HMS Warspite sails off to her next mission

A little lost in the news regarding Dawn Purvis and the PUP; one of unionism’s genuinely significant female representatives (and one of whom I am a great fan) also announced her resignation last week. Ms. Foster is set to leave Fermanagh council this evening; she won the seat less than two years ago in a by election forced by the UUP. At the time the DUP were in significant difficulties and using HMS Warspite was clever politics to ensure victory in Fermanagh. Now having fulfilled her function, she is proceeding back to her main mission up in Stormont. This time Ms. Foster’s position will be automatically filled by co –option: another chance for Thomas Hogg to be promoted? After all having so effectively destroyed the TUV and UUP at the Westminster elections it may be time for the DUP to bring forward new blood in a safer political environment?