Taoiseach backs Derry UK city of culture bid

An appropriate and generous gesture..

  • socaire

    What about the Free State NAMA trying to close the Odyssey, then?

  • Mrazik

    It isn’t NAMA, just Anglo Irish Bank (or the state by another means).

  • Joe

    Who cares what that fat p**** says about anything.

    Tick tock tick tock

  • Alias

    Biffo is still strutting around in his own little fantasy world like he is the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, when in reality he just resembles a 300lb cheeseburger-fed Elvis after the funeral. It is something of an own goal for a nation to elect a giant slug as its leader…

  • Alias

    Err, the one saving grace being that the nation didn’t actually elect him as prime minister – and never wil.

  • I hope Derry becomes the City of culture. The title would merely confirm what is already clearly the case.

    Brian Cowen, unelected, just like the ex across the water, has shown a rare sign of common sense…