Anyone for a game of Fantasy Cabinet?

House of Commons logoYou’ve got an hour or two – maybe even until Wednesday morning – to suggest in the comments below who you think will be appointed to the Cabinet. Remember you’ve MPs from two parties to choose from?

Who will be Chancellor? Foreign Secretary? Northern Ireland Secretary? …


  • Chancellor – George Osborne
  • Foreign Secretary – William Hague
  • Defence Secretary – Liam Fox
  • Deputy PM – Nick Clegg (Lib Dem)
  • Health Secretary – Andrew Lansley
  • Northern Ireland Secretary – Owen Paterson

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  • To set the ball running, Ken Clarke as Chancellor with Vince Cable as Chief Secretary to the Treasury …

  • Shane

    George Osborne will be Chancellor. Vince Cable perhaps Business Secretary. Big question is who gets Home Secretary? Doubt the Tories will give it to Clegg.

  • Shane

    Also think that Iain Duncan Smith will get Communities or whatever manifestation it takes. Huhne to Environment? Gove will get Education.

  • copenhagentheory

    cameron – PM
    Clegg – DPM
    Osborne – Chancellor
    Hague – Foreign Sec
    Cable – Business
    K Clarke – Home Sec
    D Laws – Local Government/Communities?

    not sure where they’ll put the other Lib Dems.

  • So Osborne confirmed as Chancellor … the Clarke/Cable double act rumour proved wrong.

  • RepublicanStones

    Chris Huhne as Home Sec? Clegg must be a cert for DPM. Gove for education wouldn’t surprise.

  • socaire

    Is it cricket to interfere in the way the British make up their government? I mean, what’s it got to do with us?

  • sdelaneys

    Caitriona Ruane as the, ‘well’, sayer in chief.

  • I think to be fair, and as the only financial person who predicted the almighty crash that has so hurt us all: I would like to see Vince Cable as Chancellor, of course it cannot happen, Osbourne is super glued to that seat.

    Catriona Ruane is the only person capable, and quite possibly has already surpassed, the old title ‘Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher’ although in Ruanes case it was of course educational stability and opportunity she ‘snatched’.

  • Oliver Letwin as Home Sec. (as stoned as the last five). Who’s the snivelling little ‘vote winner’ that deserves NI sec? Argh! The other way round!

  • Driftwood

    Paterson for NI sec looks a shoo in. Good bloke. went to a decent school.

  • Worry not. The north has always been a political graveyard, for everyone except, apparently Peter Mandelson, who it seems can survive anything.

  • bob wilson

    Poor Naomi MP for less than a week and screws up big time! Rushed to the microphones to talk up the idea of the Rainbow coalition in bed with SDLP and DUP only to find Clegg, who endorsed her candidature, running the other way

  • Framer

    Who cares as long as deceit takes a back seat.

    Goodbye Hain, Balls, Woodward, Cooper, Bradshaw, Straw, Campbell, Mandelson and self-deceptor Brown.

    And goodbye ‘global’ as an excuse for economic disaster.

  • Tomagaddy

    How about Ian Paisley Junior as Minister for Smugness and Bad Judgement?
    Jeffrey Donaldson as Minister for Foolishness – after his b*llocks on Nolan today – all of which was seen to be over-excitement on his part.
    So no role for the SDLP, no role for the DUP and certainly no role for Hermon.
    One can only hope the UUP have the wit to stick with the Conservatives and Unionists project so that someone from Northern Ireland has a direct line to the government.

    Looking forward to SF losing their special status and allowances at Westminster

  • sdelaneys

    There was some mention on the news of Cameron being a ‘fifth cousi9n twice removed’ from the queen and I

  • sdelaneys

    That one got away on me,
    There was some mention on the news of Cameron being a ‘fifth cousin twice removed’ from the queen and Ican’t help wondering if Brown also could be related bearing in mind old Vic and her ‘friend’ mr Brown of scotland.

  • Well I couldn’t see any resemblance…but you never know.

  • Cannybee

    NI Sec – Naomi Long for sure. The only MP elected from the wee six who is of the new government by affiliation. About time we had a local doing the job before it’s scrapped, and not a proconsul. As for experience, she has 38 years of that, although to give away a lady’s age is considered impolite, especially in Tory circles.

  • Granni Trixie

    And no job for Trimble (for reasons too numerous to mention).

    BTW, how is it screwing up for Naomi to show willing to cooperate ? Its an Alliance thing stoopid!