Stratagem Election Predictor 2010 Results

The results of the Stratagem Election Predictor have now been published here. It turns out that, contrary to what we thought would have been the case, no one managed to guess all 18 constituencies correctly, despite well over 300 people entering. 17 people managed to get 17 seats right, and a good number guessed 16, 15 and 14 correctly.

Take a look and see how you did.

  • Oracle

    Well acyually I got 18 right….. I just din’t enter because I couldn’t find my medical card or Driving licence

  • Greenflag

    Or your camera and spell checker and the other two brain cells i.e the missing half ! Not to worry you’re just about keeping up with the two ye have left and if ye had any more wit you’d be a half wit 😉

  • oracle

    Nothing wrong with the spelling it’s just these damn fingers don’t know where to go on this keyboard….. well except the two I’m holding up to you now 🙂

  • Greenflag

    I could suggest where you might find a location for those two fingers but it would require bodily contortions probably beyond your digital capacity and might result in you having a hibernia and having to be decommissioned and we would’nt that eh 😉 .

    But I’ll award you 7 out of 10 for your rejoinder and I’ll hold up the one finger as a return in token submission to your two 😉

  • oracle