“The police instruct me these injured parties were told not to go to the police.”

The BBC report of a, denied, bail application in the High Court today includes the prosecuting barrister’s description of a 1999-2000 “investigation” by an un-named “community organisation, or a paramilitary organisation” into allegations of child abuse in Belfast.  From the BBC report

The alleged offences were committed on teenage girls in Belfast on dates between 1996 and 2000, a judge was told.

A prosecution barrister said the allegations first emerged when one of the girls spoke to a friend in 1999.

“She was aware a community organisation, or a paramilitary organisation, told her to go to a meeting with them about these allegations which resulted in a year-long investigation by them in 1999-2000,” the lawyer said.

It was claimed that the offences against the other two alleged victims were committed while this inquiry was carried out.

The court heard the first girl said she was questioned and a face-to-face meeting set up with the organisation which Mr Morris also attended.

“She was asked to confront him with the allegations and he denied them,” the barrister said.

The report continues

During the summer of 2000, the other two girls made disclosures about their alleged abuse.

The same organisation investigated their claims and told them Mr Morris was being dealt with, the court heard.

He was said to have been taken to a safe house for questioning.

Mr Morris later said he went to England because the paramilitary grouping had threatened to shoot him, according to the prosecution.

Opposing bail, the barrister said: “These are allegations of serious child sex abuse, albeit they are historical.”

She added: “The police instruct me these injured parties were told not to go to the police.”

Update Today’s Irish News identifies the “community organisation, or a paramilitary organisation” involved as the Provisional IRA.

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  • Mr Morris pleads not guilty? the start of times…

  • jim

    so does william

  • Dixie

    I’ve been told that the BBC have refused to comply with reporting restrictions on this case…

    Even though they insist on naming the accused against the order given by the court they haven’t mentioned the Provos although they have been identified in court.

  • Then we owe the BBC our thanks Dixie, and time and the court process will reveal the names of any accomplices, before or after the fact…

  • firinne

    Just to clarify the reporting restrictions part, magistrates court imposed reporting restrictions recently, but apparently the high court was more open so technically, although requested not to, the reporter in question named the accused, but wasnt a breach of restriction, technically – morally though, it should not have been done to protect the victims, who have since been identified by word of mouth – and the right to fair trial for accused. The report though seems bias, the word “subjected” was used in relation to one of the alleged victims, and not the accuser, so the report seems inaccurate.

  • jim

    does that include the people who got GRANTS and still get them before or after the fact

  • jim

    I would not be a bit surprised, which is why a not guilty plea works in the interest of truth. A guilty plea means the charges are read and sentence is passed. A not guilty plea means the evidence is heard and questioned – all of it.

  • Cynic

    The Catholic Church has a lot to answer for…. what …..it wasn’t them? Who then could it have been?

  • Cynic

    So if the state – let’s just say the NIO for example – was funding the community organisation, would that mean that it was funding terrorism? ,

  • The RCC does have a lot to answer for – no question! But have you ever considered: others have questions to answer too? Democracy questions all, and expects answers.

  • Would you be surprised? There is no way of knowing. Not until after the trials…

  • jim

    if you consider abusing children is terrorisng them then yes.bringing children into allyways n shooting them in the legs is terror.some of the kneecappers r getting old n dont like getting terrorised themselveds.but as the oul saying goes what goes round comes round;like micky marleys roundabout

  • Dixie

    Cynic, funding and the Brits’ clever use of it was the wee special fly that every fisherman claims is his secret weapon to reel in the Big One.

  • jim

    I completely agree, and it is why I feel so strongly about child abuse. All the grubby little perverts must face the law, regardless of whether they are a priest, a member of SF or the
    village scout person.

    The trial/s may point us in the right direction of any involved in either cover up or collusion.

  • Dixie

    I think the Brits may have been involved in some cover up, but they did not, sure they could not, supply the bait. Not in the case of child abuse.

    If children were abused, the abuser was so disposed before ever the Brits got involved. It is entirely possible, and if true reprehensible that they took advantage of such perversions but no way could they have created it.

    Hopefully the trial/s will show the truth.

  • jim

    wats changed.you were one of these creeps by your own ad mission you now support harry fitz in jail.he supposedlly got a bateing by the screws he wasnt complaining wen he was bating bobby tohill.micky marley had the right idea.spin the roundabout de ya want a wee car or a hobby horse

  • jtwo

    You’ll find the BBC weren’t in then High Court as, like most media organisations in Belfast, they rarely are but instead rely on the very capable freelance Alan Erwin. And as you’ll know know the fact that the Magistrates Court Act has never been applied in Northern Ireland means that there is very wide leeway about what can be reported from a High Court bail app.

  • Pete Baker

    Update Today’s Irish News identifies the “community organisation, or a paramilitary organisation” involved as the Provisional IRA.

  • Neil McNickle

    So much for supporting Policing then! Protect their own even if that means protecting a Pedo who carried on abusing kids while the Provos ‘investigated’.
    Between this and Fra McCanns statements its clear the Provos will never fully support policing and are not fit for government.

  • How much worse is this likely to get…

  • Pete Baker

    We may find out more when it goes to trial…

  • Only if there is a not guilty plea, and only then if there are no official ‘gags’.

    Mind you if the British govt does slap a ban on anything on this or these cases, that will speak for itself…

  • Pete Baker

    Update Today’s Irish News identifies the “community organisation, or a paramilitary organisation” involved as the Provisional IRA.