The biggest row since they set the White House on fire?

Just a flavour of what BP is up against. This is No 1 in Huffington Post’s competition for a new BP British Petroleum logo.  Poor old Tony Hayward, looking and sounding like the engineer he is, stands on a beach frustrated and asks  for his life back. Straight away he’s bait for a zenophobic feeding frenzy.  Obama lets an NBC interviewer puts words into his mouth.  Everybody’s talking at once.  It’s  headless chickens time.   What was that phrase: Britain and America, two countries  divided by a common language”?  Bullshit of course but any diversion will do…  What ever  happened to ” yes we can?”

Adds  British reaction is the main lead in today’s New York Times.

It’s gotten completely out of hand,” Mr. Armstrong said. “It’s a totally overpoliticized situation. There is a disconnect between reality and BP being totally lambasted.”

“Ironically, by being extremely strong financially, BP has become a target here,” he said. Mr. Armstrong said that President Obama should not forget that 40 percent of BP shares are owned by United States shareholders. “So he’s not doing them any favors either,” he said.