The biggest station in the country?

According to the latest Rajar figures:

Downtown Radio/Cool FM combined has broken clear of BBC Radio Ulster by a staggering 27,000 listeners*.

And of course radio home of our own Eamonn Mallie. What say ye, Mr Nolan?

  • You got the same press released emailed to you from the biggest combined stations in the country?

  • Jean Meslier

    Johnny Hero is the coolest dude in the cool place.

  • The biggest station in the country is either King’s Cross – St Pancras or Clapham Junction. It depends whether one is measuring passenger or train movements.

    But, of course, if one is being provincial …

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Cool FM……a testimony to Mediocrity.
    As indeed is local Journalism.

  • And U105 is continuing to grow, up another 25,000 listeners.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath for Cool/Downtown, though. It lost a lot of listeners when DSD and DEL pulled the plug on the office radios, and that may not yet be reflected in the figures.

  • oilibhear

    In the “country”, Mick? Are you sure? I can’t pick it up down here in Cork, anyway. 😉

    Anyone got numbers for RTÉ listenership in Northern Ireland? (Not included in Rajar figures.)

  • Battle of the Bogside

    Since when where we in England?

  • chewnicked

    Matt Cooper on Today FM and RTE keeps this Nordie happy and keeps me well away from the local dross.

    Wendy Austin has killed Talkback.which was the only decent show on Radio Pravince when Dunseith was in charge

  • Mark McGregor


    They are saying the total listenership of two radio stations added together is higher than the listeners of a single station?

    And this is blogged directly as fact and not PR/spin/bullshit?

  • grandimarkey

    He’s being provincial, with his tongue almost piercing his cheek…

  • Gerry Ryan is no longer with us, but still can claim the ‘biggest show in the country’ before Stephen with a PH.

    Joe Duffy, who are ye.

  • Carnlough Yin

    Perhaps Radio Ulster should be allowed to combine its figures with its sister station BBC radio Scotland

  • Cynic

    Since when where we in England?

    You are not in England., The County is the United Kingdom. This is a province and Malcolm is correct.

    By the way, even if you hold republican views, your community in the widest sense signed up to being in the UK in 1998 in a referendum. At the same time your fellow Irish in the Republic voted 98% to 2% to let you stay there with no interest from them.

    So lie back and enjoy the benefits of being in the worlds 8th largest economy led by a dynamic new coalition government.

  • I hope, too, I was being self-mocking — reminding myself how out of touch I have become.

    There was a period, nearly a generation gone, when — wherever one went in Belfast and Portadown (my main resorts at that time) — there was a radio in the background. Any time a news item came on, all conversations would go on pause, in mid-phrase. As soon as the item had been heard, discounted, recognised as being somewhere else’s immediate problem, the same conversation would continue, as if nothing had intervened.

    We have come a long way.

  • Rory Carr

    Aaah! Hugo Duncan, the Wittgenstein of Country music. No other area can claim to have a radio dj just like him (which, I suspect, they consider to be somewhat of a blessing).

    Wendy Austin, it seems to me, has reduced Talkback to a programme that I can only describe as “current affairs muzak” and as for Nolan, which I have really tried to listen to daily for about three months, the least said the better. But what is to expected from a broadcaster who feels compelled to remind his listeners at least every fifteen minutes of just how wonderful he is?

    This listener is not convinced.

  • Oracle

    Actually I think what the BBC needs to do is put Carragher out to graze as her judgement seems to be coming more and more questionable with each published listening figures

    Safe pair of hands in her day but that was such a very very long time ago, now every inititive she has undertaken or installed is just branded “SAFE”

    BBC……. Boring Boring Crap

  • Jean Meslier

    Ah Cynic, a mhic.
    We start with the biggest radio show debate and end up with partition once again.
    With you it’s all about identity – your identity.
    There must surely be more titles for this piece of shared space in the north-east of Ireland, than anywhere else on this little rock we call home.

    A number of years ago, on a holiday in Salou I was trying to change sterling traveller cheques into pesetas .The cashier refused to handle the transaction. The problem, he declared, was because I had presented him with an Irish passport. He said I must provide a British Passport for sterling traveller cheques. As the queue behind me began to lengthen, I knew it wasn’t the time for a history lesson.
    I tried a shot in the dark and asked him was he Spanish?
    “No” he said. “I am Catalonian”.
    “Then” I said, “You should understand why I have sterling cheques and an Irish passport”.
    To which he smiled and carried out the transaction.

    Ironically, Catalonia’s economy at present is roughly the same size as your beloved United Kingdom