sick of hearing about Bloody Sunday’ group, with DUP and TUV councillors/members that is full of some pretty nasty stuff.
    “Didnt shoot enough of them”
    “Bring back the paras and finish the job”
    etc etc

    the only difference is that the group has now gone private and is no longer available for public viewing.

  • Mick Fealty


    Yellow to red in one go. Read the commenting policy before you come back.

  • The Raven

    Indeed the facebook groups went too far. If only as much effort and collaboration had gone into unseating Mr Campbell at the last election.

  • Neil

    Gregory’s entitled to his views, and entitled to be derided for them. He was doing a good enough job of making himself look bad, unfortunately the Facebook posse have thrown him a lifeline.

  • Secret Squirrel

    Anyone could [text removed -mods] setup some phoney Facebook stuff against themselves, then yap about it in the press. 🙂

  • Darrell Monteith

    Clearly some of those who loudly complain that British soldiers unjustly killed republican rioters are happy to procure the death of Gregory Campbell unjustly

  • Danny

    “a small number threatened to have me attacked if I appeared anywhere on the cityside of Londonderry”

    That I highly doubt, unless it’s the UUP out for revenge.

  • andnowwhat

    Ok. I guess we’re talking about LondonGregory, Donaldson and Mc Causland. These guys all have a couple of things in common.

    They all deny that catholics were ever worse off (in general).

    They all deny collusion.

    They all deny that the forces ever did anything wrong or dismiss wrong doing as insignificant.

    Finally, they all play down or deny (which has to be actionable as one of them refutes Saville and accepts Widgery is deffamation viza vis the guilt of the Bloody Sunday victims)

  • johno

    Real hate is bricking a Catholic schoolgirl then jumping on her in an attempt to break her wrists as she’s lying unconscious on the ground.

    That’s real hate, Gregory. Loyalism specialises in it. You know, like dragging a Catholic schoolboy off a fence and stabbing him nine times until he’s dead. It’s a hate so deep-seated and cruel that it sees children – because of their religion – as worthy of brutal death.

    Hardly a mention of it on this site, of course. No surprises there then.

  • al

    Yes johno you are right but this happens on both sides. Disgusting but not unsurprising.

  • TheHorse

    Gregory Campbell is a public figure who comes out with public statements that are deliberately meant to offend a section of the community who he views as worthless, anything said or written about him publically is par for the course.

  • Mick Fealty


    Any chance of sticking to the topic? We can all come up with stories of people we know or are related to who fell foul of such visceral hatred. But I don’t see what it has to do with the story in hand.

    Or are you trying to excuse it with a spot of ‘whataboutery’?

  • BarneyBear

    These facebook groups have let this little small minded man off the hook. listen to him…..he is so full of whataboutery. once we bring it down the individual slanging match its lost….he’s not that intelligent, he wants this nonsense.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Campbell is entitled to his opinion and I’d rather know whatever floats about his head as not know. Some of what he and others have said (and what they noticeably and obstinately refused to say, in the circumstances) angered a great many people I have spoken to which is of course exactly what it was designed to do. Many I know I have been really struck by the sheer mean-spiritedness on a straightforwardly human level.

    I just find the transparent demagogy and opportunism that a variety of unionists felt at their ease wheeling out in reaction to Saville’s publication an appalling endictment of unionist politics. Worse however is the fact that this goes effectively unchallenged by the mainstream media who appear utterly constrained from engaging head on with sectarianism lest they be accused of ‘a lack of balance’.

  • vanhelsing


    Your post makes more comment about you than the subject. Would you like a little ‘whataboutery’ over the troubles..?

    ‘Loyalism specialises in it’ – absolute rubbish – most loyalists abhor the example you give and if you think otherwise I add naive to your behavioural characteristics.

    ‘hardly a mention on this site’ – I simply laugh at your comment – which site are you on? – this is slugger btw

  • The Black Douglas

    None have been closed down.
    All three that I am a member of are still abusing the sectarian scumbag and growing in numbers.

  • This thread has resurrected on the extremely-useful Britain Votes website, which is currently reviewing East Londonderry constituency. Worth the trip.

  • Secret Squirrel
  • Secret Squirrel @ at 10:16 pm:

    D’oh! Sorry for the miscue. Thanks for the correction. The Britain Votes commentary interests me: I must have missed who is the author. Any clues, apart from the Plymouth connection?

  • Secret Squirrel

    I donno Malcolm. I only read your post thinking that I’d missed an article slagging off the Third Proclaimer.

  • babyface finlayson

    TheHorse and Nunoftheabove
    You both seem to me to show a lack of humanity that you are quick to condemn in the likes of Gregory Campbell.
    No matter what you think of the man, surely it is not that hard to see how nasty this stuff is.
    Mean spirited indeed.

  • Surely every part of the kingdom is entitled to one ginger rodent.

    Beyond which, surreality is easily reached by listing the NI Assembly’s Ministers of Culture, Arts and Leisure.