SDLP: I swear they are real republicans

On May 12th I posted a mocked up version of SDLP MPs making their solemn declaration/affirmation of allegiance to ‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors’

It was variously described by pro-SDLP contributors as a ‘new low’ for Slugger (x4), ‘inane’, ‘masturbatory, a ‘steaming log’, ‘lowering the tone’ and even resulted in one claim of a commenter leaving the site.

So I apologise in advance for directly linking Margaret Ritchie actually taking that affirmation to her Queen:

And the link to the rest of them doing likewise (apologies for quality)

h/t redhugh

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  • Battle of the Bogside

    Ritchie wilfully drunk the soup and that cannot be denied.

    Durkan, during the 2005 election, claimed to be an Irish republican. This year it was decided by his party that he was a ‘post nationalist’. They do not know what they are, their swearing allegiance makes them loyalist, that cannot be denied.

    They drank the soup and should hang their heads in shame.

  • How seriously some people take a meaningless oath. If they are so serious I can think of a few more for them…

    Of course its not really about the oath: it is but the last refuge of liars and murderers.

    Take an oath or murder a widowed mother of ten and lie about it. Its a tough choice right enough…

  • pith


    It wasn’t funny the first time.

  • Hedley Lamarr

    “a succession of words of no meaning, binding, legal or political nature. Rattled through and forgotten”- unlike everything else McDonnell says.

  • Jean Meslier

    Murder and lies were skills well practised by our British occupiers

  • Jean Meslier

    Im sure they were, and are. Everyone must take responsibility for their own actions. All I say is if you can kill for a united Ireland you can take an oath for one, I know which one I would be prepared to take – and justify anywhere.

  • redhugh78

    Well well well, I have to laugh at all the stoops who cry foul at the youtube video, if it aint that important then why is this thread over 100 comments, mostly clammering to defend the affirmarion/oath/pledge in all it’s visual glory?

    Seeing these lackies pledge themselves to lizzie gives me the same feeling I got when I watched the clans abandon old Mel Gibson in the midst of battle in Braveheart.

    ‘You may take our lives…’

  • Freya

    if it aint that important then why is this thread over 100 comments?
    Because Mark wanted it, duh!