Hyperlocal (Newcastle) doesn’t rock, it blows

Photo by permission of flickr.com/lordvillSome of the Slugger team are fans of ‘hyperlocal blogging’, you can listen to Alan in Belfast talk up its potential here, or see what Keith Belfast got up to at BarCamp.

One hyperlocal blog that seems to be working is Newcastle Rocks.

I appreciate Newcastle Rocks giving me a hyperlocal reason to stay well clear of the place. Yes, Newcastle seems to be the first place in the north to have a confirmed sighting of the vuvuzela.

Many thanks to lord.vill for permission to use his shot. And being serious, congrats to Newcastle on breaking the ground and putting together what looks like the north’s first proper hyperlocal blog – look they even do serious campaigns around Downe Hospital.

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  • Henry94


    People’s Republic of Cork is very good.

  • Mark – thanks for the plug … I think.

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