But what about the boundaries, Minister?

In the two weeks grace the Northern Ireland Executive has given itself to decide the issue of local government reform, the NI Environment Minister is apparently seeking agreement from the existing 26 councils to fund the cost of that reform.  That’s an estimated £138million, according to the BBC report.

But even if those councils did all agree, by Friday, to foot the bill, what’s happened to the issue that has actually been the sticking point within the NI Executive dysfunctional semi-detached polit-bureau – local government boundaries?

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  • G O’Neill

    I know this is off topic but is there any chance we could have a thread to discuss the latest Red C poll for the south.

    I think if you check back to the 1st of May you’ll find that certain posters on here couldn’t wait to discuss SF dropping 4 points and even had the poll results up on the Saturday night.

    Surley in the interests of fairness we should get a thread when a poll shows an increase in SF support in the south or maybe this doesn’t suit some of the agendas on here…

  • chewnicked

    Don’t be holding your breath on that thread, G O’N.

  • Cynic

    Meanwhile on this one….Turkeys ….Christmas?

  • Local Government Officer

    Budgets for this year were set in February. I wonder where Poots wants us to find £120m from our total combined pot of £630m? Any other branch of the public sector being asked to make 16% cuts (for that is what they are) in a fortnight?

  • Drumlin Rock

    He wants the turkeys to not only vote of Christmas but buy their own stuffing too, how kind of him.

  • Cynic

    Its an excuse for inaction

  • Local Government Officer

    Cynic, it’s always so much easier from the other side of the fence. There’s been nothing but inaction from Stormont for two years on this. Now I’ll ask again: a fifth of the preset budgets in two weeks – who else could do it? This is just a mask for for Poots’ own inadequacies. Plain and simple – political sleight of hand.

  • Drumlin Rock

    LGO, though Cynic meant inaction from Poots, which basically what it is, trying to pass the buck once again, I’m starting to think Alastair Campbell has been working for the DUP with the amount of spin they are putting on things.

  • Isn’t it time we had examinations for Ministers on their competence to govern? Then we would not have to put up with ones like Ruane and Poots.

  • Local Government Officer

    My apologies to Cynic. As long as people see it for what it is.

  • Drumlin Rock

    Ruane’s mess is 90% of her own making, with Pootsy the wheels were off that cart long ago, Foster & Sammy didnt help but I think all the main decisions on this one were made by PR himself, the DUP musical chairs form of government is great for saving the reputations of ministers, but also keeps them tightly controlled by the party leader. Saying all that Poots has did absolutely nothing to fix the RPA problems apart from trying various stunts to shift the blame onto the councilors.

  • Nordie Northsider

    G O’ Neill wrote: I know this is off topic but is there any chance we could have a thread to discuss the latest Red C poll for the south.

    Still off the subject but I’m curious to know the details. There’s nothing on RTÉ, Irish Times, politics.ie and the usual suspects.

  • medillen

    Politicis.ie have been running a thread since Saturday night.

  • sdelaneys

    OK, Sinn Fein have recovered the 4%they dropped so they are back to where they were at a lowly 10%. Another amazing advance towards implementation of the proclamation of 1916 and a glimmer of freedom for the whole world. Gerry’s beard is getting black again.
    Will that do?

  • Cynic

    No problem LGO.

    The underlying motive is not to disturb the sectarian carve up on boundaries. Coupled with a good dose of incompetence and the fact that he has no support in the Executive.

    Why does he always remind me of Beaker from the Muppets?

  • Cynic

    What’s stopping you. Discuss away.

  • Cynic

    I assume of course that discussing it has been cleared with Gerry?

  • Re-engaged

    It would probably carry more weight for the Executive and Assembly to do this if:
    – most of them were not councillors also
    – there was already a firm decision to reduce number of Stormont seats by around 1/4 minimum – ideally a 1/3
    – reduce the number of government departments (e.g. what is the point of DEL?)

    If ‘public servants’ (seems like a bad joke now) in our councils and assembly are serious about helping our country then only when they start to act on the above will people believe in politics really working

  • jon the raver

    The two week deadline is pointless – most councils will not even meet in that time and instead the matter will be deferred until a full council meeting.

    And then the councillors, many of them MLAs and MPs will say they need time to discuss the matter and can’t just say aye to millions of pounds – what is it anyway – 3 mill a council?

    Also as tomorrow is the first the most coucnils will not meet til next Monday – result being

    Poots – have not heard from the councils blah blah blah – time wasted

  • The Impartial Observer

    Latest rumour going about the NICS is that another DUP reshuffle is imminent and that apparently Edwin is in line for Finance Minister!

    It’s a rumour so make of it what you will, but the reaction among many civil servants on hearing it has been to seek out a darkened room to lie down in!!

  • Drumlin Rock

    it this the case then we will be onto our 4th DOE minister in 3 yrs, how can anyone get a grasp of their portfolio in that time?