No ‘Special’ day at Stormont

Yesterday the following motion on the Anniversaries of the B-Specials (demise) and UDR (creation) was defeated in the Assembly and there will be no call from the Assembly to honour either organisation.

That this Assembly notes that April 2010 marked both the fortieth anniversary of the dissolution of the Ulster Special Constabulary, or B-Specials, and also the fortieth anniversary of the formation of the Ulster Defence Regiment; expresses its gratitude to the bravery of the many people who served in each; acknowledges the sacrifice made by many personnel as they defended the population against terrorism; and calls on the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to mark these two important anniversaries.

As the DUP’s Flickr shows, former B-Specials turned up to Stromont dressed in their uniforms for a photocall outside. I also assume there was no official reception inside given the requirement for ‘cross community’ support after the blocking of SF’s Mairéad Farrell event and the most the group got was a rejection of calls to recognise them and sympathy in a wee backroom.

UPDATE: I’m informed the people in uniforms are most likely pretending to be pretend RUC men and as such pretend, pretend RUC. Seems its a hobby for some – weird.

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  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I concur.
    But isnt there a case for prosecuting these people for wearing a police uniform (actually there was a pretty good case for prosecuting them for impersonating police officers over 40 years ago) ….is it not illegal to wear (even) a historical uniform?
    Should the uniforms not have been handed back?
    Unclear from the pic……but are those people wearing the uniform actually veterans?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    fitzjameshorse1745 ,

    Collar the lot for illegal assembly – did the Parades Commision give their permission, certainly could cause offence to Nationalists AMs popping out for a fag.


    slip up by the dissers there – they really should have been hanging off the gates and claiming that SF were holed up inside and cosying up to their old enemies.

  • They’re some sort of historical group:

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    They might be eligible for an Arts Council grant.

  • Mark McGregor


    Credit where credit is due. iirc the SDLP put down a cross community consesus call and SF supported it.

    I expected nothing less of either.

    Do they expect high-fives for not supporting the B-Specials these days? If so – well done all for not voting to support the UDR or B’s – sterling job. You really kept the faith that time.

  • Mark McGregor

    Post updated:

    UPDATE: I’m informed the people in uniforms are most likely pretending to be pretend RUC men and as such pretend, pretend RUC. Seems its a hobby for some – weird.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Why dont some of the former Stormo combatants have an historical (photo) ‘shoot’ on the lawns as well?

    Grizzly could get out the old black beret out from under the floor boards, Robbo could get out his red one and Wee Reggie could don his Vanguard combat trousers and maybe we could even look forward to a spot of historical re-enactment, circa 1970s. Could even invite Anthony McIntyre along to Stormo – it might cheer the miserable/pensive fecker up (does he ever stop complaining?) and it would allow the dissers to feel they were actually part of something even if it was only for an afternoon.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    oh not that weird. theres loadsa people in Maghaberry pretending to be republicans

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Actually I was in USA in April and was at a re-enacting thing over there. Its the biggest hobby in the USA. apparently and no reason why it shouldnt catch on here.
    In fact theres a bunch of guys who run around Crawfordsburn dressed as American GIs from a bunch of guys in Nazi uniforms who I think hang about in Lisburn.
    And a few American Civil War types who hang out in the Ulster American Folk Park.
    These guys in B Special uniform fit the profile that the more controversial the regiment, the more people feel a need to be associated with it.
    So why not some re-enactors groups on our little history. A lot of ex-Republican prisoners are involved in at least five museums around the six counties. Well worth a visit.

  • pith

    There’ll be less need for pretending when it comes to the Ulster Resistance re-enactment event.

  • kells

    I remember being in Royal Avenue 40 years ago watching them on their final march into history.On the 11th February 1922 my great uncle shot four of them dead at Clones railway station.

  • jim

    wonder would mcginness call yer great uncle a traitor.seeing he wasnt a provie

  • socaire

    Only four?

  • sdelaneys

    Sounds more like new sinn fein.

  • Framer

    All you sneery liberal prods and nationalists, remind me how many people the B Specials killed in the last 35 years of their existence and how many the Provisional IRA (part of our government) managed to murder in their 35 years?

  • Neil

    Good man Framer. One should really compare the B Specials and the Provos. They were similar organisations. Good point well made.