Saville inquiry as drama

To mark next Tuesday’s publication of the Saville report,  BBC Radio 4  are repeating the two parts of  “Bloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry” tomorrow  night Friday at nine and on Saturday at half two.  Based on the unadorned transcripts of the hearings,  this was first performed at  Kilburn’s Tricycle theatre (where I saw it six years ago) and on radio in 2008.  Although I approached it with some weariness ( and wariness), I was quickly gripped by it,  impressed by the authenticity of the setting and the fairness of how the material was selected,  as an occasional attender  of the London hearings.

The BBC’s decision to run the plays  seems to have been taken fairly late. Part 1 on  Friday wasn’t billed in the London edition of Radio Times.  Saturday’s, in the next edition of the listings paper, made it.

Adds Arrangments  for advance sight of the report by relatives have been made, before  a Commons statement by the Prime Minister at 3 . 30 pm next Tuesday, and on line publication.