You can have your own avatar on Slugger…

Joe Canuck’s just emailed me asking me how to get a picture to appear on his posts in the comment zone. It’s pretty straightforward.

a) Go to this site:
b) Put in the email address that you are registered with on Slugger
c) It will send an email to your mailbox – just open it and confirm by clicking on the link.

Then you can upload whichever pic you want to represent you on Slugger and other word press sites that use Good luck!!

  • Rory Carr

    Bagsy me George Clooney!

  • Mick Fealty

    Go on then Rory…

  • jonno99


  • joeCanuck

    testing too

  • Joe – I give up with you. You’re jinxed! 😉

    This advice – and much much more – is going to be added to the ‘Using the Site’ section – link can be found in the footer.

    Any suggestions for other stuff to be added there will be reasonably welcome.

  • You can add a html link to another webpage in the comments as well, by the way. Details in the ‘Using this site’ section.

  • joeCanuck

    Yes Paul. I followed all the instructions and there’s a pic somewhere in cyberspace. Tried reloading my browser. Now for the test.

  • joeCanuck


  • Rory Carr

    You’re looking a wee bit pale there, Joe, maybe you should get out a bit more.

  • also testing

  • Yee hah !

  • test

  • Reader


  • dodrade

    Mork calling Orson…

  • Good idea!

  • Although it doesn’t seem to be working for me 🙁

  • Actually, scrap that. It works now.

  • joeCanuck

    another f?????g test

  • joeCanuck

    C’mon guys. What’s the secret? I followed instructions to a tee.

  • percy


  • joeCanuck

    And you look nothing like George Clooney!

  • joeCanuck

    For info; I started all over again.

  • Its working, Joe!

  • percy

    oops seems like I’m bottom of the class ..

  • Mystery solved.

  • Now

  • joeCanuck

    Wish I could help, Percy. Perhaps, as I did, just start over again.

  • joeCanuck

    Yeah; mystery to me.
    Pretty neat feature, eh?

  • percy

    thanks joe
    it’s working but the crop has buggered up the pic,
    so I’m doing some modifications in ms paint.. skew function.
    all very technical stuff 😉

  • As I think Joe has now demonstrated, the gravatar doesn’t always go fully active for a while. There are often delays on services like this.

  • Frontier Vulpine

    I commented that mine was working and now the comment has been removed….. all I was saying was that I had managed to make it work.

  • okay, second test

  • Eire32

    testing one…

  • Neil

    Giggity giggity.


  • Greenflag

    No it’s not . We can’t see your lederhosen . Try standing on your head 😉

  • marha jo

  • the.digger.notes


  • If you clear the cache of your browser it should work straight away.

  • argosjohn

    Good idea. Gives us all a second life.

  • Rory Carr

    I do hope you all like the avatar which I have chosen which is a photographic representation of a mounted Pancho Villa. It was his legend that made Villa my boyhood hero and study of the Mexican revolution of 1910-1920 during adulthood only further enhanced his stature in my eyes. Now, with the mellowness of age, I am also able to understand and forgive those frailties which may have blemished his reputation.

    John Reed wrote of Villa that, when mounted, “…it was difficult to tell where the horse ended and the man began.” He was reputed to be “half man and half horse” and was known as the Centuar of the North. To have been even half the man he was would have been life enough for mere mortals like me.

    I would of course have used my own photograph but Herself vetoed that, saying that she would not tolerate my image being ogled at by the thousands of female followers of Slugger unless I wore a burqa.

  • Oul Micky Hoot


  • Sorry Greenflag…..
    I’m afraid my legs aren’t shapely enough. But please don’t ask what Bavarians wear under their Lederhosen – its a state secret.

  • You still look quite foxy, Rory.

  • oracle


  • Frontier Vulpine

    Not as foxy as me !

  • Mr Crumlin


  • One thing I’ve always wondered about this, if I know your email addy then I can masqeurade as you on any gravatar site on the internets. Could do this anyway but the avatar does promote an air of extra legitimacy

  • Don’t think it works unless you click on a confirmation link sent to that email does it St E?

  • Initially no but once confirmed as ‘your’ address anyone can jump on it I think?

    Of course they may do something smart with cookies but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen my gravatar pop up on any random machine I’ve used to post nonsense on the web?

  • Ní Dhuibhir

    One, two…

  • For some reason my avatar shows up fine on other WordPress pages but on Slugger it shows up like the black square here (well, there <—).
    Anyone else had this problem (or, worringly, have I been singled out to have my photo censored!!)?

  • Cheers. Problem solved.

  • Big Maggie


    Thanks for the heads-up!