HMS Warspite sails off to her next mission

A little lost in the news regarding Dawn Purvis and the PUP; one of unionism’s genuinely significant female representatives (and one of whom I am a great fan) also announced her resignation last week. Ms. Foster is set to leave Fermanagh council this evening; she won the seat less than two years ago in a by election forced by the UUP. At the time the DUP were in significant difficulties and using HMS Warspite was clever politics to ensure victory in Fermanagh. Now having fulfilled her function, she is proceeding back to her main mission up in Stormont. This time Ms. Foster’s position will be automatically filled by co –option: another chance for Thomas Hogg to be promoted? After all having so effectively destroyed the TUV and UUP at the Westminster elections it may be time for the DUP to bring forward new blood in a safer political environment?

  • David Cather

    I’m sure Arlene won’t mind you comparing her to a battleship 😉

  • Richard Todd

    Arlene Foster’s replacement has already been chosen and its not Thomas Hogg – hasn’t he moved to Belfast?

  • David Cather,
    Actually she has said she does not mind. Also I will stress again (as before) that the Queen Elizabeth battleships were considered not only the most stunningly technically advanced vessels of their day (built just before the First World War they were not equaled for many years) but were also regarded as very elegant and attractive. Warspite herself was the most distinguished of all of them and should have been saved as a museum ship after the war.

  • I agree with you turgon arlene is an outstanding politican.I also think that the fact double jobbing is to be phased out it should hopefully bring in fresh blood from all parties.

  • The Raven

    “arlene is an outstanding politican”

    …..and this is based on….??

  • vanhelsing

    She is a highly intelligent and astute politican, did an excellent holding job whilst PR was on furlough and I believe has 8 x 15″ guns – don’t mess with her:)

  • Fermanagh Lass

    Alison Brimstone was selected un-opposed to replace Arlene Foster as a Councillor.

  • David Cather

    Oh you don’t want to get in her line of fire. I understand Alison Brimstone is the replacement.

  • i hope like the overwhelming people that our politicans can sit down and work together in time for next years elections.

  • The Raven

    Indeed. Her tenure at DETI has certainly been an unbridled success.

    Sure doesn’t anyone look impressive when they appear with a legal team?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Brimstone ? Is she a wee free ?

    For fire and brimstone bible tutorial,
    just get your ass down the Martyr’s Memorial

  • apollo293867

    Arlene Foster = Battleship.

    Not the comparison I would first reach for but somewhat useful.


    Long obselescent, pre-eminent in 20th century but long ago passed its usefulness. Slow cumbersome and difficult to get going. Not very flexible and difficult to stop.

    In short a very old fashioned system not used by anyone else. Also extreme expensive

    Arlene Foster + DUP = Battleship

    ’bout right

  • Greenflag

    For a woman even one with Arlene Foster’s talents to climb close to the top of the DUP is no mean feat .

    Not quite as difficult as it would be for her to become a Cardinal in the RC Church but not a trot in the park either ;)?

    On reflection I prefer her sticking to the ‘politics’ . At this time it’s just a little less corrupt than ‘religion’ ;(

  • Greenflag

    Good one CS 😉

    You forgot to add in the ‘bring your own teeth ‘ bit for the gnashing routine 😉

  • dodrade

    Turgon, completely off-topic, but have you been watching the last series of 24 on sky 1? (Spoilers from here on in)

    In the last few episodes, as Jack Bauer goes after his own personal brand of justice, which will stop the peace treaty between the US, IRK and Russia, he uses language and arguments very reminiscent of the 1998 “no” campaign against the good friday agreement “no true peace without justice”, etc. I think there is a good article to be made out of this and as a former TUV supporter and lover of analogies I think you would make a better job of it than me.