Eurovision 2010: “We’ll keep on doing what we’ve been doing…”

The Irish Times rejoices in the fact that Ireland’s RTÉ’s entry in this year’s Eurovision, former winner Niamh Kavanagh, made it through to tomorrow’s final for the first time in four years.  John Waters was unavailable for comment…

They seem to be taking it seriously this year at the Irish Times, with a lengthy analysis by Adrian Kavanagh, a lecturer in the geography department at NUI Maynooth, on voting patterns in the competition.

And in case you still thought it was all about the songs [*ahem* – Ed] The Guardian, who’ll be live-blogging the event, have some of the possible favourites.  And some not so possible…

ANYhoo… Here’s RTÉ’s entry

And, for balance, if not artistic merit, the BBC’s… Enjoy…

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  • Argosjohn

    When Aussie Asio agent Olivia Newton John sang for Britian, she said the Irish voted against her as they were anti British. Now Ireland and the Brits are two minorities that must join up in this farce.

    The irish tax payer should rejoice we are not in the race.

    Dana offered a way forward but the Irish chose Martin McG. Jesus and barabbus by the Foyle.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Absolutely love it. Ireland look a quite good each way bet.

    Gwan Niabh ye girl ye.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Naomi Long singing for Ireland!

  • KPB

    Irish people are not going to vote for the UK entry because it’s rubbish, they’d vote for something decent like erm Katrina and the Waves or Cliff Richards. lol.

    Same reasons why only Brian Kennedy has had a decent song for Ireland in the last decade. The rest were truely dier.

    Seen Boylesport give Niamh Kavanagh a 16-1 to come first and the same odds to come last at one point. Josh Dubovie is favourite to come last with some.

  • Jean Meslier

    Niamh is really the epitomy of easy listening. Even her interviews in Norway are excellent. She’s a true pro and a credit to her country.
    And theres a wee plus in it for us nordies. Being deemed UK , at last, has an advantage. We can vote for her unlike the folk down below. (who said partition had no advantages for Northern Nationalists?)
    A little £1 investment on landline phone calls @ 15p a call gives one six votes and 10p change (cheap at half the price).
    Her ballad entry seems popular with the East Europeans. So, if she can nail the high notes better than in the semi-final, she could do very well indeed.

    Paddy Power is also offering a really mouth watering 3/1 for Niamh to finish in the top four.

    C’mon Ireland!!!

  • Greenflag

    Germany vill vin uzzervise kein bail out fur zer kleine piggies 😉

  • Drumlin Rock

    Had heard the talk about Ireland’s entry, was disappointed, though it a bit dull, as for the UK entry, I wont say it is a bad song, as I’m still trying to work out is there actually a song in there at all? what was it?

  • Greenflag

    what was it?

    It was a cliche . Not a year for ballads . Niamh’s performance was fine but the song was old hat . The German girl won well -no butterfly wings -no robots – no sparks just a good song with a unique lilt -different from all the rest .

    So the UK hits rock bottom for the third time in 8 years . The land of the Beatles and Rolling Stones etc . Let’s hope young Josh is not shell shocked by the result 😉

    Thank you Paddy Power 🙂 9/2 was very good odds 😉 :))))

  • Alias

    All that eurotrash on one screen reminds me why I hate the EU…

  • It’s time to change tune in Ireland – and I contend – to change language. How long is it since there’s been an Irish language entry – surely it couldn’t do any worse than ‘It’s for you” which despite Niamh’s fine rendition was only a mediocre song, bland and without any thing to recommend it.

    A great many countries are turning to English as the language of their songs – the fact that Germany did so is a testament to it’s ubiquity as a language of entertainment.

    In that context, I believe that a song in Irish would have the potential to stand out from the crowd and make a statement about Irish culture which successive Irish entries have failed to make. If the Eurovision is an opportunity to send a postcard to the hundreds of millions of viewers, let’s make sure that that we put something which is unique to us on that postcard….

  • Alias

    Von Rompey declared a few weeks ago that the time was now right for the EU to accelerate the destruction of the national identities of the EU’s member states and to replace them with the engineered national identity of European. So, a homogenous people will require a single language – and that language is to be English. In 50 years to 100 years, German will be as defunct as Irish – and your little comfort blanket of minority languages legislation will be seen as the fool’s charter that it is.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Concubhar Ó Liatháin,

    We should not make the same mistake as Terry Wogan did a few years ago and start to take it all too seriously – like we did years ago when our appaling tradition of kitch country and western provided us with a steady flow of dreadful and inadvertently amusing and winning acts.

  • abucs

    The thing i liked about the Greek entry (my favourite) was that there was a good cultural feel to it.

    I think the lack of a cultural underpinning for the UK is a big negative.

    Then again, the Germans won it with no traditional culture at all.

  • Argosjohn

    Why is the state of Israel allowed into this competition, and into the European World Cup qualifiers?

  • Greenflag


    ‘In 50 years to 100 years, German will be as defunct as Irish ‘

    Europe’s languages by native speakers .2010

    Russian– 170 million speakers
    German – 100 million
    French – 65 million
    English 65 million
    Italian 60 million
    Spanish 40 million
    Polish 40 million
    Dutch 20 million
    Romanian 30 million

    plus another dozen or more languages .

    They’ll all be around in 200 and 500 years although English will probably be the lingua franca for many that is unless the USA loses out badly to the coming Chinese authoritarian capitalist economy in which case Mandarin may be of more use than english .

    Referring to people as ‘eurotrash’ is not likely to win you any votes but then you in your neo con world the gun and the dollar rule eh ;(

  • abucs


    Most Arab states, which are part of the Asian football confederation, won’t play against Israel as they do not formally recognise them as a country.

    This would cause a lot of problems in the World Cup Qualifiers and the Asian Championships.

    With regards to the Eurovision Song contest, perhaps they are included to try and lift the quality. :o)