Turkey set to escalate Gaza fallout

A number of news websites have picked up on Lebanese newspaper al-Mustaqbal’s claim that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to travel to Gaza himself to break Israel’s blockade the Palestinian territory.

Ynet news translates the story which states;

“As part of the open conflict between Turkey and Israel following the massacre against the ‘freedom sail’ to Gaza and the protest sparked in the world, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is considering going to Gaza himself in order to break the blockade imposed on the Strip.”

Al-Mustaqbal also reports that Erdogan has informed the US Administration of his plan to send a Turkish naval escort with another flotilla of aid, but that the Americans have requested the Prime Minister delay the escalation.

It is not clear whether Erdogan would actually board the flotilla himself, but Al-Mustaqbal (Future) newspaper describes the source of the story as “knowledgeable”.

The prospect of the naval confrontation between Turkey and Israel is a dangerous escalation of the crisis, potentially resulting in open conflict between the two states, which could easily draw in Israel’s traditional enemies.

The move could be seen as an attempt by Turkey to force the hand of the UN and US to act on the Israeli blockade of Gaza.


  • vanhelsing

    Argos John is one of many republican/marxist conspiracy theorists here on Slugger:) Whilst I don’t have the time or inclination to go into all of the post; his first comment on Hamas being a creation of the CIA/Mossad:)

    He bases this theory on limited, respected:), research from ‘certain’ websites – you can find one of the pieces here http://www.prisonplanet.com/news_alert_hamas6.html

    However most sources obviously dispute this theory – one highly sympathetic islamic extremist writer Azzam Tamimi has written a detailed piece on Hamas: Unwritten Chapters – one section commentary,

    ‘Tamimi’s account of the emergence and evolution of the Islamic Resistance Movement demolishes the myth that Israel had in any way been intentionally complicit in the rise of Hamas. This myth has long been propagated by Fatah leaders and loyalists who have watched Hamas grow in power and prominence at the expense of the secular nationalist Palestinian movement. Israel and its supporters in the West have also been keen to propagate this myth, anxious as they are to exploit any medium or rumour to damage Hamas.’

    Tamimi hates Israel [and I disagree fundamentally with his political views] but his detailed research into where Hamas came from clearly disputes this CIA/Mossad link….who, as all respected conspiracy theorists know, are responsible for Elvis’ death, the disappearence of Lord Lucan and the rise of Simon Cowell.

    Clearly I could quote any number of sources supporting the real history behind the formation of Hamas I think my point is made.

    Readers can make their own assumptions on AGs further list of ‘theories’ 🙂

  • pinni

    Anyone who thinks that all the world’s problems have been caused by the CIA/MI5 has a pretty myopic perception of world affairs. What do they call it, tunnel vision?

  • Wilde Rover


    “Anyone who thinks that all the world’s problems have been caused by the CIA/MI5 has a pretty myopic perception of world affairs.”

    I agree, and I don’t believe anyone said “all.”

    I find it amazing that you accuse a poster who brings up the CIA coup d’etat that replaced the democratically elected government of Iran with a puppet dictator as having a warped view and then, in the following post, provide a link to what the Islamic Republic of Iran may be doing, and pretend to yourself that the coup and the subsequent Islamic revolution are totally unrelated.

    “What do they call it, tunnel vision?”

    Yes. Yes they do.

  • Brian

    I have a Saudi friend too who once said: “The Wahhabis say ‘al-Qaeda is not us’ and it’s believable. But for me it’s the difference between Marlboro and Marlboro Light.”

    My cousin, who is over there at the moment at an imperial base, has been to chop chop square where they cut off people’s arms for stealing, cut off their heads for a myriad of offense. All for the viewing public of course.

    Indians, Arabs, Irish: all progressive people. HAHAHAHA

    Why don’t you go live in an arabic country, my friend. Then tell me that with a straight face.

    My neighbor was born in Pakistan and came here when she was nine. She went back when she was 25 and was disgusted and shocked at the behavior of her extended family towards her (how dare you walk by yourself to the ailbox! how dare you aren’t fully covered! you can’t wear jeans) and ended up being threatened with violence. She ended up staying overnight at the airport in Islamabad to get out of there early. Her family lives in the suburbs of Islamabad and is pretty well off…they are not exactly rural fundamentalists

    She is not a wild girl. She still lives with her Pakistan family here (the US) and is only moving out after her arranged marriage later this summer. She has never been on a trip by herself due to her father’s restrictions, she was only allowed to go to a local college while living at home (her brother’s, being males, got to go to colleges all over the country and fritter away money on vacations on a regular basis).

    Very progressive.

    You remind of some of those interviews I’ve heard of Pakistan people who, after some horrid jihad attack on their own, cannot believe that is the work of fellow muslims or Paki’s. The usual culprit in their eyes: the US

  • Looking through the Window

    Argos John

    The Malvinas, how ridiculous
    Argentina’s military junta sparked an assault on a group of islands which where uninhabited until the Brits showed up. Yes they withdrew but they also continuously asserted sovereignty.

    This is hardly the place to discuss this but I feel that you are insulting the intelligence of Slugger users by aligning the Gaza conflict with the Falklands.
    Unless of course you promote ruling military juntas and attacking civilians.

    Furthermore if Turkey is stupid enough to escalate this by sending warships, I wouldn’t commend them for putting a light onto this particular fuse.