Enda wins, but the votes (and some TDs futures) are to be shredded

From RTE:

Enda Kenny has survived the vote of confidence as leader of Fine Gael. Fine Gael parliamentary party chairman Padraic McCormack said the motion was carried after a very thorough and full debate. He said the decision had been made not to disclose the vote results and that the ballot papers would be ‘shredded’.

And from Miriam Lord earlier in the day when she spoke to an old Fianna Fail hack:

“People are looking out for themselves. It looks like Richard Bruton has already picked his front bench. He’ll have to reward the people who jumped from Enda’s team. So what’s in it for the rest of the party? The backbenchers see these young bucks describing themselves as ‘the brightest and the best’ and putting themselves ahead of everyone else. If Fine Gael are going to be in power after the next election, maybe Enda Kenny offers the best bet for promotion. If he wins, most the current front bench will get the boot.”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…