No ‘Special’ day at Stormont

Yesterday the following motion on the Anniversaries of the B-Specials (demise) and UDR (creation) was defeated in the Assembly and there will be no call from the Assembly to honour either organisation.

That this Assembly notes that April 2010 marked both the fortieth anniversary of the dissolution of the Ulster Special Constabulary, or B-Specials, and also the fortieth anniversary of the formation of the Ulster Defence Regiment; expresses its gratitude to the bravery of the many people who served in each; acknowledges the sacrifice made by many personnel as they defended the population against terrorism; and calls on the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to mark these two important anniversaries.

As the DUP’s Flickr shows, former B-Specials turned up to Stromont dressed in their uniforms for a photocall outside. I also assume there was no official reception inside given the requirement for ‘cross community’ support after the blocking of SF’s Mairéad Farrell event and the most the group got was a rejection of calls to recognise them and sympathy in a wee backroom.

UPDATE: I’m informed the people in uniforms are most likely pretending to be pretend RUC men and as such pretend, pretend RUC. Seems its a hobby for some – weird.